"Of course not... Next one, faster! If the entire chapter was related to equipment stats! People will make noise!"
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Zhan Yue     "Of course not... Next one, faster! If the entire chapter was related to equipment stats! People will make noise!"

  Lin Xi carried the boots and then instantly a golden light shot into the sky, turning into the equipment's detailed stats. All of a sudden, everyone was so tempted that they drooled.

    Flame Fountain Boots (Legendary Grade)

    Type: Cloth Armor

    Defence: 500

    Magic: +258

    Stamina: +255

    Agility: +252

    Effect: Physical Damage avoidance +180

    Effect: Flames, flame element damage increased by 20%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4000 points

    Special Skill: Mana Fountain, consume 30 special skill value, after use, recover 50% mana. Cooldown of 150 seconds.

    Bonus: Increase Magic Attack by 102%

    Bonus: Increase Defence by 100%

    Introduction: Flame Fountain Boots, legend had it that the boots were made from the deep mountains and contains strong magical elements. Once one wears it, one's magical power would be endless

    Required Level: 80



    I laughed, "From now onwards, we would save a lot of mana!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Mana Fountain, recover 50% of mana every 2.5 minutes. With Ruyi's level and equipment, she really won't need to bring too many mana potions. In long battles, she don't even need to worry about mana at all."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "A skill with less than 3 minutes cooldown... This is the first time I have seen it. If you continue to spam it, would you have enough special skill value?"


    Gu Ruyi looked at the boots and smiled, "Mage players,

after using three spells, special skill value will increase by one. I will use some small skills to accumulate special skill value."


    Lin Xi tossed it to Gu Ruyi, "These boots will be Ruyi's anyone has issues?"

    "Of course not... Next one, faster! If the entire chapter was related to equipment stats! People will make noise!"


    Along with a "keng", that white sword appeared in Lin Xi's hands. Her eyse smiled with hope, "Let's hope that this is a super orange sword and then it will be my weapon."

    I glanced with my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, "As you wish, quickly look."


    She reached out and a sliver of light wrapped around her blade which turned into a white dragon. One could even hear the dragon roar. An eye catching orange light appeared in front of our eyes and formed into data--

    White Dragon Sword (Legendary Grade)

    Attack: 900-1250

    Strength: +259

    Agility: +257

    Stamina: +252

    Effect: Lifesteal +5%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +45%

    Effect: Dance, 15% chance of triggering, deal 300% damage to surrounding targets

    Effect: White Dragon, 25% chance of triggering, activate the power of the white dragon to deal 300% damage

    Effect: Armor pentration, ignore 25% of target's defence

    Bonus: Increase user's attack by 108%

    Bonus: Increase user's defence by 105%

    Introduction: White Dragon Sword. Legend had it that during ancient times, a white dragon was hiding in the deep marshes and a celestial tamed it. Moreover, after the white dragon died, he used its soul and an outerworld cold metal to form a White Dragon Sword. This sword has became a ruler's sword several times and it represents supreme power and strength. Now that the White Dragon Sword has appeared, this means that the power of the king has reappeared.

    Required Level: 80


    "Is this a King's sword?"

    I smiled, "Lin Xi this sword is suitable for you. If With You can form a guild and you become the guild leader, this White Dragon Sword will be worthy of its name."

    She held it and said, "Lu Li, With You... Really wants to fight with the world?"

    "Of course."

    "Think about it, since I have joined With You, we faced so many problems. Elements attacked us in Purgatory Demon Realm, Breaking Dawn fought with us openly. There were also For Dreams and Hidden Dragon Mountain people staring at us. Apart from you, we can't fight one against a hundred. If we don't want to get bullied, we can only create a guild and be stronger than others."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Ruyi and I have many friends that love With You. They haven't joined any guild as they are waiting for us. I believe that Lin Xi you would have many of such people."


    Lin Xi smiled, "I have very few friends..."

    I saw her hesitation and looked right into her eyes, "You are our founder, didn't we get here because of you? So, don't think so much, when the time comes we will just create a guild. Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi and I will help you. Believe in yourself and also believe in all of us!"

    Her gaze became much more firm and she nodded her head, "En, when we.... get the Guild Creation Token, then let's create the guild!"


    I laughed, "This Guild Creation Token is just too rare, till date Linchen County don't have many..."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I think there aren't over 10 in the server. Which means that we can actually count the number of guilds. We don't have to rush."

    Gu Ruyi said, "Let's look at the third one first, this is more rush..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Okay, so this White Dragon Sword belongs to me, Lu Li?"

    "En, I have Silver Ocean Sword!"

    I waved Silver Ocean Sword and smiled, "Truthfully, I don't like swords with no healing effects."

    "That's good."

    Lin Xi picked up the third one which was that old cape. She waved the dust off it and smiled, "It doesn't look like a treasure."

    The orange stats of the cape appeared and she was slapped right away--

    Protector's Cape (Legendary Grade)

    Defence: 750

    Strength: +258

    Agility: +255

    Magic: +252

    Effect: Damage reduction +8%

    Effect: Wind chasing, movement speed +70%

    Effect: Pity, raise user's healing effect 2500

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 8000

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    Effect: Healing effect +55%

    Effect: Hundred Defence, consume 100 special skill value, obtain invincibility lasting 5 seconds, cooldown of 4 hours.

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: Protector's Cape, an ancient looking cape.

    Required Level: 80



    Looking at the Protector's Cape's effect, I laughed out loud, "Sorry everyone, I didn't expect the last one would be mine, moreover it has an invincibility skill. Although everyone can wear it, but... I am sorry, it is mine. Such a strong healing effect, it has to be mine, haha~~"

    "So arrogant~~"

    She tossed it to me and smiled, "Its just an invincibility spell, can you grow up!"

    I laughed, "Lin Xi you don't know this, as a Paladin, I have faith. If this cape didn't come, how will I be able to use invincibility and force return scroll!"

    Shen Mingxuan covered her mouth and laughed, "Shameless!"

    I laughed and didn't care about so much. I kept Protector's Cape and another two levels more and I could wear it. With this, I could charge about shamelessly. Anyways if not then I would just use city return scroll shamelessly.


    Now, Lin Xi picked up the final one, that ancient looking skill book. She slapped the dust off and it gave off an orange light. The introduction appeared in everyone's eyes and my heart beat started to speed up for some reason--

    Wooden Dummy (SSS Grade Skillbook): Consume 50 energy, summon 20 soldiers when one is in a grassland area. The soldier's level is similar to one's current level and their stats are 75% of your current stats, lasting 45 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds. Required level: 80, required job: Assassin, required realm: Heaven Realm


    It was Wooden Dummy!

    My mind buzzed, this was a god Assassin skill on the level of Apprehension. It was prepared for people like me. After all there was a Heaven Realm requirement so normal players couldn't learn it at all. This skill was designed for special people like me!

    Summoning type, as long as the place had plants, I could use it. Be it PK or leveling, this was an invincible skill.

    Unfortunately, this was in Lin Xi's hands and I couldn't get it from her.

    "Assassin god skill!"

    I laughed and tried to cover my excitement, "This book is expensive!"

    "That might not be the case."

    Lin Xi looked at me deeply, "Heaven Realm requirement, Heaven Realm... Who knows what that is. Normal people wouldn't dare to buy it as the chances of losing money is too high."


    I nodded, "True."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Who cares, even if it is not useful, we got 3 super orange gear from one boss. I dare say that we have the best equipment in Linchen County!"


    Gu Ruyi smiled, "Lin Xi what are you going to do with this book? Why not auction it off, it is SSS Grade."

    "Isn't that not good?"

    Lin Xi frowned and she looked at it, "What if July Wildfire buys it. I think he should be able to learn it. After he learns Wooden Dummy, won't we all... GG?"

    I agreed, "That is true, he will destroy all of us!"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Are you asking to get beaten up!"

    Shen Mingxuan looked at the time, "I have ordered delivery. Lin Xi make your choice, you decide what to do with this."

    "Let's store it first."

    She smiled, "Once we create With You and we have our own top Assassin, let's let them learn it."


    "Go, submit the quest."

    She sliced off Chen Gan's head and tossed it into her bag. She also picked up the antidote as this was the quest item.

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