Chapter 314- Spirit Meridian Golden Land
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Zhan Yue Chapter 314- Spirit Meridian Golden Land

   "Spiritual medicine!"

    She frowned, "I looked through ancient books and finally found this recipe. It is from dozens of rare medicine and one of them even add in half of the celestial turtle fruit. Drink it and don't waste my effort. If you don't drink, I will force it down your throat!"

    Her actions seemed really rough like she might really force me to drink it.

    "No no no... I will do it myself!"

    I stopped her and took the bowl from her hands. I sniffed it and apart from medicine smell, there was also a fruity scent. It seemed like for this small bowl, Senior Sister spent large amounts of treasures. I sipped and it tasted weird. It was so hard to swallow. It felt like... Senior Sister messed up a bunch of delicacies and this was what she ended up with. How was I going to drink it?

    "Is it nice?"

    Yun Yue sat at the side and questioned.

    "It isn't not nice..."

    I coughed, "It is just... It is just, not what I expected, quite nice..."

    "Then stop talking and drink it all!"


    I closed my eyes and pinched my nose. I gulped it down. All of a sudden, it felt like a volcano had exploded in my stomach. That energy nearly caused my body to erupt!


    My face turned red, "Senior Sister, what did you give me? Why does my body feel hot. Senior Sister you could have just told me, you didn't have to give me that kind of medicine..."

    "What... That kind of medicine?"

    She was confused and then her face flushed red. She slapped the back of my head, "You brat, you think Senior Sister wants your body? Pui, no. You just sit and start cultivating. This bowl has dozens of top treasures and also half a celestial turtle fruit. Normal people's body would explode so quick use your internal energy to consume the medicinal powers. If not you might die."

    "As expected it is that kind of medicine..."

    "You brat, you are making me angry!"

    She opened her hand,

and tossed me onto her bed, "Start cultivating, if not I used my flame finger to poke you?"

    "No no no, I will cultivate... I will cultivate..."


    I sat crossed legged and followed the previous method. I used my own energy to direct the medicine to cycle through my body to absorb bit by bit. This time it was not as smooth. The medicine powers were too strong and my body felt like a furnace. With my current Energy Condenscing Realm cultivation, I wasn't able to absorb it so quickly.


    In my mind, the broken and scorching Spiritual Ruin gave off some aura. That was a thin sign of life. In truth, I could sense it too. The Spiritual Ruin wasn't totally destroyed but it was nearly there. The remaining power either didn't have any bloodline power or just had a little.

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    "Senior Sister, I am trying!"

    I frowned and opened my mouth. Instantly, medicine power turned into small sparks which flew out.

    "Hold on!"

    Her voice was sharp, "Although your Spiritual Ruin is broken but your cultivation foundations are still there. I don't belive the top disciple of the five outer locations can't even dissolve the medicinal powers of half a celestial turtle fruit. Hold on!"


    I didn't say anything and continued to cultivate. Although my body was ballooning and my internal world was burning, I beared with the pain and rotated the energy.

    A while later, the buzzing in the internal world got more and more intense. Only then did I notice that the energy ocean was surging once more. Right, the Spiritual Ruin was destroyed but the energy ocean was still there. I had absorbed a large amount of energy so this energy ocean was huge too. I absorbed the medicinal power and caused my aura to swell up.

    This feeliing felt like how although my internal world lacked the Spiritual Ruin, but the energy source was still there. In other words, with the cultivation system, although I forgot the moves and techniques, but my internal strength was really strong. I was like a hidden expert who didn't know any moves.

    "Not bad~~"

    Yun Yue smiled, "It seems like my recipe is useful. Although it can't repair your spiritual ruin but it can increase your foundations. Your energy ocean has recovered to 50%, not bad not bad... We still need to continue, come on time every day, one bowl a day!"

    My head felt numb, "Senior Sister, are you serious?"


    She nodded her head and smiled, "Okay, time to go. Your body had deep foundations. After the Spiritual Ruin was destroyed, it was like a dry well. since that is the case, Senior Sister will think of a way to fill your well with life."

    I rolled my eyes, "Senior Sister you are such an experienced person..."

    "Experienced your head."

    She jumped up and pulled me deep into the blood pond. Not long later, we landed in front of a pond with deep spiritual energy. Maybe this place couldn't be considered a blood pond as the water was golden in color. It was a gold colored liquid and the thickness made it really hard to breathe.


    I frowned, "This doesn't seem like ordinary Blood Pond."


    Her eyes were filled with pride, "This is the Spirit Meridian Golden Land, it condenses the essence of Black Castle. The first King of Darkness found this place and build Black Castle because there was large amounts of power underground. Without this, Black Castle would probably be some place else."


    I nodded, "Is Senior Sister allowing me to enter this to cultivate?'


    She nodded, "This Spirit Meridian Golden Land is opened three times a year and only the top three disciples can enter for three days. This pond has the purest spiritual energy in the land and should help you recover."

    "Useless." Deep in my heart, Heaven Hound's voice rang out.

    I frowned and replied him with my mind, "Brother Dog, shut up, you are asking to get beaten up!"

    "Hahaha~~~" Heaven Hound laughed, "Brother, I think Yun Yue treats you really well. Although she is your Senior Sister but in terms of strength, she is really strong. In terms of looks, she is top two in the world. Don't let her down, choose a good day and marry her. If you do that, your Brother Dog will have a good sister in his life too."

    "Shut up!"

    I was annoyed and ignored his voice. I looked towards Yun Yue, "Senior Sister, do I really have the rights to step in?"

    "Why not?"

    She said, "I am in charge of Blood Pond, I make the decisions."



    Right at that moment, the sky buzzed and someone passed through. With a "peng", an elder with a staff appeared. His eyes were filled with unhappiness, "Yun Yue, how can you make decisions on your own?"

    "Grand Elder?"

    Senior Sister was stunned, "Why are you here?"


    The Grand Elder's gaze was filled with coldness, "If I didn't come, you will use all our Black Castle's foundations. Although July Wildfire is your disciple, but... He definitely can't enter the Spirit Meridian Golden Land. Rules are rules. If you want to behave like this, I will discuss with the elders in the Elder Hall to take your power away!"

    "What do you mean?"

    Senior Sister frowned, "Grand Elder wants to suppress me with the Elder Hall?"

    "No I didn't."

    The Grand Elder said coldly, "But the Elder Hall is in charge of all things of the three inner divisions. Since rules are made, they can't be broken. Even the King of Darkness has to follow these rules, so who allowed you to change it?"

    "What rules?"

    Yun Yue said calmly, "The winners of the battle can have the rights to enter the Spirit Meridian Golden Land. But so what, do they have the strength to kill Blood Cloak Elders? My disciple has, so why doesn't he have the rights?"

    "I say no so no!"

    "Scoff, you are a busybody!"

    "You brat, you... You actually dare to scold me like that!" His face flushed red.

    The two of them were about to fight.

    "Senior Sister!"

    I tugged her arm, "Why not... Why not I not cultivate here. Look, if the Grand Elder dies from anger, how will we take responsibility!"

    "No, this is about principle, I have to fight for this!"

    She was furious and not willing to take a step back.


    Right at that moment, many people appeared. It was the second elder and third elder, the last generation experts of Black Castle. Today they still held huge power in Black Castle.


    A person broke through the wind. It was King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu.

    "Greeting Senior Uncle!"

    He turned around and bowed towards the Grand Elder.

    "scoff, King of Darkness is here."

    The Grand Elder is furious, "You are here in time. Yun Yue actually wanted to let July Wildfire use Spirit Meridian Golden Land. That is so nonsensical. The energy here needs to be accumulated so how can we just open it like that?"

    "Senior Uncle doesn't know."

    King of Darkness explained, "July Wildfire swept Fire Demon Witch Soora's garden and brought back large amounts of medicine including the near extinct Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree. Moreover, he was badly injured by Soora because of Black Castle, I... Would like the Elder Hall to turn an eye and let July Wildfire cultivate in Spirit Meridian Golden Land?"


    Grand Elder gritted his teeth, "King of Darkness you shouldn't be so merciful and kind."

    "Senior Uncle, I know what I am doing."

    Xuanyuan Yu's voice was filled with righteousness and he wasn't to be doubted.

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