Chapter 325- Huge win
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Zhan Yue Chapter 325- Huge win


    Right ahead in a basin, vengeful energy spread all about. Right when I wanted to step in, I realised that I was nearly unable to step down. I gritted my teeth and forced my way in. I caused the space to twist momentarily and no one noticed.

    In the basin, spiritual energy spread around. Right at the center were many sword-like spirit crystals. Right in the middle, spiritual energy flowed. A golden pattern cape floated in the sky. Just one look and one knew that it looked good.

    At that moment, a bunch of experts were all here. Dozens of Blood Dynasty disciples landed and all their faces were filled with surprise!

    "Great, we have met a legendary treasure. A treasure gathered by the energy of heaven and earth!"

    In the crowd, the teen at the front had blood colored runes on his face. His brows were filled with a killing intent and his name was Lei Yan, late Heaven Realm cultivation and he was the strongest out of the crowd. He held a blood colored axe and smiled viciously, "Guys, who recognises this spiritual treasure?"

    "I do!"

    A green shirt teen said, "I saw this cape in ancient records and it is an ancient treasure called God Help Cape. I heard that a descendent of the God Race had it but then it got lost. Who knew that it ended up here. We really are lucky today!"


    Lei Yan smiled, "Heaven Crystal Ocean has reopened and the humans didn't get any news so they probably aren't here in time. Only Blood Dynasty and Black Castle trash are here, but... Black Castle only has the three God Hall disciples and they all aren't here. This God Help Cape naturally belongs to Blood Dynasty!"

    "Young Master Lei Yan."

    A teen with a spear said, "I heard that they have a young pride called July Wildfire. He was the one that killed two Blood Cloak Elders in the Undying Mountain. Moreover his cultivation reached Heaven Realm and might be a threat to us. We have to be careful against this person!"

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    "No need to be nervous!"

    Lei Yan laughed coldly, "We got news not long ago that July Wildfire offended Soora in the north and her flame mark smashed his Spiritual Ruin. He has lost his cultivation and now he is just a piece of trash.

Any of us can kill him easily. I can so can all of you!"


    Everyone laughed and all of them looked really happy.

    "Okay, time to take the spiritual treasure!"

    Lei Yan said solemnly, "Let's go together, whoever has the skill will get it!"



    Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the Blood Dynasty disciples. Lei Yan charged at once and waved his blood ave. It caused the restrictions to split open. Blood aura shot from his body like a furance was burning. Endless energy shot out as he got close to the floating cape.

    God Help Cape had to be a good item right?

    I frowned and walked forwards slowly. With my realm, I didn't need to try at all. I couldn't even block the laws around the God Help Cape much less the core area. My only chance was to find an opportunity to kill the person after he gets the cape!


    In the crowd, the natural laws around God Help Cape exploded. Instantly seven to eight Blood Dynasty disciples flew out and spat out blood. less than 30% health remained and they were all injured.

    "Scoff, bunch of trash!"

    Lei Yan help his axe and walked forwards. He had the highest cultivation of them all and he got close to ten meters of the God Help Cape. However, he found it tougher and tougher.


    Suddenly, a cold arrow shot towards Lei Yan's throat from an ally!


    Surprisingly, Lei Yan turned around and caught it. He laughed coldly, "I knew it, you dog definitely would sneak attack me!"

    He tossed his axe and a Blood Dynasty teen flew up. The axe spun about and seconds later it flew back into Lei Yan's hands. The blood dripped downwards and he smiled, "Those who want to compete with me just come, but the consequences... Are yours to bear!"

    The bunch of them trembled and stopped moving. No one wanted to fight with Lei Yan as they couldn't handle the consequences.

    "Zi zi~~"

    Streaks of golden energy laws moved about and pressed down on Lei Yan's body. However, his eyes were filled with determination. "I am born with the destiny of the heavens and when I was born, lightning descended on the tens of cities around. My ancient bloodline has awakened so what can you do to me?"

    Along with his roar, his aura swelled by a fold which broke the layers of laws. He stepped forwards like a deep abyss and even the laws were shaking. His aura was stunning it.

    "Zi zi~~"

    A few seconds later, Lei Yan was right in front of the God Help Cape. His face was filled with excitement, "Ancient treasure, finally... Finally it welcomes a new master!"

    He held it up and in that instance, the laws around disappeared and everyone relaxed. He had taken the opportunity!

    "Congratulations Young Master Lei Yan for obtaining the treasure!"

    "It seems like Thunder Country will rise up in Blood Dynasty with such a genius like Young Master Lei Yan!"

    "Young Master's strength is really impressive!"

    The bunch started to suck up to him and he looked like he enjoyed it. He raised his hand and kept the God Help Cape in the storage bag on his right wrist. He held the axe and smiled, "Let's scatter and find your own opportunities!"


    The group flew away.

    Lei Yan's face was filled with glee. He sniffed, jumping up and into the stone crystal forest.


    "Sha sha..."

    I chased. In truth, I was interested in the cape too. This cape shone dark orange and it was definitely a Legendary Grade equipment. Currently, Legendary Grade was the top equipment and if I could get it, my combat strength would greatly increase.

    Many stone pillars stood at the front and a gentle glow spread from a cliff. Lei Yan's body shook, "Such a strong spirit crystal aura, okay, this is the place!"

    He jumped right into the cave and I followed in. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw many flags of spirit crystals spreading all about. The spiritual energy here was really strong and it was on the level of Spirit Meridian Golden Land. No wonder Lei Yan wanted to come here.

    "Very good!"

    After he entered the cave, he sat in the middle of a giant spirit crystal and said solemnly, "I shall break through to the seventh grade of my bloodline. Then, no one out of the Thunder Country geniuses will be my match, hehe..."

    He didn't know that danger was about to descend.


    I looked at Lei Yan who was sitting crosslegged and said towards the two puppets in my bag, "White Bird, Orange Night, after I release you, don't do anything. Just use your strongest attacks to hit his right arm and slice it off. If you understand then show me some light."

    Instantly, the two puppets gave off a gentle light.

    "Good, well behaved."

    I laughed and moved slowly. Each step had to be careful so I didn't make a sound at all. As for aura, my cultivation was gone so I had no aura at all. The aura around was messy so Lei Yan wouldn't notice at all.

    Here I was, time to attack!


    Darkness Dragon Tooth slashed across and Staggering Blow hit the back of his head, stunning him for 12 seconds. At the same time, I opened my left hand and released the two puppets. Orange Night released an orange light and used God Dragon Descends and Giant Dragon Storm on Lei Yan's right arm!


    White Bird slid down and under Lei Yan's legs. At the same time, sword light flashed and she used Lightning Blade+One Sword+Meteor Sword on his right arm to cause flesh and blood to scatter!

    "You dog, you actually dare..."

    Staggering Blow's effect would get interrupted by any damage so after White Bird and Orange Night attacked, Lei Yan hollered. Blood energy shot out from his body and he was about to attack!


    Darkness Dragon Tooth landed once more and I used Gouge face up to stun him!

    "Quick, a little more!"

    I hollered and White Bird's body turned into a white light that shot through. The moment her body brushed past, Lei Yan screamed and his right arm was sliced off. Along with it was the storage bag with God Help Cape!

    "Let's go!"

    I grabbed his broken arm and also kept White Bird into my storage bag before running outwards. I shouted, "Orange Night, use Firm as Rock to delay him!"

    A loud explosion spread from behind and Orange Night became tough.

    I used Quickness and entered stealth right after leaving the battle state. I then kept Orange Night and when I looked at his health, he had lost 10% but I gained the God Help Cape!

    This was a huge win!

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