Chapter 309- Blood Drinking Blade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 309- Blood Drinking Blade

  A giant explosion and the first Ice Plains Mammoth fell, causing snow to splatter all about. The instance that the Ice Plains Mammoth fell, my experience bar jumped which proved that the experience gained was not low. After all, with its health, attack and defence, such a strong monster definitely gave more experience than Moving Army Bugs.

    "Do you all think..."

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and her eyes were filled with confusion, "Based on the details of the quest, the person who assassinated Lin Hong is so strong, would it be... July Wildfire?"

    "Definitely not." I said calmly.

    "Oh, why?"

    All of a sudden, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi all raised their heads and looked at me.

    Not good!

    I was stunned and realised that I had slipped up. Like that, I might have exposed myself. Fortunately I was calm and said seriously, "Firstly, even if July Wildfire is strong, he is just a player. Lin Hong is a Legendary Grade Boss. Which player can badly injure a Legendary Grade Boss alone? July Wildfire also PKed the Linchen County experts so many times and didn't show his archery skills right? Don't forget, Lin Hong got pierced in the armor by one sharp arrow. July Wildfire doesn't have such strength and accuracy."

    "Not bad, that is logical."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Thinking about it, it does make sense. I also don't believe that July Wildfire could do all that. I also don't believe that he can trigger an SSS Grade quest, he probably doesn't have such strength."

    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi nodded their heads in agreement.

    I felt quite bitter inside. Of course July Wildfire didn't have such strength, he was like a top expert that lost his memories. He had all the skills but he forgot about all the cultivation techniques.


    Just like that, we attacked the Ice Plains Mammoths until 10pm.

    "Will he not appear?"

    Lin Xi looked into the snow and said, "If he doesn't come, the few of us will probably go to bed..."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Is this Boss afraid of the few of us? He is a coward,


    "That should not be it."

    I sucked in a deep breath. At that moment, the broken Spiritual Ruin moved a little and I could sense a little heat... Spiritual Ruin actually gave off an aura? I was delighted. Maybe like what Heaven Hound said. Although Spiritual Ruin was destroyed but some life force remained. The only thing was that it was too weak.

    So Spiritual Ruin had a chance of awakening?

    All of a sudden, I was delighted. But I was also careful and calmed back down. Was the aura I felt the Assassin's aura that Lin Hong said? That should be it. It was there but it felt like it wasn't there, exactly the same as what Lin Hong described!

    He was here!

    I frowned and used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye once more. A golden light spat out from my eyes but fortunately the snow covered everything. So Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and the others didn't pick up anything. I held my sword and shield and rode in front of the three of them.

    In the channel, I said seriously, "My heart jumped just now, I think the Boss is about to appear. Be careful."


    Lin Xi frowned, "I have a bad feeling but I am not that sure."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I feel a little hungry..."

    I, "..."

    Lin Xi, "..."


    Within a few minutes, many more Ice Plains Mammoths fell under our attacks. That scorching aura continued to flicker. Sometimes it appeared but sometimes it disappeared. He was still observing and finding a good chance to attack. Without needing to think, this was a super Assassin if not he wouldn't be so patient.

    "Hu hu hu~~~"

    Storm and snow wrapped around. The moment I galloped across, I suddenly saw a figure that was 30 yards from us. This was a snow robed teen that had a gark gaze. He held a golden wrapped short crossbow and he was invisible. He flew over towards Lin Xi and on the corssbow was a blood colored arrow. Right, this was him, that arrow was the exact same one that hurt Lin Hong!"


    The arrow shot through the air and I used the skill- Self-sacrifice to protect Lin Xi. Her health was left with 73% and she might get insta killed. But I didn't heal her so as to draw this person out!


    A thud as the arrow shot into her chest. But the damage numbers popped up above my head--


    This was the damage after 70% damage reduction. Without it, Lin Xi would have lost 100 thousand health and get insta killed!


    Lin Xi's pupils jumped and she realised that I had saved her life.


    The bone horse shot through the air and successfully Assault the Boss. The short crossbow holding teen was out of invisibility. I then used War Trample to reduce his speed. At the same time, I turned around and used purify on Lin Xi to remove the poison!


    Lin Xi flashed across me and her cape fluttered in the wind. She used Wind Chasing Stab on the teen's chest and stunned him!

    "Use scorch effect to prevent him from going invisible!" Lin Xi said.

    Shen Mingxuan used Explosive Shot and tagged him with the burn effect. I used Envoy of Light and instantly streaks of rain descended from above to increase Lin Xi and my health. At that moment, it wouldn't be easy for the Assassin to kill any of us. Lin Xi also shared his stats into the channel--

    Blood Drinking Blade- Chen Gan (Legendary Grade Boss)

    Level: 85

    Magic Attack: 15000-18500

    Defence: 11000

    Health: 50000000

    Skill: Poison Arrow Technique, Hunter's Edge, Flames of Karma, Ice Boomerang Blade, Wooden Dummy

    Introduction: Blood Drinking Blade- Chen Gan, one of the strongest newbies of the Blood Dynasty Dust Country. He is only 28 years old but has strength only lower than that of Blood Cloak Elders. Even the higher ups think that he is a good choice for the next batch of elder. Chen Gan is good at sneak attacking. Under his blades, numerous human generals have been killed by him. His hands are covered in the fresh blood of human warriors.


    "Oh my god..."

    Lin Xi frowned, "Legendary Grade... Super Orange Boss, be careful, this quest will be tough!"


    In the storm, Chen Gan suddenly kept the crossbow into his storage bag and he opened his arms to form two blood daggers. He smiled, "You feel human race adventurers actually dare to provoke me. You are asking for death right?"

    Legendary Grade, once we killed him, we would get the first kill on the server!

    My heart shook and I led the horse forwards. I used Judgement+Momentum Slash and also used Righteous Provocation. A golden light descended and I attracted 90% of the aggro.

    "Since you want to die, then you will die first!"

    Chen Qian shouted with rage as his daggers used the skill- Hunter's Edge! That familiar three strike skill landed. I saw through it. Actually Hunter's Edge's attacks weren't a straight line but three different attacks. I pulled the reins and brought the horse to the first location and my health dropped by 20 thousand. However, the next two attacks missed!

    This was my understanding of the skill!

    "Lu Li, care about your health!"

    Lin Xi appeared beside me. The instance that Chen Gan used Ice Boomerang Blade, she opened the Heaven Sword Umbrella to block it. In the next second, a flame light appeared above his blade. It was Flames of Karma!

    "Lin Xi retreat!"

    I knocked Lin Xi to the side and activated Ash Fortress. At the same time, I used the skill- Light Shield Wall!


    A golden light descended and Explorer's Shield's effects greatly increased. I blocked in front of the three girls so that none of them took damage. My health dropped to 20%. This was terrifying. Even if my Shura Spiritual Ruin wasn't destroyed, I wouldn't be his match.

    His strength was comparable to a blood cloak elder. This was terrifying!

    Moreover, the reason why Flames of Karma was of a higher rating than Hunter's Edge was because his damage was high and the skill activation was quick. The attacks had a homing effect and it was hard to dodge. Even Lin Xi will take the full damage. So I could only tank it, if not someone else would definitely die.

    Under Chen Gan's daggers, the chances of being insta killed was high. As for Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi, needless to say, if they were touched, they were probably dead.


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    "Spread out!"

    I used Saint Light Technique on myself while saying, "Be careful of the Poison Arrow Technique, he might shoot it again!"


    Lin Xi held Hellfire and Heaven Sword Umbrella and walked to the side of the Chen Gan. She attacked and bought some time for me to heal. Chen Gan was mad and didn't care about Lin Xi's attacks at all. His face was filled with a vicious smile, "Human race Paladin... A bunch of useless people, time for the light to go to hell with you!"

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