Chapter 326- Pride
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Zhan Yue Chapter 326- Pride

  I carefully walked forwards in stealth for a few minutes and confirmed that Lei Yan didn't chase up to me before opening the storage bag. Unexpectedly, apart from the God Help Cape there was nothing at all. It seemed like Lei Yan had brought an empty bag in and was planning to leave with it fool. Never in his dreams did he expect to mess up right away!


    I took the God Help Cape out from the bag and held it up with my arms. Instantly, my arms were shinning like stars. This cape was pure white and had golden patterns. The patterns looked like an ancient totem and the inscription light flashed. There were definitely more intricate designs within but unfortunately, I couldn't understand them. I waved and its stats appeared in front of me, shocking me--

    God Help Cape (Legendary Grade)

    Defence: 850

    Strength: +255

    Agility: +252

    Stamina: +250

    Effect: Damage reduction +8%

    Effect: Windchaser, movement speed +75%

    Effect: Magic Resistance +50%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 8000

    Skill: Saint Descend, transform and enter saint form, all stats increased by 100% lasting for 30 seconds. Cooldown of one hour

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: God Help Cape, something formed from the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it is a weapon created by the gods.

    Required level: 85


    As expected, this was a super strong orange equipment. This was a huge win! Who knew that I could actually use such a method to gain equipment. There were no players here so I wouldn't get reported. Thus, I could get the equipment in peace!

    "Hua la", I equipped the God Help Cape and took down the original Windchasing Cape. I looked more like an expert now, I looked like a deceitful Assassin that gave off a righteous aura!

    I looked at my stats,

my combat strength was through the roof--

    July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

    Level: 85

    Attack: 6890-7988 (+742%)

    Defence: 4268 (+726%)

    Health: 63610

    Critical Strike: 32.40%

    Lifesteal: 22.5%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 87

    Soul Star: 100

    Contribution point: 2005

    Combat strength: 19882


    Just stats alone, no one in the server could compare to me. Anwaysy, based on what I knew, Lin Xi's combat strength was just 15000+ and couldn't compare to my Shura account. Feng Canghai was around there and their combat strength value should be super first rate in the server. In terms of the equipment, in the entire server mine was definitely the best.

    I was pumped up. Although my cultivation was gone but my intelligence was still there. I felt like I might have a chance here.

    I continued forwards and many crystals surged into the sky. The entire Heaven Crystal Ocean was like a crystal forest. After I went past a piece of stone, there was a cave. The entrance shone a sliver of light. There should be something good here right?

    Thus, I bent down and entered. In the end, the crystals here were bountiful and the arm thick crystals were bound together like flowers. I took out Darkness Dragon Tooth and started to dig. In the end, the moment I dug it up, the stone dissipated!


    A voice spread from my consciousness from Heaven Hound!

    "Brother Dog?"

    I said, "Why, do you have a problem?"

    "Scoff, I just can't stand this."

    He said, "Such a pure spirit crystal is a top treasure in any place but it isn't easy to collect them. One needs skill and special tools. If not, a portion of the connection with the land would be lost and then the spiritual power would dissipate into the air."

    My heart shook, "So... Does it mean that I can't gain anything?"


    He smiled, "Can't you just sit here and absorb it?"


    The reason why this Heaven Crystal Ocean was called a super fortunate area was because of this. People basically couldn't bring anything away and could only train here. But the efficiency was much higher than outside. A day here was like a year or ten outside. This was why Heaven Crystal Ocean was such a good place.

    "Okay then."

    I sat crossed leg and sliced one off before starting to breathe in. A huge pile of spirit crystals floated in front of me and was wrapped by my energy ocean. Spiritual energy surged into my body and all of a sudden I felt really comfortable. I felt like a plant that hadn't been watered in a long time, finally getting some water. I even felt like the energy was stronger here than the Spirit Meridian Golden Land!

    Just like that, in a minute, the crystal was digested by me. I looked in and my Spiritual Ruin actually started to buzz. It was as if the rain was watering the ashes of a forest fire, like... My Spiritual Ruin was showing signs of waking up?

    All of a sudden I was surprised and started to absorb the second bunch!


    Heaven Hound was shocked, "Your broken Spiritual Ruin that turned to ash can actually absorb the energy? That shouldn't be it. Logically speaking, the Spiritual Ruin is already destroyed so how are there life laws?"

    "What do you know?"

    "I know my Spiritual Ruin best. It isn't so weak. Hahaha, even Fire Demon Witch Soora can't destroy my cultivation, hahaha~~~"


    Heaven Hound said, "That is good, at least you won't get killed."

    I laughed, "Brother Dog, are you helping me?"


    He stared, "If you die then this formation will still seal me for tens of thousands of years. If you don't die, your conscience will prick you and you will let me out."

    "Right, that is the case."

    I nodded, "Me being alive will only be good for you."


    He laughed coldly, "You are so arrogant and that will kill you one day. Wait and see!"

    "Don't worry!"

    I laughed and focused once more to digest the crystals. Time passed bit by bit and not long later, hundreds of top quality crystals were digested by me. My internal spiritual energy became much thicker but my Spiritual Ruin was still as usual just that the life force was a little stronger.

    This... How much spirit crystal power did I need to make it awaken?

    I frowned and entered Stealth once more. I had to find a better place to train. It was tough to get such a good opportunity so I had to cherish it!


    A little forwards and the Heaven Crystal Ocean was like the entrance of a gourd. A small map appeared at the end and many Blood Dynasty and Black Castle disciples gathered.

    "Heaven Crystal, we finally found the real Heaven Crystal Ocean treasure location!"

    Someone shouted, "But... The heaven and earth laws are too strong, many people were killed!"

    "No? !"

    In the crowd, someone frowned, "Heaven Crystal... Energy crystals even stronger than spirit crystals. One high quality one is comparable to a thousand high quality spirit crystals. Legend had it that in the human territory, one is hugely valuable. Even royal family members can't get it and only people from Xuanyuan Family have the rights to get heaven crystals!"

    "Great, charge. Even if we can refine one, this trip is worth it!"

    "Right, charge!"

    Everyone went mad and charged forwards. But not far from them, space started to twist. The dozens of Blood Dynasty disciples split open and blood scattered. Corpses and broken body parts spread all over.

    Instantly, the crowd stopped and their mouths all opened wide.

    "Not good, Heaven Crystal Ocean does have a killing formation!"

    The group craved it but they were terrified and were blocked out.

    I walked around and passed through the gaps. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw things people couldn't see. There were many blue marks in the sky and once people forced their way in, they would turn into invisible blades which attacked.

    This thing was amazing and normal people would be asking for death.

    But, I wanted to try!


    Thus, I walked out of the crowd and the moment I stepped into the entrance, my muscles tightened. The laws forced me right out from stealth!

    I can't?

    My heart felt cold and I was prepared to change to Paladin form and head back to the city in invincibility form. Even if I couldn't complete the quest it didn't matter, I just couldn't die here. If not this might be an extinction level blow and everything would be lost!

    "Yi, someone is over there!"

    In the crowd, someone recognised me, "Senior Brother July, he wants... To challenge Heaven Crystal Ocean?"

    All of a sudden, the Blood Dynasty group were in chaos.

    "That is July Wildfire, the Black Castle pride that killed the Blood Cloak Elder? Why... Does he look sick?"

    "Scoff, he challenged Fire Demon Witch Soora and his cultivation was trashed. He is now just trash. He actually wants to challenge the Heaven Crystal Ocean? He is just asking for death!"

    "Wait and see. Within three breaths, he will get smashed and ripped apart by the laws!"


    I help my daggers and stepped forwards without fear. The laws started to ring but I just looked up. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to suppress them. IN truth, my only advantage was Shifang Flame Spiral Eye now. Would it work?

    A few seconds later, the laws started to quieten down and started to become even more gentle. They spread out and opened a narrow path for me.

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