Chapter 324- Battle for resources
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Zhan Yue Chapter 324- Battle for resources

 Undying Mountain Range.

    From above, one could see many mountains connected to one another like snakes spread all over the ground. After less than ten minutes, the boats started to dive down.

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    "Be careful!"

    King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu's voice spread from the largest ship, "Blood Dynasty's ship has appeared. Form up and fight for the best spot!"

    "Captain, turn around and attack!"

    The ships were filled with the shouts of the experts.

    In the next moment, we charge out of the clouds and right ahead were a dense group of ships. These ships had red flags hanging on them and there were many different words carved on the flags. It was obvious that they came from the different countries of Blood Dynasty. Some were from Jin Country, some from Dust Country. Anyways, their numbers were much more than Black Castle!

    Black Castle had at most 50 while Blood Dynasty had at least 200!

    "Prepare to fire the cannons!"

    "Defensive formations activate!"


    Along with many buzzing sounds, inscriptions appeared around the ships that formed many shield-like formations. The cannons at the sides of the boats also started to fire streaks of flames. The Blood Dynasty boats didn't give in and also counter attacked.

    "Peng peng peng..."

    Our boat was the first to get hit but the body of the ship just trembled slightly. The main damage was blocked by the formation.

    "Xuanyuan Yu!"

    A furious roar spread out from the boat as one person stood in the air. Blood energy spurt out from his body and a golden cape fluttered behind him, "Do you remember me?"

    "Not good, it is a Blood Dynasty Marquis level expert!"

    An undead cavalry said in fear.

    "Of course I do, someone that lost to me!"

    In the boat at the front,

Xuanyuan Yu punched out and the darkness energy wrapped palm power clashed with his sword which caused the space to twist. The marquis retreated but his face was still without fear, "So many years and this is all you have? That is so disappointing."


    Yun Yue smiled, "A marquis actually dare to be this arrogant and challenge his majesty. Isn't he asking for death?"

    I frowned, "Senior Sister, is a marquis strong?"


    She nodded, "Junior Brother you must remember that Blood Dynasty focuses on strength and elders are the lowest level. Above them are the Blood Cloak Elders which are the leaders of a tribe. Above them would be a marquis and each one is able to rule an area. Above that is the country head. Blood Dynasty has 29 countries and each are really strong. This is the reason why they are able to survive among Dimension Legion Territory, the humans and us."

    I was stunned, "A marquis can clash so much with King of Darkness, if a country head comes..."

    "Don't worry."

    She smiled, "I am very certain about His Majesty's strength, he is just playing around. If he really went all out, this marquis can't even take three moves. His Majesty is able to beat country heads. I even think that he can fight three at once."


    My heart trembled a little. When Master Ding Heng and I tried our best to barely kill two Blood Cloak Elders and in the end Master was badly injured. Now, it was obvious that a marquis was stronger than a Blood Cloak Elder. Master might not even win a single Marquis but King of Darkness could challenge three country heads that were even stronger than marquis? This... That was a little exaggerated right?

    Didn't this mean that Master Ding Heng would be insta killed by King of Darkness?

    That might be possible but that did kill all hope!


    At this time, Senior Sister Yun flew up and passed through the formation. She raised her finger and flames shot out, instantly piercing a Blood Cloak Elder that charged out. His head exploded and his body started to burn like paper.

    "This... He was insta killed just like that?"

    My face turned green, didn't they say that 30 Blood Cloak Elders could wipe out Black Castle? This didn't seem like it. I felt that Senior Sister Yun could kill 30 Blood Cloak Elders alone. She was too strong?

    "Yun Yue!"

    A Blood Dynasty Marquis wearing a golden mantle descended from above with a halberd. His halberd was covered in a thick blood color as he shouted in rage, "I am going to kill you today!"

    "Do you old fellow have that ability?"

    Senior Sister Yun raised her head and flew forwards, turning into a flame phoenix. With a "peng", she brushed past the ball of blood color. In the next second, Senior Sister stood proudly while the old man's chest had a scorched palm ink. He raged, "Don't be arrogant, I will definitely be able to kill you!"

    He charged into the sky once more.

    However, it was obvious that he wasn't Senior Sister's opponent and he was being totally suppressed.

    After which, Lin Mu and Bai Jian came out too to fight a marquis each. King of Darkness had slapped the marquis away before and now he was fighting five. However, he was still too strong!


    "Weng weng weng~~"

    Just as the top experts were battling, there was a giant explosion in the valley ahead. The dust settled and a giant stone gate opened which shone a bright light. Just one look and one knew that the treasure's gate had opened.


    Xuanyuan Yu waved his sleeves and his Darkness God Dragon Bloodline was activated. He sent out two Darkness Giant Dragons to force the bunch of marquis away, "Pride of Black Castle, you can enter Heaven Crystal Ocean. The gate won't be open for long so go in quick!"

    He gritted his teeth and pointed. A black storm spread in front of the entrance and shattered the body of dozens of Blood Dynasty youngers who were planning to rush in!

    "If the youth are strong, the dynasty is strong. King of Darkness is killing them!"

    A Blood Dynasty old man punched his chest in pain.

    There were many Blood Cloak Elders and Marquis who flew out to hunt the younger Black Castle generation. With their attacks, dozens of Black Castle disciples were turned into ash.

    "Good good..."

    I was stunned and looked towards Senior Sister Yun, "Senior Sister, can I not go?"

    "No, Senior Sister will send you over!"

    She held my collar and flew over quickly. Along with a streak of wind, a marquis attacked.


    Senior Sister raised her right hand and pointed her Blistering Flame Finger to that person's palm.


    The flame shot forwards and his strength was surpressed and he flew backwards. In terms of strength, he couldn't compare to Yun Yue at all. If I was right, she should be on the level of a country head and only slightly weaker than the King of Darkness.

    "Enter, I can only send you to here!"

    Instantly a gentle power carried me over to the Heaven Crystal Ocean entrance. The moment I landed, I entered stealth right away!

    Right. I might not be the strongest or most handsome here but I definitely had to be the most cunning person!



    A bunch of Black Castle disciples charged. Among them, I saw Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai in the crowd as they moved in an agile manner. In truth, these two were talented and did well in the outer five locations. Now that they were in the three divisions they were doing well too. Their rankings in the three divisions should be high too.

    A few steps later, we saw three God Hall disciples. Li Yang and Feng Chen brushed past. Apart from that, there was a person called Zhou Ya who looked violent. Just one look and one knew that he wasn't a good person.


    On the other entrance, a huge group of Blood Dynasty disciples surged in. Among which were some who used artifacts to fly. They looked over sharply, "Enter Heaven Crystal Ocean first, don't clash with them. They sent the three God Hall disciples so avoid the three of them. Apart from them, we can kill them casually!"

    "Right, Blood Dynasty will always ride on Black Castle's neck!'


    I grinned. I held my daggers and entered silently.

    They could fight all they want, anyways my goal wasn't to kill but just for the goods!

    As I was under stealth and my level was really high, no one could notice me. Along with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, although I couldn't use most Shura skills but I did have some advantage. Although this advantage looked despicable but it didn't matter.

    Not far away, a crystal marsh appeared ahead.

    "Oh my god, a spirit crystal ocean!"

    A Blood Dynasty teen's eyes shone gold, "Rich... I am rich, one spirit crystal is worth 100 gold, the crystals here... There are tens of millions right?"

    "Fight for them!"

    The bunch of people went mad. They charged in and started fighting.

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