Chapter 328- Jumping point
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Zhan Yue Chapter 328- Jumping point

   Morning, the outside world had started to get bright but it was still really busy around the Heaven Crystal Ocean. Li Yang, Zhou Ya and the other Blood Dynasty experts were still fighting with the barriers around. Especially Li Yang who after a whole night of hard work, he could cross a huge bunch of the rules and was about to break through.

    After a whole night of refining, I was more and more energised. Many crystals turned into golden light which surged into my Spiritual Ruin. However, it was still lifeless. After taking all the spiritual energy, apart from looking more life-like, it was still scorched.

    This Spiritual Ruin had no more hope!

    I frowned and was speechless.

    But right at that moment, the depths of the Heaven Crystal Ocean started to tremble and the entire space was shaking. The geniuses that were trying to break in were tossed out and many were injured. There was a sharp cut on Li Yang's hand. His face was filled with rage, "What is it now?"

    "Like a terrifying power is waking up..."

    Zhou Ya's body shook and he turned around, "Senior Brother let's go, Heaven Crystal Ocean's protector beast is about to arrive!"

    "What? !?" Li Yang was shocked.

    The Blood Dynasty experts all retreated, "Not good, is that the legendary fire dragon? Oh my god, didn't they say that it died? It is actually still here... A beast can live for 30 thousand years?"

    At that moment, flames started to appear in front of the Heaven Crystal Ocean. It turned into a golden flame ocean that spread over and in a blink of an eye, it swallowed the whole place.

    I retreated but a blood colored barrier appeared behind me that I couldn't cross!



    Behind it, Li Yang laughed out loud and his tears nearly came out, "July Wildfire, did you think you could swallow all the resources? Now how do you feel. You are about to get burnt! Hahaha~~~~"


    "Senior Brother July!"

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    Two Balls appeared and roared, "We... How can we save you?"

    I could feel the intense heat from the flames.

That was not something normal people could take. I shouted at them, "Leave, I will be fine, go!"

    The flames surged and an old voice spread out, "Damn... You annoying jerk, if not for you, my Heaven Crystal Ocean wouldn't be swallowed. I want you to die!"


    The flames spread and swallowed my body. It then spread behind past the restrictions. A few Blood Dynasty experts that couldn't retreat were swallowed too. I heard them scream as they turned into smoke. Li Yang, Two Balls and the others retreated.


    However, I was not dead. On the contrary, my body became lighter. As the fire ocean spread, I actually appeared on water. At this moment, I was the only person remaining.


    A golden whirlpool appeared and with a loud explosion, a golden figure charged out grabbing the neck of the dragon. The golden figure's body was transparent and shining gold. I couldn't see his face but I could recognise that he was a young human. He shouted, "You dumbass want to trap me, Li Xiao Yao?"

    "Li Xiao Yao? !"

    My body shook and I nearly stopped breathing. I shouted, "Li Xiao Yao, didn't you go missing? Why... Why are you here?"


    He looked at me in shock, "I can't see what you look like, who are you?"

    "I am Lu Li, I don't think you know me."

    "No, I have heard of your name!" He gritted his teeth and looked above, "So... So this is a whirlpool. Oh my god, I actually see people from that world. You are playing Illusionary Moon right?"

    "Right, Illusionary Moon. Where are you, what happened?"

    "We don't have much time!"

    He said solemnly, "My mind is at an interval and the time that I can stay here is short. Let me ask you, is our world okay?"

    "Yes, just that many people disappeared."


    He looked at me, "It seems like you have been swept in. I can sense that your aura is really strong."


    I said, "Your Master Lin Cheng is now my master. He told me how to cultivate so logically I should call you Senior Brother."

    "Master he..." He laughed, "What can you learn from him, hahaha~~ Although he is an expert in the human world, but he knows nothing about true strength. Lu Li don't listen to him, let me tell you how to break through. Once you go offline, explode the power in your body. Don't fear anything, you will obtain stronger power."



    He said solemnly, "We don't have time so let's not talk about this. I need you to help me do something."


    "Head to Hangzhou and meet Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to tell them I am safe. Tell them to tell Meng Yao and my auntie that I can't return and I have something important to do in the other world. Once I settle everything I will naturally return."

    "How will I make them believe me?"

    "Don't worry!"

    Li Xiao Yao smiled, "Just tell this to Wan'er and naturally she will know."


    At that point, the whirlpool became more and more intense. He started to sink down, "Junior Brother, this is about to disappear. Let's hope that we can meet again, goodbye. Take care!"


    He disappeared into the golden ocean.


    I stood stunned at the spot. Time was too short and I had too many questions to ask him. The person that appeared definitely wasn't his physical body so where was he. What was the whirlpool? What did he mean by interval?

    All of this was a puzzle to me.

    The golden wave started to retreat and along with it, the heaven crystals started to change and turn into stone. Who knew what happened? But one thing was for sure, the trail was over and my biggest gain wasn't a game reward. I had met Li Xiao Yao and got some clues from him.

    Like what I guessed, although Illusionary Moon and Destiny were two games, but they were a world. I could meet Li Xiao Yao here which proved everything.

    "Time to go!"

    I entered stealth and walked out. Right when I was about to bump into Dong Yuanbai and Two Balls, a storm brewed. Steaks of wind energy wrapped our bodies.

    "Not good, Heaven Crystal Ocean is about to close!"

    "Damn, I didn't get anything at all."

    "So infuriating!'


    Everyone cursed as we were teleported out one by one.


    My eyes lit up and I was already below a Black Castle boat. Right when I appeared, a beautiful figure descended, "Junior Brother you really are alive. Let's go!"

    She hugged my shoulder and we jumped into the air. In the next moment, we were on the deck of a ship.


    A Blood Dynasty Marquis shouted, "Who obtained the most?"

    "It is July Wildfire, only he entered the realm!"


    Marquis raged, "Attack, kill July Wildfire!"

    The boat beside us was attacked. King of Darkness appeared and he said, "Black Castle, prepare to fight, Cover Lady Yun Yue's ship, fight!"

    Cannons fired once more.

    With Senior Sister's orders, our ship started to head back. Not long later, we landed on the square outside of Blood Pond. Not long later, Xuanyuan Yu and the others returned. He looked at me with praise, "Not bad, not bad... Even after losing your cultivation you are still able to lead them, this is a true genius! Come, this is your reward!"


    System notification: You have completed main quest Heaven Crystal Ocean (Starlight Tier), obtained rewards level +1, contribution points +20 million, charm +10, Gold +80000. You have also obtained extra rewards, Purple Change Ring (Legendary Grade)


    Super Orange ring?

    My mind buzzed and I was delighted. It was difficult to even get a ring equipment such that I was still wearing a purple one. Now they actually gave me a super orange one? Starlight Tier was huge, it was nearly double that of an SSS Grade quest!

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