Chapter 329- Cang Tong
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Zhan Yue Chapter 329- Cang Tong

 I held the Purple Change Ring in my hands. When I raised it, its stats appeared and that filled me with shock--

    Purple Change Ring (Legendary Grade)

    Strength: +266

    Agility: +262

    Stamina: +258

    Effect: Critical Strike +2

    Effect: Lifesteal +6%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +45%

    Skill: Sword Heart as One, consume 100 special skill value, summon the Sword Saint Shangguan Yi to slash out his strongest blade to deal unimaginable damage. Unable to dodge, cooldown of 72 hours.

    Bonus: Raise user's 108% Attack

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 105%

    Introduction: Purple Change Ring, the ring won by an ancient Celestial Ancestor level Sword Saint Shangguan Yi. It contained thick sword path strength and once used, it would produce unimaginable power.

    Required level: 85


    It actually had a super skill, Sword Heart as One which sounded amazing. The worse was the cooldown which was a full three days and night. Which school cooldown needed so long? Damn! !?

    I was stunned but thinking about it, since the cooldown was long, it had to be strong. Forget it, it wasn't a waste!

    Okay, equip it!

    "Pa ta", Purple Change Ring was equipped for the original Blood Ring. Now I had one less Blood Barrier skill and had one more killing skill which was what I needed. After all Assassins didn't hope to fight hundreds of battles with others and we wanted to either kill or get killed in a short time!

    The moment I equipped the Purple Change Ring, my combat strength exceeded 20 thousand and reached 21288. This ring really added a lot of combat strength. Apart from that, my basic critical strike increased to 35.7% so every three strikes, one would crit. The damage from just basic attacks would be quite high!



my Assassin gear had reached a whole new stage and I was still far ahead on the server!

    Right when I was feeling pumped up, I felt a scorching pain on my head!


    I could feel that the pain wasn't from within the game but in reality. I went offline and took off my helmet. I noticed that a blue light was flashing near my head but it disappeared really quickly.

    Was there something wrong with the equipment?

    I frowned and took a look but that wasn't it. The pain on my head disappeared right away. On the contrary, it felt like a huge power in my body was awakening. I placed my helmet down and walked out of the pavilion. The sky wasn't bright yet and the whole area was pitch black.

    Senior Brother Li Xiao Yao's words flashed in my mind to let me exploded all my strength. Was he serious!?

    Time to try!

    I stepped to the center of the courtyard and shouted. My energy started to be activated and all of a sudden, my body was like a furnace. The power in my body rotated. When I closed my eyes, I could see a totally different world. Those green trees were now a network, like everything was in 3d. Everything started to look so real.


    Suddenly, the power within my body was released and started to spit out. I felt like each cell of my body was filled with power. When I opened my eyes, I was frightened. I was actually floating in mid air and my body was bathing in flames. I spread my hands and flames wrapped around it.


    This time I was really terrified. I retracted the power and after which, the flames scattered too.

    What was going on!?

    I panted, did... Based on what Master said, human cultivation had three realms, Energy Control Realm, Blazing Sun Realm, God Form Realm. Now I was in the second realm? That was too quick? Based on what I knew, Master Lin Cheng was only at Blazing Sun Realm. The number of people in Blazing Sun Realm in the world could be counted with one hand. Moreover, they were all powerful people in the world.

    How did I step into Blazing Sun Realm so quickly?

    Senior Brother's words appeared in my mind once more. Master really didn't know much about power, was... Maybe the realms that Master knew were nothing to do other world?

    If that was the case then things would be too terrifying!



    Try again, this time I directed energy to my fingers. Flames wrapped around my index finger. This was good, if I smoked, I didn't need to buy a lighter. But, I don't smoke. Moreover, after activating Flaming Sun, my shirt wasn't burnt at all, so this was just unbelievable.

    Within my body, life power continued to flow. I could sense that my body was changing. On this night, as compared to a day ago, things were totally different. Me today could probably fight a hundred of what I was yesterday. But, why did I get such strength? This couldn't be explained at all and I had no clue. I didn't know what this happened.

    Forget it, I could only take it one step at a time.


    My mind finally felt heavy. After spending a night, I was tired so I carried my helmet back to the room. After bathing, I fell asleep.

    When I woke up, it was already noon.

    "Lu Li, do you want lunch?" Shen Mingxuan's voice spread in from outside.


    I replied and got up to bathe before heading up to eat.

    "You didn't sleep last night?"

    Lin Xi looked at me and smiled, "Your eye circles are out."


    I smiled awkwardly, "I had a mission that lasted until 6 am. Also, I have something else to tell you Lin Xi."


    "I would like to take leave."


    Lin Xi was stunned and then that turned to a smile, "How long do you need to leave the studio for?"

    "Not long, maybe I will be back today, latest tomorrow. I need to head to Hangzhou."

    "En en, okay." Lin Xi smiled.

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "Why do you suddenly want to head to Hangzhou, is it to get chicks?"

    "How is that possible?"

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    I frowned, "I have... I have to head to Hangzhou."


    She smiled, "Then... You definitely won't tell us why right?"

    "Eh ah..."

    I was a little awkward, "I really can't, there are too many things connected to this."

    Lin Xi smiled, "That is okay, since you won't tell us then we won't ask. When you want to tell us then tell us okay?"


    I nodded, "One day I will tell everything to all of you."

    She smiled, "Eat and then head out. You will drive the studio car over? Anyways we aren't using it."

    "No need, no need. Leave the car for emergency, I will borrow a friend's car."



    In the afternoon, after changing, I walked out to call Ah Fei, "I am heading to Hangzhou and need to use your car. Will you head over together with me?"


    He was stunned, "Why are you going there?" "An emergency, just don't bother."

    "Ok, I will follow you. I will also bring Little Qian along to sight see."

    "Up to you."

    At around 1, I took a cab to Ah Fei's house. Not long later, he drove a white sports car out. I was stunned, "This is your new car?"

    "En, I look handsome right?"


    I nodded, "The business is huge now."

    I said towards Little Qian, "Little Qian you are so thin so just sit at that back. It is too tight for me at the back."


    She smiled and climbed to the back. After I got up, I found the address, "Head over here."



    Not long later, the car sped onto the highway and towards Hangzhou.

    At around 4pm, the car slowly drove into a villa. It was a really scenic villa and one had to be really rich to buy a house here. It was obvious that Li Xiao Yao and Lin Wan Er's money was in abundance. The two of them controlled the entire Destiny and money was probably just a concept to them.

    "Du du..."

    When I pressed the bell, I said towards Ah Fei, "Bring Little Qian to look around, I will contact you after completing everything."


    He stepped down and disappeared with his girlfriend.

    At this moment, a beauty appeared in the video and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

    "You are Dong Cheng Yue right?"

    I recognised her, "Invite me, I have news of Li Xiao Yao."

    "Ah? !"

    She opened the door right away. When i stepped into this villa, two beautiful people walked out. One was Lin Wan Er and the other was Dong Cheng Yue. They were both top beauties but unfortunately they looked quite sad. During the period of time that Li Xiao Yao disappeared, the two of them were definitely tortured.

    "You... You really know Li Xiao Yao?" Lin Wan Er's eyes were filled with emotion.


    I nodded, "I am Lu Li, my Master is Lin Cheng so I am Li Xiao Yao's junior brother."


    Lin Wan Er opened the door and drew me in. She poured a cup of tea for me, "Lu Li speak, Li Xiao Yao... What happened to him? How did you see him?"

    "He is trapped in another world."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "He told me to tell you that he can't come back and he had to do some important things in the other world. Once he copletes them he would return. He also told you to pass this to auntie and Li Meng Yao. He only said so much."

    "He... Is he okay?" Dong Cheng Yue's voice trembled as she asked.

    "Very good."

    I smiled, "He is as handsome as before."

    I looked at her and said gently, "So, don't be too sad and be happy and pretty. So when he returns, all of you will still look beautiful."


    Dong Cheng Yue's eyes flushed red and she started to tear up.

    Lin Wan Er bit her lips and her eyes were starting to swell up, "Lu Li, thank you... Really thank you. Your news can let us get much... Much better..."


    I nodded and looked at her, "Cang Tong, do you not suspect me at all?"


    She shook her head, "I can deduce whether what you say is real or not. I believe that the strongest Assassin in Illusionary Moon won't come here to tell a lie to us. Right, July Wildfire?"


    I was shocked. I pointed at her, "You... You can actually read my thoughts, you... Sister please don't reveal it!"

    "I know!"

    She laughed, "Don't worry, but I still think that you should be honest with Lin Xi in case things mess up. Right?"

    "En, I will when the time is right."

    It seemed like the legends were true. Lin Wan Er was born with the ability to read the mind. Even Li Xiao Yao's thoughts couldn't be hidden from her, much less mine.


    After which, she tried to invite me to stay to eat and even said that Song Han and Li Xiao Yao's other brothers would come over. I rejected as we weren't close. Moreover, Ah Fei and Little Qian were still waiting for me. After sending Ah Fei a message, I headed out. After a short wait, Ah Fei returned.


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