Chapter 315- Unbelievable
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Zhan Yue Chapter 315- Unbelievable

  "Senior Brother...

    The second elder frowned, "Since Yu'er has already spoken then let's break the rules once, after all... He is the King of Darkness, the supreme expert in Black Castle..."

    The Grand Elder scoffed, "King of Darkness, since that is the case, Elder Hall will make an exception and allow July Wildfire to enter the Spirit Meridian Golden Land for three days. Three days later he has to leave. Is that okay?"


    King of Darkness cupped his fists, "Thank you Senior Uncle!"


    Instantly, the Elder Hall bunch left. They all held power and weren't people you wanted to offend. The weakest one was probably comparable to Blood Cloak Elders. I didn't expect that apart from King of Darkness, Senior Sister Yun and the two generals, there were actually such a strong bunch.

    "Yun Yue."

    Xuanyun Yun gave an awkward smile, "Senior Uncles follow the rules so don't be angry with them. After all they are elders and did well for Black Castle inthe past, we... We should respect them."

    "They are just relying on their age, following rules blindly..."

    Senior Sister frowned, "Your Majesty no need to say so much, once my Phoenix Technique is trained, I will challenge them and beat them all up!"

    King of Darkness laughed and lowered his voice, "I think your current strength is enough, but... Definitely not, after all you can't pass me."


    Senior Sister smiled, "Your Majesty, we... Haven't sparred in a long time. Choose a time, I wanted to know if your Darkness God Dragon bloodline can suppress my Phoenix Technique."

    "We were equal last time, this time..."

    King of Darkness waved, "Nope, I shall go into secluded meditation!"

    After saying that, he fled and disappeared.

    "Scoff, he fled really quickly..."

    Senior Sister clenched her fists. My eyes opened wide. How strong was my Senior Sister, she looked stronger than King of Darkness?

    "Senior Sister,

are you stronger than King of Darkness?" I asked.


    She shook her head, "Darkness God Dragon Bloodline is too strong and I am not his match now. I can last for at most 50 rounds before losing, but... Half a year more and that might not be the case."

    "Why?" I was shocked.


    She smiled and whispered into my ear, "Because I have a seal that isn't opened. Once it is, the Pheonix Technique's strength will be totally comprehended by me. Moreover, Blistering Flame Finger, Undying Bird Technique etc are compatible with Pheonix Technique and my cultivation will only increase. Whereas His Majesty's bloodline power is already at the peak."

    I was stunned, "Senior Sister is so strong so why does your life have a seal? Who set it?"

    "I don't know..."

    She was stunned, "Many years ago, I nearly died so a seal existed in my body. I even lost all my memories and recalled that King of Darkness brought me back to Black Castle to heal."

    She frowned, "I even didn't know who I was..."


    I slapped her shoulder, "No matter who you are, you are forever my Senior Sister!"

    She laughed, "You brat, you only know how to make me happy! Okay, there is not much time, head into Spirit Meridian Golden Land to train. Relax and let your energy ocean absorb the energy within. Try to absorb as much as you can. This is a rare opportunity so it depends on how much you can grab."

    "En, I know."


    I slowly stepped into the Spirit Meridian Golden Land. Right when it touched my stomach, my body felt like it was in flames. Large amounts of spiritual energy surged into my pores. I couldn't walk forwards anymore. I even felt like if I proceeded forwards, I would float on the surface and become a corpse!

    I stopped, rotating my power to obtain spiritual energy!

    Within my body, deep in my internal world, the energy ocean surged. Along with me rotating my energy, the energy ocean was like a giant whirlpool. Spiritual energy descended from outside and merged into the whirlpool. Energy ocean digested the spiritual energy. This was a really long process and it was difficult to increase any bit of strength. But once there was an increase, this power would forever belong to me.


    A long while later, I spat out a mouthful of impure energy. I obviously felt that the power in my body was much stronger but the Spiritual Ruin was still destroyed and just floated in the energy ocean. It was being drowned by the energy ocean but then it floated up and this repeated several times.

    "Continue forwards, force your body."

    Senior Sister Yun floated in the air like a fairy and she looked at me calmly, "Although your Spiritual Ruin is broken but your Shura Bloodline is still there. Your body is still the Shura body and the Spirit Meridian Golden Land can help wash your injuries and make you stronger. This is also a major prerequisite to awaken and repair your Spiritual Ruin."


    I nodded my head and took another five steps forwards. Now the water was up to my chest and I was in the blisterning energy. Pure spiritual energy surged into my body and even the energy ocean started to shake.

    "No more?"

    I frowned and I could only rotate the power around me to digest and merge it. But this was too slow. The spiritual energy started to accumulate within and form a thick layer. It descended just like that and was about to crush my internal world!


    All of a sudden, when I decided to go all out, an energy wave spread out. Shortly after, a silver giant dragon charged out of the ocean. On close look, it was the Heaven Lightning! Right, this heaven lightning didn't get destroyed along with the Spiritual Ruin, it was still there!


    Heaven Lightning struck the sky and caused light rain to fall. This strike caused the thick spritiual energy above to scatter, turning into gentle energy which added into the energy ocean.

    This time, the Heaven Lightning actually saved my life again!

    I was shocked. Previously, I thought that my cultivation in game would be destroyed again, would that mean that my account would be deleted?


    Yun Yue locked onto me, "This Heaven Lightning... Looks different..."

    I frowned and looked at the Heaven Lightning that circled the Spiritual Ruin. It was a quicksilver marsh at the center of the Spiritual Ruin. It changed sizes between big and small but each time it changed, it would leave a streak of lightning.

    Did the Heaven Lightning evolve in my body?

    Probably not. I was just a Shura, how could I fight against the heavens?

    Or were my eyes playing tricks on me?

    I looked closely. Right, the Heaven Lightning did look different. Apart from the pure silver lightning glow, there were bits of dark energy. It was as if there were two different types of lightning merged together.

    This... Did another form of power get birthed?

    I had no idea, even Senior Sister couldn't understand.

    All of this was unbelieveable and I couldn't do anything at all. I could only let nature take its course.


    I continued a few more steps forwards and now the golden water was at my neck. Thick spiritual energy surged into my body and caused me to suck in a deep breath. This was it, any more and even if my body didn't explode, I would drown to death.

    Who knew that Senior Sister would say, "Continue forwards and let it wrap your body. Let your entire body sink into it."


    I was stunned, "Won't I drown to death?"

    She laughed, "You dummy, it is spiritual energy, how will that drown you?"


    I took several steps more forwards and now I was totally in the liquid. As expected, like what Senior Sister said, I was still able to breathe properly inside just that the air I breathed in was more pure. It was as if I was taking in pure oxygen. I stood in the water and relaxed myself, allowing myself to bathe inside it.

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    I rotated the energy in my body and a while later, the pain reduced. My body felt more and more comfortable. My body had familiarised with the power inside and at this moment, it was obtaining spiritual energy by itself. My energy ocean was like a whirlpool that expanded and got thicker and thicker.

    As for the Spiritual Ruin, it was still covered in death energy and there were no changes at all. Who knew whether or not Senior Sister's method was right or not but forget it, I shall just listen to her. Anyways she was doing this for my good and there won't be any detriment.


    Just like that, I spent the entire day like that. I spent morning, afternoon and night in the pond and then I stayed up a little to spend three days of game time in the Spirit Meridian Golden Land!

    Late at night.


    The moment I walked out of the Spirit Meridian Golden Land, my body was bathing in gold. I was like the 18 copper men in the movies, my body was shining gold and I was really eye catching. Only a couple of minutes later did the golden light disappear and get absorbed by my body. My aura was nearly at the highest level it was at before I lost my cultivation!

    "Not bad."

    Senior Sister smiled, "Continue to come and drink the medicine tomorrow. I believe that one day your Spiritual Ruin will awaken!"

    "En, thank you Senior Sister, I am going offline to sleep."

    "Off... Offline?"

    "It means sleep."

    "Oh, go then. Good sleep is needed to awaken. Sleep longer."



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