Chapter 323- Starlight Tier Quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 323- Starlight Tier Quest

 Night, the courtyard was really silent.

    I carried my helmet to the guard post and then entered the game.


    The Paladin account appeared in the city. However, my first thought wasn't to level. I thought about it and summoned the Stareye system, "Star Eye, activate."

    "The system has been activated, hello pathfinder." The female voice was just so nice to listen to and was similar to Illusionary Moon's little secretary.

    "Enter Haidilao's monitoring system, Suzhou Shop, I want the video around 18:30."

    "Getting it right away."

    Not long later, the videos appeared in front of me. I selected the one of the drunk middle aged man and said, "Use facial recognition to get his identity."

    "Identity has been obtained!"

    "He is Xu Li from Shanghai, the CEO of Huadong Hengli Corporation, he is worth a billion dollars and is at..."

    After hearing the introduction, I nodded my head, "Store this person into the system to use when I need it. After which, I can log out of the system."

    "Okay Pathfinder."

    A second later, the Star Eye system disappeared and what replaced it was Linchen County. I sucked in a deep breath. One shouldn't harm others but one had to be wary of others. This CEO Xu had a billion dollars and he was powerful no matter where he went. If he wanted to find out who beat him up, he would be able to do so. All I could do is to solve the problem before it came to find me.


    After stepping into the back courtyard of the Great Sage Hall, I changed accounts and used the City Return Scroll. Three seconds later, I appeared in Black Castle.

    Today, it was time to bring Orange Night and White Bird out. I can't focus on the Paladin account as that was just overkill.

    But, I needed to test my luck and see if there were any quests I could take.


    Blood Pond, main hall.

    Senior Sister Yun waved her jade arms,

to fan the flames. Not long later she passed a bowl of soup to me and looked to me in anticipation, "Drink it, it tastes good right?"

    I looked at the black sesame paste and was totally unwilling. However, I just took it and drank it. Senior Sister was being nice and I had to thank her for that. A second after I drank it, flames rose up in my body and I climbed up onto the bed to culitvate. After half an hour, only then did I digest it fully.

    Right at that moment, a streak of clouds appeared outside along with an extremely strong aura. A familiar person walked in with his hands behind his back. It was the King of Darkness.

    "Greetings Your Majesty."

    Senior Sister Yun bowed and smiled, "Is Your Majesty here to scold me?"


    King of Darkness shook his head, "I have heard of what happened between July Wildfire and Li Yang and I am not going to blame July Wildfire. On the contrary, Li Yang is too arrogant and needs to be taught a lesson. Lady Yun Yue please don't blame Darkness God Hall, it is my fault for failing to teach him."


    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "Your Majesty, Li Yang... Although he is your disciple, but he isn't only just arrogant."

    "Oh? Why does Lady Yun Yue think that?"

    "Very simple, he has a bad personality. During the inner disciple battles he was despicable and didn't care for others. To obtain the earth fire legacy, he nearly killed two other disciples, such a person... He is just bad. Your Majesty needs to be careful, there is no point teaching him anyways..."


    King of Darkness said, "Li Yang had no one to rely on since young and lived in the forest for years alone. His animal behaviour isn't his fault so Lady Yun Yue please don't think too much. I will teach him well."

    "Okay then."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "I have said what I needed to say so I won't say anymore. Since Your Majesty isn't here for that then what for?"

    "I came to look for July Wildfire."

    King of Darkness looked at me, "A huge opportunity has arrived. Does Lady Yun Yue recall the Heaven Crystal Ocean?"

    "I do, why..."

    Senior Sister Yun was stunned, "Is it about to open!"

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    King of Darkness nodded, "Last night, I looked at the night sky and deduced that the seal is weakening. Tonight the Heaven Crystal Ocean will open and a huge chance is right there. All the Spirit Astral Realm and Heaven Realm disciples will head over. So I would ask, is July Wildfire willing to go?"

    "No need."

    Senior Sister shook her head, "My Junior Brother has lost his cultivation and is only at Energy Condescing Realm, I think if he goes he won't be able to return."


    I frowned, "Senior Sister don't rush to reject. I would like to ask, what are the benefits there?"


    Yun Yue sighed, "Heaven Crystal Ocean is a land opened up in heaven and earth by the ghost axe. It has large amount of spiritual crystals and even heaven crystals. Heaven crystals are much rarer gems that can provide energy for cultivators. Blood Dynasty and Humans don't use gold to trade and usually use spirit crystals. One can obtain any opportunities there but one might get killed. Do you understand?"

    "I do, I would like to go."


    She was stunned, "You brat, are you asking for death?"


    I shook my head, "Although I have lost my cultivation but a portion of my strength is still here. I would like to go out and train, what if the opportunity in Heaven Crystal Ocean... Can allow my Spiritual Ruin to awaken? If I stop here, I would miss the chances that heavens give me. I would like to go. Even if I die there, I am willing."

    In truth, since King of Darkness came, this quest was triggered, Since the system prepared a quest for me, naturally I could just smile and take it.

    "Not bad!"

    His eyes were filled with joy, "This is what the pride of Black Castle looks like, the chances heaven give, must be taken!"

    Senior Sister Yun was helpless, "Okay, then go. If you really die then Senior Sister will pay respects to you."

    I, "..."


    System notification: Congratulations, you have accepted main quest Heaven Crystal Ocean (Starlight Tier)!

    Quest content: Head towards Heaven Crystal Ocean and figure out the secrets within Heaven Crystal Ocean. If you can grab your oppotunity, you will obtain unimaginable rewards!


    Starlight Tier!

    I was stunned. This was weird. Illusionary Moon's quests were S Grade, SS Grade and SSS Grade. Above that was God Grade. Now that a Starlight Tier appeared, what did that mean? I actually got it, feels good!


    King of Darkness smiled, "Prepare yourself, follow me towards Heaven Crystal Ocean. Lady Yun Yue, you bring the elders of Blood POnd over too. Not only us, I heard that Blood Dynasty is moving too and many of them will enter Heaven Crystal Ocean."

    "I understand."



    Yun Yue glanced at me, "If you really die then what?"

    "Senior Sister, you can't protect me for life."

    "I have to walk some paths myself. Since Heaven Crystal Ocean is open then I have to head over to try my luck. You want a strong Junior Brother or one that only knows how to hide under your wings?"

    She frowned, "But... But, the chances of a strong Junior Brother dying is much higher..."

    I spat out my saliva, "It is okay, I know what I am doing."

    She laughed, "Okay, anyways, you must come back alive!"



    Ten minutes later, the sparring ground in front of Blood Pond.

    Five black flying boats were there. I walked into the biggest one with Senior Sister Yun. Not long later, the captain turned the wheel and the boat started to fly upwards. The furnaces started to burn the spirit stones.

    At the same time, many boats flew from Darkness God Hall, Left Camp and Right Camp. A few minutes later, many also flew from the outer five locations who carried the new generation experts and also the elders. Dozens of boats just spread out and started flying.

    From afar, King of Darkness, Left General, Right General and the Elder Hall experts were there. The entire Black Castle was heading out. If these boats landed in any place, they would be able to sweep a whole patch of land. The reason why Black Castle was able to survive was due to our deep foundations.

    "Junior Brother, you need to remember."

    Senior Sister Yun muttered, "Heaven Crystal Ocean has its own rules, no one above Heaven Realm can enter so you won't be able to meet Spiritual Ruin Realm experts... But all the factions will send their strong experts so you would have many competitors. If you see something, get it if you can, if not then back off."

    "Don't worry Senior Sister, I know when to back off."

    "That's good."

    She smiled, "My Junior Brother is always able to return, I believe you!"



    I glanced at her and realised that the truth wasn't like that. Although she said she trusted me, but she looked worried and nervous.

     ! ! !

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