Chapter 313- Thousand Mile Moon Foal
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Zhan Yue Chapter 313- Thousand Mile Moon Foal

 North, Bahuang Army Camp.

    Within the main tent, Lin Hong was on his last breaths. His face was ashen white and the poison was about to attack his heart.


    "You... Did you really bring the antidote back?" A general said in shock.


    Lin Xi passed the bottle over and also tossed Chen Gan's head onto the ground, "This person shot the general with the arrow."

    "Someone from Blood Dynasty?"

    Lin Hong drank the antidote and frowned, "I didn't expect... Blood Dynasty to enter the battlefield and sneak attack me..."

    On the side, an advisor said solemnly, "If Xuanyuan Empire and Dimension Legion go all out, the ones that benefit would definitely be Blood Dynasty. They have been waiting for this day."


    Lin Hong gritted his teeth, "Blood Dynasty, each year they capture tens of thousands of people from our border to cultivate. Once I recover, I will definitely strike back!"

    While he said that, he looked much better. He stood up and smiled towards us, "You... Courageous members from the alien world, your actions have touched me. You saved my life. Come, this is the reward and honor you deserve. May the dignity and pride of the human race always be alongside you!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing main quest Blood Arrow (SSS Grade), obtained rewards: Experience +50%, reputation +8000, Charm+3, Gold +10000, obtained extra rewards: Thousand Mile Moon Foal (Unique Grade Mount)!



    I was stunned. I didn't expect that I would actually get an orange mount here. I turned towards everyone, "Did... Did any one of you get extra rewards?"

    "No." Lin Xi shook her head.

    Gu Ruyi shook her head, "Me neither."

    Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes wide, "You did?"


    I nodded my head strongly.

I waved my hand and shared the sealing stone of the mount to everyone. At the same time, as I was looking at it for the first time, I was shocked too--

    Thousand Mile Moon Foal (Unique Grade Mount Boss)

    Strength: +189

    Stamina: +187

    Magic: +185

    Attack increase: +255%

    Defence: +250%

    Movement speed increase: +240%

    Health Increase: +35000

    Effect: Attack range +4

    Effect: Famous horse, damage reduction +15%

    Effect: Bright Moon Power, damage +30%

    Skill: Thousand Mile Travel, after use, movement speed +100%, last 30 seconds

    Mount durability: +150%

    Introduction: Thousand Mile Moon Foal, an ancient pure blood foal that could travel a thousand miles in one night. Chasing the wind and rushing to the moon, only true experts can have such a horse

    Required Level: 80


    "Damn, a Boss mount?"

    Shen Mingxuan's eyes opened wide, "You fellow... How is your luck so good..."

    I smiled, "No choice, I am just lucky!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Work hard, try to get to 80 by tomorrow and then you can ride this. Along with this horse's stats, you would be the top of Paladins in Linchen County."

    "About there."

    I nodded my head and smiled, "I am about to reach 79 and I think I can reach 80 by tomorrow."

    "En, good luck!"

    "Great, time to go offline to eat supper."

    "En en."

    We took out the city return scroll and returned back to Linchen County.

    Right at that moment, a beep came from the system: Please note, your puppet Orange Night will upgrade in 8 hours, please return to take it!

    8 hours, perfect, I will go get it the next morning!


    After supper.

    Late at night, I laid on my bed and looked at the starlight outside but I found it hard to sleep. My mind was filled with the Wooden Dummy book in Lin Xi's storage. That was a skill book on the level of Apprehension. One Apprehension and one Wooden Dummy would raise the strength of an Assassin to a whole new level. Moreover, if I get Wooden Dummy, I would be able to summon a bunch of units. Be it PK or leveling, it would be much better.

    But how could I get it?

    The only way would be to get Ah Fei to bid for it. But only the four of us knew about it. If I asked Ah Fei to ask for it, Lin Xi might suspect that one of us leaked the news

    She wouldn't suspect Shen Mingxuan or Gu Ruyi so I was the only one.

    No, I had to calm down, I couldn't expose myself just for one book. After all, this was not time to reveal it all to Lin Xi. Moreover, I didn't know how to reveal it. Could I just say "Lin Xi I am a spy, I am July Wildfire that killed you several times. Let's let the past be the past?" That was impossible. Even if I said that, how would it explain me joining With You? After all, the goal was too scummy and with Lin Xi's personality, she wouldn't forgive me.

    Thinking about that, my mind was in a mess. In my heart, I wanted to tell Lin Xi about it but I just didn't know how to. Forget it, I could only let it pass day by day and let time solve it.

    Speaking of which, did I have a disorder?

    Forget it, go to bed.

    Just like that, I entered my slumber.


    Next morning, I woke up early.

    I accompanied Shen Mingxuan to buy breakfirst. We went online and I naturally played the Assassin account. I had to think of a way to repair the dead Spiritual Ruin.


    Within the City Return Scroll light, the Shura account appeared outside of Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I stepped forwards and smiled, "Senior Uncle Lin, I am here!"

    Orange Night, should be upgraded!

    Heaven and Earth Pavilion Hall, Lin Fengnian held his staff and smiled, "You brat, you finally recalled that you have a puppet here?"

    "Of course of course, I spent such a huge price!"

    I said, "To let him upgrade, I even lost my cultivation..."

    Lin Fengnian was touched, "Rare... After your cultivation was lost, you are actually able to talk about this so easily. As expected from Ding Heng and Lady Yun Yue's disciple, you really have the mental strength."

    I laughed bitterly, "If not do I have to lower my head and feel sad everyday?"


    He touched his moustache and was deep in thought, "300 years ago, our outer locations had a top disciple that comprehended sword heart at 19 and entered Sword Saint Realm at 24. He was too immersed in it and lost himself and his cultivation. He couldn't take it and killed himself. When we found him, he was already squashed into a meat paste..."

    "I didn't expect Senior Uncle to be from Sichuan in your last life... Let's not talk so much, where is my Orange Night. Return him to me?"


    He scoffed and lifted his hand. An eye catching orange light shot out from his sleeves and descended in front of me. It was much more majestic now and with the demon spear in his hands, his eyes were filled with fighting spirit. His body was wrapped in inscription power and he looked like a general that had gone through hundreds of battles.


    System notification: Congratulations, your Orange Night has risen to grade six. As he has broken through, Attack+180%, Health +240%, Recovery +500%. Comprehended skills: God Dragon Descends, Move Mountains and Rivers, Immovable!


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    "This? !"

    My mind buzzed. Why did Orange Night's skills sound so good? Damn was he the main character or was I??

    I raised my hand and summoned his stats. The three skills appeared in front of me--

    God Dragon Descends: Cause God Dragon storm to sweep the opponent

    Move Mountains and Rivers: Passive, Attack greatly increased

    Immovable: Passive, Defence greatly increased


    I sucked in a deep breath. So they were two passives. Their names were actually so strong! But, the current Orange Night's strength definitely exceeded that of White Bird. Especially in terms of stats. With the two passives, he should be much stronger. Along with God Dragon Descends and Giant Dragon Storm, Orange Night didn't lack attacks too. A grade six orange puppet was so amazing!

    I kept Orange Night and laughed, "Thank you Senior Uncle, your skills are so exquisite, you are totally unparalleled!"

    Lin Fengnian rubbed his moustache and smiled, "Scoff, I have returned your puppet, when are you returning mine?"

    "Goodbye Senior Uncle, I am busy."

    "Scram you brat!"

    Behind me, Lin Fengnian's thunderous roar spread out. I laughed and charged out of Heaven and Earth Pavilion. After which I headed towards Blood Pond to see if Senior Sister had any solution.

    Blood Pond Hall.

    "Du du du~~"

    A medicine can was scorching on flames burning from spiritual stones. There was a medicine fragrance from within. At the side, Senior Sister Yun was fanning the flames and her forehead was covered in thin layer of sweat.

    "Senior Sister, what are you doing?" I asked.

    "Stop talking and sit."


    I sit beside and waited for two minutes before she took the can down. She poured out a black sesame-like paste and poured it into a jade bowl. She smiled sweetly, "Drink it while its hot!"

    My heart shook, why did this make me think of...

    Husband, drink medicine? !


    "Senior Sister, what is this!?"

    I frowned and was totally confused.

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