Chapter 327- Rod
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Zhan Yue Chapter 327- Rod

Just like that, with the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the laws in the sky retreated one by one and made way for me. When I passed, these laws returned to their spots. All of a sudden, I just easily passed through and arrived at the core location!

    In the eyes of everyone, there wasn't much secrecy. That was because they couldn't see those runes and they also couldn't see how my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye solved it. To them, I was like a normal person that walked out and wasn't restricted at all.

    As for why?

    Shifang Flame Spiral Eye was just too strong. My Master the Celestial Emperor Xiao Chen gave it to me and it might be the strongest legacy of the Celestial Race. It wasn't suprising that it could break the restrictions here.


    "How... How is that possible?"

    A Blood Dynasty teen's mouth was agape, "He just walked over like that? There aren't any fluctuations at all. Why?"

    "Right, why? !"

    The other people got noisy, "Why can July Wildfire walk over so easily but we are trapped on the other side. That is not fair!"

    "Right, he is a human and so are we. Why can he just walk over? Why can't we!"

    "Charge, we are the same as him. We can pass through too!"

    "Right, we can definitely do it!"

    "Right, since July Wildfire can head over, why can't we? Scoff, I am the Blood Race pride! Even trash can do it so I definitely can!"

    "Kill. The Heaven Crystal Ocean is right ahead. Life is short and we can't be bounded by rules. Charge, my life is up to me and not the heavens!"

    All of a sudden, it was total chaos and the young generation experts charged towards the Heaven Crystal Ocean.

    But, chaos happened once more.

    "Pu pu pu~~"

    Streaks of dense blood light shot through the air. Those people who tried to force their way through were killed. All of a sudden, hundreds of bodies fell to the ground. These were all younger generation experts.

It seemed like Heaven Crystal Ocean didn't show mercy when they killed normal people.

    Who cared about them.

    I turned around and entered the Heaven Crystal Ocean treasure realm. There were golden stone pieces and these should be the legendary heaven crystal, the biggest opportunities in the whole Heaven Crystal Ocean. One of them was similar to a thousand normal spirit crystals. However, this place wasn't big and the whole thing was just the size o a basketball court. At one glance there were at most ten thousand of them.

    I sat down and picked one up. Energy spat out from within which wrapped the whole crystal. The instance that I started to refine it, I became really energised. This power was so thick and it felt like I was smoking pot!


    The Heaven Crystal's energy nearly caused me to explode. I focused and instantly my inner world started to buzz. At the same time, 100 soul stars started to shake. They provided me with mental energy so that I could focus on refining this Heaven Crystal!

    That isn't right!

    My heart shook. The Shura Spiritual Ruin was already destroyed so why were the Soul Stars still there? One must know that the Spiritual Ruin and the stars were one and came from the Shura bloodline. Why did one get destroyed and the other was fine. Was the Spiritual Ruin just physical while Soul Stars were spiritual?

    That could be the only explanation.

    Two minutes later, an entire crystal was refined by me but the Spiritual Ruin still looked like a well that had been dry for ten thousand years. This crystal provided a bowl of water but it wasn't enough.


    I picked up a second one to refine it.

    Then a third and a fourth one.

    Just like that, I cultivated in front of the Blood Dynasty and Black Castle disciples. They were furious, especially those from Blood Dynasty. One of the teens even cursed, "Damn, this fellow is an idiot. He has used four Heaven Crystals. With this speed, even if we find a way in, not much will be left!"

    "July Wildfire, the heavens will punish you!"

    "Oh my god, why is this happening... My heart hurts, those are mine!"


    Right when everyone was about to collapse, a few strong auras appeared. Three God Hall disciples appeared. Li Yang saw me refining the crystals and he scoffed, "Damn! July Wildfire, you... What rights do you have to occupy the whole Heaven Crystal Ocean?"

    He raised his sword and walked over. He slashed three times towards me. After all he wasn't weak at all. After breaking through the first formation, he slashed to break two more runes. However, the 4th one caused him to retreat!

    "Deng deng deng..."

    His face was green, "Heaven Crystal Ocean's protection laws are as powerful as Master said!"

    Feng Chen frowned, "Senior Brother, this killing formation is really strong, why not... Let's not try. Take the time to refine the crystals outside."

    "Junior Brother Feng is... Right." Zhou Ya said.


    Li Yang looked towards me with jealousy, "Even trash like July Wildfire can enter. As the top God Hall Disciple, why can't I? Protect me, let me try a few more times. After getting the tempo, I would definitely be able to charge across."

    "Okay, we shall help Senior Brother!"

    Thus, Li Yang tried for the second time. This time he blocked five attacks but he was still forced back. After resting up, this time he blocked six but he was pushing it.

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    I laughed. These killing runes were so dense and when I came, I removed at least a thousand. With Li Yang's rate, even if I gave him a full day he might not be able to finish them. Moreover, he would get tired to death!

    Right at that moment, a handsome teen from Blood Dynasty walked out holding a white sword, "Even Black Castle's God Hall Disciple dares to challenge. What reason do we have to be afraid?"

    He charged out too. He dodged three attacks and slashed to block the next two. However, the sixth strike forced him back.

    Shortly after, another two Blood Dynasty prides launched their challenge.

    They were all strong experts from Jin, Thunder, Dust, etc stronger countries. But they were still far from completing this. This formation wasn't one that relied on hard work. As for me, because I had the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, if not I wouldn't even think about coming here.

    Forget it, let them try. Anyways, I was going to absorb the energy.


    Just like that, I refined the heaven crystals. In a blink of an eye it was already night.


    A message came from Lin Xi, "Lu Li are you busy? Supper is about to arrive, we are eating crabs tonight."

    "Oh, I can't go offline anytime soon."

    I turned around and looked at those people trying. They were working so hard so I couldn't be lazy. I said, "Lin Xi tell Shen Mingxuan to get the delivery and leave a set of fried rice for me."

    "En, I shall leave some prawns too that you like okay?"

    "Great, thank you~~~"

    "Continue being polite and I will beat you up!"



    Not long later, at around 1am, the girls were mostly asleep while I was working hard. I took a look and they were actually progressing. I couldn't underestimate them. But if I had a dozen more hours, I would be able to finish up all the crystals!

    At this moment, the Spiritual Ruin was like a famished beast. I started to refine multiple at once but the inner world wasn't full at all. Its appetite was just too scary.

    But thinking from another point of view, if my Spiritual Ruin could awaken, the strength would be relatively terrifying. After all, one Heaven Crystal had so much strength. To say that I could destroy cities wouldn't be an exaggeration!


    I went offline to heat up the egg fried rice. As expected, there were a few delicious prawns on it. Lin Xi's attitude towards me was getting more and more obvious. From cold to taking care of me, as for me? Do I still want to take revenge? There was nothing to take revenge. A guy had to be magnanimous.


    After supper, I went online to fight once more!

    I continued to refine them. Like what those Blood Dynasty people said, the speed I was plucking Heaven Crystals was the same as a bear grabbing corn.

    "This monster!"

    A Blood Dynasty pride shouted, "Normal cultivators need three days to refine one, this kid... He has consumed thousands. Not long later his body would explode. Wait and see, we can see brilliant scenes in a short while!'

    "Right, we can miss out on Heaven Crystal Ocean's chance but July Wildfire has to die!"

    Everyone gritted their teeth and looked at me. They really wanted to charge in and rip me into pieces.

    Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything. None of them had the strength to head in. As such, they could only look on.

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