Chapter 310- Wooden Dummy
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Zhan Yue Chapter 310- Wooden Dummy

  The cold light on his dagger exploded and he used both Hunter's Edge+Ice Boomerang Blade!

    These were my favourite skills but now I had to be the one to tank it. This was really karma! I pulled the ropes and charged towards the first attack. At the same time I raised Silver Ocean Sword to heal myself and instantly I healed by 18000+ health. This also ensured that his next moves weren't enough to kill me.

    Righteous Provocation!

    The second righteous provocation was used and now he was even fiercer. He attacked and I had no choice but to use Envoy of Light. Healing rain descended and my health started to increase. Even Lin Xi's health started to recover. Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan all went all out. Seven Star Shot, Wind Storm Arrow, Ice Soul Dragon Roar etc skills landed on his body.

    Legendary Super Orange Boss was tanky but under our two ranged attacks, his health was dropping.

    But Lin Xi and I were under too much trouble. We had to ensure that we kept the aggro so that he didn't kill our range. Apart from that, we had to ensure our survival.


    Sparks flew and Chen Gan's dagger smashed onto Explorer's Shield. I used Judgement on his head before channeling Saint Light Technique. Lin Xi waved Hellfire and used Wind Chasing Stab too stun him before using Gale.

    Her face was filled with seriousness. This time she really went all out. When Chen Gan slashed, she used Heaven Sword Umbrella to block and she tanked a full Flames of Karma from Chen Gan.

    "Lu Li I will heal myself, you hold on!"

    She retreated and avoided a wave of Chen Gan's attacks. After all she was just a warrior and now we were testing the limit. Chen Gan was a super orange boss and he was the first to appear. Logically speaking we needed 2-3 super orange gear to kill him safely. But the truth was that we had none at all.

    My Assassin account did have two but it couldn't be used.


    Along with a vicious roar, Chen Gan locked onto me once more. This time he was even more vicious, using Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma together. I couldn't do much. I just used Ash Fortress and smashed forwards with my shield to dodge two of the Hunter's Edge's attacks.

But I tanked the last 4 attacks and my health dropped to below 30%!

    "Lu Li is in danger!"

    Lin Xi was shocked, "Ruyi, control!"


    Ruyi started to channel and her face was filled with seriousness. She chanted and used Mind Restraint. Instantly, Chen Gan was rooted to the spot and above his head was a stunned diagram.

    Mind Restraint was really a life saver!

    I used Envoy of Light and then used Saint Light Technique twice on myself. Then I used Saint Storm and War Trample. I followed it up with Righteous Provocation to get max aggro and then I smashed Chen Gan with the shield. This guy was even stronger than the blood cloak elders and his dagger's attacks were invincible. My defenec and 80 thousand health was like tofu, being removed instantly. This was just so scary!

    The first kill of a super orange boss wouldn't be simple!

    Fortunately, Lin Xi was back to full health and charged. She used Bladestorm and then opened her left hand. The Heaven Sword Umbrella turned into sword light and smacked onto Chen Gan's body to deal a wave of damage.

    "You are asking for death!"

    Chen Gan's eyes were blood red. He didn't care whether you were a girl or not and he used Flames of Karma to force Lin Xi back. In teh end, Lin Xi could only deal a wave of damage and most of it depended on Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. As for close combat, I had to tank. My health dropped but I had to try my best to heal myself!


    "Not good..."

    Lin Xi said in the chat, "This Boss's aggro system is too sensitive. As long as my damage exceeds he would attack me and Lu Li won't be able to stop him. I can't continue to attack as I have a high chance of dying. Once he use Hunter's Edge+ Flames of Karma on me, I would definitely die."

    "En, you retreat!"

    I held my shield to block Chen Gan's attacks while slashing with my sword, "Let Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi attack, you just support."


    Lin Xi looked at her stats, "I have 47 energy which means I can use White Star for 47 minutes. If needed, I will use it to kill him along with all of you!"

    "Okay, if I can't tank then you take over."

    "En en!"

    Just like that, we spent half an hour and finall reduced Chen Gan's health to 50%. When the health dropped to half, the viciousness in his eyes swelled. He waved his dagger and laughed, "Come, the time of slaughter is here. Follow my orders and kill the enemy- Wooden Dummy!"

    He opened his palm and within 40 yards, the branches started to shine red and break out of the ground. They turned into many blood colored warriors holding swords, spears and halberds.

    "What, he summoned monsters!?"

    Lin Xi opened her mouth and her eyes were calm, "these monsters are Unique Grade monsters and their health are around 100 thousand. Lu Li we will deal with them first, AOE to wipe them out!"


    I retreated and placed my shield on the ground to block Chen Gan's attacks. At the same time I charged towards the warriors that appeared and used War Trample. Lin Xi followed behind me and slashed with Hellfire. She used Bladestorm and then Flame Blade Thrust to kill close to a third of them.

    "AOE, follow up!" I shouted.

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    Shen Mingxuan pulled her bow and shot out Wind Storm Arrow. It exploded on my body and formed a huge ripple. The storm swept and along with Gu Ruyi's Flame Whirlpool, half of the soldiers were cleared out.

    At that moment, Chen Gan charged and a Flames of Karma brought me back to low health.

    "Lin Xi take over!"

    "I know!"

    Lin Xi gritted her teeth and her body was covered in silver light. Even her eyes were covered in a thin layer. She was like a goddess as she activated White Star to clash with Chen gan. Hellfire slashed three times and Chen Gan coud only block. She then placed Heaven Sword Umbrella out and forced Chen gan back!

    But Chen Gan pounced back sharply and with Hunter's Edge, Lin Xi's health dropped to 25%. Luckily I had healed up so I took over the Boss!

    "Release the pets!"

    Lin Xi frowned, "The Boss's Wooden Dummy's attacks are too strong and your pets are strong enough. Even if they die, at least they can delay some time if not both of us might get insta killed!"



    Shen Mingxuan raised her hand and along with a bird chirping, the Flame Bird appeared in the air and charged towards Chen Gan. Gu Ruyi waved her staff and a level 62 Flame Turtle charged forwards.


    Flame Turtle's hit had a knockback but it also angered the Boss. Chen gan used Hunter's Edge on the Flame Turtle and even though it was tanky, its shell nearly cracked apart and his health was done to 35%. The Flame Bird was even worse and after being hit by Flames of Karma, it cried out and died!


    Shen Mingxuan's eyes opened wide, "This Boss is so vicious, damn!"

    I laughed.

    Lin Xi waved her sword while saying, "Save control and prepare to break the Wooden Dummy. I saw that it has at least one second delay so if we are fast enough, we would be able to break it. With Lu Li's tankiness, we have at least 60% chance!"


    Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan and I nodded.

    But in the next second, Chen Gan retreated and smiled viciously, "Again, again, prepare to welcome the new challengers. Go to hell!"

    He used it again! The CD was so quick!


    Right away, Lin Xi and I used Assault. Chen Gan's retreat provided us with some space but unfortunately, none of it hit.

    Lin Xi's movement speed was quick and when she used it, wind shone on her sword and she stabbed Wind Chasing Stab into his chest. The Miss word appeared! Moreover, Gu Ruyi's Mind Restraint missed too. The boss's level was too high!

    "Wooden Dummy!"

    Chen Gan shouted in rage and summoned a bunch of fierce warriors. The moment he used it, Shen Mingxuan's Stun Shot landed on his chest. She stunned him but it was too late!

    "Stun Shot was a little late!"

    "Same strategy, kill the summoned mobs first!"


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