Chapter 330- Learning for Chen Xuan
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Zhan Yue Chapter 330- Learning for Chen Xuan

"What are we doing next?" I asked.

    Ah Fei laughed, "Little Qian and I checked and there is a decent hotel nearby that costs around two thousand a night. Since we are here in Hangzhou we should relax. Let's check in and then find a local restaurant to eat. At night we can go to a club and then have supper. Tomorrow, we would return to Suzhou. How is that plan?"

    I squinted my eyes and smiled, "Sure, sure, I will accompany the two of you."


    On the backline, Little Qian's smile was really wide.


    Not long later, like what Ah Fei said, the hotel was in a really tranquil place. The rooms were well designed. We bathed first before heading out to eat little lobster. Just when I took the glove off, my phone received a message that came from Lin Xi, "Are you coming back tonight?"

    I looked at her profile picture and had a weir feeling. How long had it been since we left Suzhou, am I... Missing her?

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    "I am not returning, my friend is bringing me to club!" I replied.

    She sent a laughing emoji, "Then have fun and come back tomorrow!"

    "En en."


    Ah Fei took off his glove and said, "Wash your hands, I will go get the bill and then let's head to a bar. There is a highly rated on nearby. Hehe, today let's go crazy!"

    My mouth twitched, "You can do so with your girlfriend. What about me, am I there to just look at the two of you?"

    Little Qian smiled, "Ah Li, you are so handsome. As long as you are willing, are you afraid you can't get a girl in the bar? Don't worry, Ah Fei will help you, he knows the most..."

    "How do I know?"

    "Don't sprout nonsense. My lady, I don't know anything, this is my first time walking into such a place!"

    I laughed, "Let's go. You really are talking so much nonsense!"



    Not long later,

a bar in Hangzhou.

    The music was really hyped and it felt like every beat was hitting on my head. The three of us sat down and after ordering the wine, Ah Fei brought Little Qian to play games. I looked around and when I was calm enough, it felt as if everything was silent. The music disappeared too. I had entered a realm where I forgot about anything.

    "Ah Li! Ah Li!"

    Who knew how long passed. Ah Fei shook my shoulder and pulled me out from that state, "Stop sitting here alone, go hit on some girls!"

    He pointed at a girl by the bar, "Look at that one, her skin is white and she looks good. She has no friends by her side and she is drinking alone. Go, get to work, do you want to sleep alone tonight?"

    "Ah? !"

    I was stunned. I saw that the girl turned around and the makeup on her face fell off. My heart shook, "No... I rather sleep alone."


    Ah Fei said, "You trash. How about this, I will get her over and tell her to play with you. You just have to open your mouth. You should be okay with that right?"

    I looked at him with a deep gaze, "Brother Fei, you really are a good brother. But I didn't come here to sleep with someone, I just came to relax!"

    "Such a fake guy..."

    He laughed, "But you are sitting here like a piece of wood, so awkward!"

    "I think so too."

    I took out my room card and passed it to Ah Fei, "Help me check out tomorrow."

    "What are you doing?" He was stunned.

    I thought about it, "I don't like it here so I want to head back to Suzhou. Have fun with Little Qian, I will take a cab back."


    He was speechless, "You are too hurtful!"

    I laughed, "Those top talents are all loners, so am I. Accompanying you here is already the most I can do. I am not feeling good and will only feel better at With You's studio, so... I shall return first. You can go back tomorrow. Anyways, without me, you can have fun still..."

    "That is true..."

    He laughed, "Then... You will take a cab back?"


    "Having money really is the best!"

    "Of course, actually I could ask a helicopter to send me back."

    "Continue bragging!"

    "I am telling you the truth but you don't believe me..."


    After a short chat, I took my phone out and called a cab. When I got on, the driver was smiling wide. He was able to get such a super long distance deal today so he was definitely going to make a whole lot of money tonight.

    "Handsome brother, are you heading to Suzhou?"

    "Yes, drive."

    I nodded and smiled.

    "Okay, sit well and wear your seatbelt. We are heading off!"

    The car travelled quickly in the night sky. Very quickly, we were on the highway and we headed towards Suzhou.


    I sat on the car and was really bored so I went to Weibo to look around.

    An hour later, Shen Mingxuan's voice spread into the WeChat group, "Time to order supper, what would all of you like to eat?"

    "Anything." Lin Xi said.

    Gu Ruyi said, "Shen Mingxuan eat what you want!"

    I sent, "I want crab and egg fried rice."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled and sent a voice message, "You are not even in town, maybe you are in some place with a girl. Don't tell me what you want to eat!"

    I sent a photo of the highway into the chat.


    Lin Xi smiled and asked, "You are coming back?"


    I nodded, "I was originally drinking at a bar with friends but I found it too noisy and pointless so I took a cab back. I think I would reach the studio within an hour."

    "Oh oh, then let's wait for you. Let's eat crabs!"



    After switching off WeChat, I looked at the road signs and had a question. When I said that I wanted to return to Suzou, Lin Xi's voice... She sounded happy, was that true?

    I opened WeChat and listened to her voice message once more. However, I wasn't sure if she really was happy. Thus, I listened to it several times.

    "Look at these...."

    The driver smiled lazily, "If you like someone just tell her, what is the point in thinking so much."

    My face flushed red, "Uncle, you... You are thinking too much!"

    He smiled, "Uncle was in your position before and I liked girls too, I understand... It is okay, you look good and seem polite. As long as you are honest, not many girls can withstand you."

    "Okay, thank you uncle..."

    I smiled and wasn't willing to talk to him about all this.


    Just like that, we returned to Suzhou. Not long later, the car stopped by the roadside of the studio. After deducting a bunch of my money, the driver left.

    I stretched and walked around the flower path. The driver stopped at the wrong gate so I had to walk around 100 meters to the other entrance.

    However, I wasn't far when a person walked out of the darkness. It was a middle aged man that was bald. He laughed coldly, "You are that kid right? I have finally waited for you. A few days ago you beat me up, was it fun? Now shouldn't I get my chance!"

    It was that middle aged man that kicked Lin Xi!

    I frowned, "Who gave you the courage to find me?"

    "I did!"

    A powerful voice spread from the side and another person walked out. This was a muscular teen with a tight workout outfit. His eyes looked vicious, "You hit my boss and you want to leave just like that? Boss, speak. What would you like me to do, it is all okay."

    CEO Xu laughed coldly, "Don't be too heavy, just break an arm."


    The teen smiled and waved at me, "Come come come, I shall give you three moves. I want to see how strong you are to actually behave so arrogantly!"


    I smiled, "You really want to break my arm?"

    "Why, do you think I am joking with you?" He laughed coldly, "I am not going to talk nonsense to you anymore, I will do it myself!"

    He pounced forwards and punched. I sensed his aura and he was at Energy Control Realm!

    I punched too!


    The two fists clashed and an energy wave blew at the surrounding flower gardens.


    The teen's eyes were filled with shock. Logically speaking, not many people in Suzhou could block his punch but I was able to do so easily.

    He cupped his fists, "I am Wang Dalin, my Master is Chen Xuan, please show me your skill!"

    "Don't need to be so polite. You are a cultivator but you have no martial respect at all. I shall break your arm today!"

    I rose my power to the extreme and I was so quick that he couldn't react at all. I used my palm as a blade to slap onto his wrist. With a cracking sound, he screamed and an arm just drooped down. His bone was broken.

    "Ah ah ah ah..."

    One could imagine how pain that was. He retreated while looking at me in shock, "You... Who are you, how... How are you so strong? !"


    I frowned, "Leave this place. Also you, baldy, you are Xu Li right? CEO of Huadong Hengli Corporation. I know about you falsifying documents but I am lazy to border with you. Scram. If you dare to come again, I will make you regret it!"


    Xu Li's body trembled and his eyes were filled with fear. The two of them disappeared into the night sky.

    I looked towards the studio. Fortunately I returned, if not problems might have arose.

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