Chapter 311- Legacy Grade first kill
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Zhan Yue Chapter 311- Legacy Grade first kill


    Bladestorm+ War Trample exploded in the crowd. Lin Xi and my coordination was getting better and better and just this strike alone wiped out half of the summoned dummies. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were just last hitting. But right when we were going to kill the boss, Chen Gan did something shocking.

    "Come, prepare to face the poison arrow!"

    He jumped into the air and a blood red short crossbow appeared in his hands. He fired it towrads Shen Mingxuan!


    Shen Mingxuan was shocked and she didn't even have time to react at all as the blood red arrow shot through her 34C. The arrow dragged a long line of blood out of her chest and left many blood flowers on the snow.


    Poison Arrow Technique! Just one arrow and Shen Mingxuan was directly insta killed!

    "Not good..."

    Lin Xi activated White Star and slashed the Boss but there was nothing she could do. Shen Mingxuan being insta killed was already a fact.

    "Targeted skill!"

    I waved my shield to strike Chen Gan while moving around Lin Xi to confuse Chen Gan. I said solemnly, "His Poison Arrow Technique didn't follow the aggro system so Ruyi must be careful!"


    Ruyi was stunned.

    In the next second, when Lin Xi forced Chen Gan back. He raised his blood short crossbow, "Come, let the destiny poison arrow descend once more!"


    The arrow shot through the air and even if Gu Ruyi used Element Shield it was also useless. This arrow pierced through the durability and also shot through her 34C. With a "pu", blood scattered behind Gu Ruyi's body. The Element Shield blocked a large portion but it was still 70 thousand, enough to insta kill her!


    "Ah? !"

    In the party channel,

Shen Mingxuan was shocked, "Ruyi, your soul... Why is it back?"

    Gu Ruyi, "I was insta killed too..."

    Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "How did this happen?"

    "It is not a target system!"

    I activated Envoy of Light to heal Lin Xi and me, "It is a directional lock-on skill. Once the Boss is down to half health, he would use poison arrow to attack those ranged players. This was definitely it!"


    Lin Xi's face turned white, "Lu Li let's work together to grind him down!"


    I said solemnly, "Can White Star last long enough? I am worried we don't have enough damage."

    "No need to worry, it should be enough. You just ensure that you don't die!"


    I said solemnly, "Then I will use Self-sacrifice to reduce damage. Once you get over 50% aggro, I will use it to protect you. Once our health drop below 50%, I would use Envoy of Light. If not, my mana might not be enough."

    "En, I have decided!"

    Thus, in the next second, Lin Xi got full aggro and tanked the Boss's Flames of Karma. I then used Self-sacrifice to tank the next set of damage. Due to 70% damage reduction so the damage reduction speed was toally controlled. After my health dropped below 50%, I used Envoy of Light and our health both increased.

    Lin Xi went all out. With White Star and Hellfire, even without the two ranged players, she was the main damage dealer. She had to go all out, if not, once White Star was finished, we were done.

    But, we were performing better and better. Under this new battle strategy, our health stabilised and ensured that each heal was effective. New skils, new system, that needed to be trained and figured out.


    "Then what should we do?"

    Shen Mingxuan said in the party channel, "Ruyi and I have ran over from the grave. We will be able to arrive in the battlefield in five minutes, do we revive?"


    Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "Lu Li is right, the Boss's technique focuses on ranged players. If you revive, you would get insta killed. I rather Lu Li and I die than you two!"


    I smiled, "Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi, you two just watch and don't join in. Once we are about to kill the Boss, then revive and gain experience. Don't enter the Boss circle."


    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "Then Ruyi and I will command from the side."

    "Shut up, don't talk! Don't disturb Lin Xi and my thinking!"


    "So fierce..."


    Just like that, we took down the boss bit by bit. Lin Xi and my health dropped to 30-40% each time but I used Self-sacrifice on her and then Saint Light Technique on myself. In truth, this provided 70% damage reduction to the whole team. Self-sacrifice was just the Paladin's god technique!

    On the side, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi's soul state looked at us and watch Lin Xi and I perform.

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    Close to half an hour passed and Chen Gan's house was done to 14%. Lin Xi's White Star had over ten minutes left so that should be enough. Thanks to White Star mode while increased her damage by 50%, if not, our damage was definitely not enough!


    It took a long time to kill us which made Chen Gan really annoyed. He hollered, "How can a human Paladin and Warrior block my blade? Die, you noob race, you only have rights to get mated by others!"


    Lin Xi and I allowed him to mock us and we continued to attack and defend when needed. Once he used wooden dummy, we used Bladestorm+ War Trample to kill them. Anyways, we just had to avoid his Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma.


    "Keng keng keng~~~"

    Chen Gan's daggers caused sparks to fly as it smashed on Explorer's Shield. Time passed bit by bit and I was in charge of healing and getting hit while Lin Xi was in charge of damaging. This lasted for 15 minutes and now his health was left with 1%. All of a sudden, the four of us were pumped up. The first Legendary Grade kill was right ahead, how could we not be excited?

    "Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan, you two can revive. Stay further away and back out of the battle zone." I said.

    "I understand."

    This time, maybe because we were too happy, Shen Mingxuan was lazy to debate with me. She listened to us and retreated 100 meters away with Gu Ruyi. Now, the Boss definitely won't be able to kill them with the poison arrow. However, this distance was enough for them to get experience.

    "Lin Xi, you kill?" I asked.

    "No difference!"

    She frowned, "I only have one minute left. Just go all out. Whoever kills him then so be it. After all, the Boss is healing too quickly and if we reduce our damage, we might lose!"

    "Okay, I will listen to you!"

    Thus, Lin Xi and I went all out. Right when she used Bladestorm+Gale+ Blade of Dawn, Chen Gan's health was nearly gone. I waved Silver Ocean Sword and used Momentum Slash+War Trample+Judgement. Especially Judgement which dealt 30 thousand damage and it actually took away Chen Gan's final bit of health!

    "Wow, I can't accept this..."

    As he roared, Chen Gan knelt onto the ground and his body was covered in wounds. At the same time, a loud bell rang in the sky. We finally completed this first kill with much difficulty--

    System Notification: Congratulations players from Lin Xi's party who have killed Blood Drinking Blade- Chen Gan (Legendary Grade Boss), obtaining the first boss kill! ! ! Party member A Little Brother has dealt the final blow, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm+8, Reputation +50000, gold+50000, other members obtained: Level +2, Charm+5, Reputation+ 35000, Gold +35000


    "Shua shua!"

    Two streaks of golden light landed and I also adjusted my level to 78, maintaining the 5 level gap with my Assassin account. I also gained 8 charm which meant that I had 84 in total. Even I felt that I was looking more and more handsome.


    Right ahead, a huge bunch of gold exploded beside his corpse. There were also a few pieces of equipment. The first Legendary Grade Boss was actually killed by me. As my charm was better than Lin Xi, the dropraet was definitely good. The rewards definitely couldn't be bad.

    "Lin Xi. "

    Although Shen Mingxuan lost a level but her level increased instead of dropping. She smiled, "Come, you touch the equipment. Although teh Boss was killed by Lu Li but his charm definitely isn't high. But since it is the first kill, it shouldn't be too bad."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "I bed that there is at least one super orange gear."

    Lin Xi giggled, "To have one is already really good!"

    "Right right, quick touch it!'


    Lin Xi walked forwards and kept all the gold. The Boss's equipment were on full display. There was a flame wrapped boots, a sword, a ancient-looking cape and also a skillbook. One couldn't see its color so one couldn't tell its grade.

    At this moment, I could use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to see their stats but there was no need. It was better to get the surprise along with the others!

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