Chapter 308- Wind Chasing Stab
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Zhan Yue Chapter 308- Wind Chasing Stab

   Far north of Linchen County, this place was the border of the north map of Xuanyuan Empire.

    Snow fell and the place became really cold. Just half an hour later, the temperature was negative 30. It was totally different from the greate weather in Linchen County. The forest ahead was covered in white snow. From afar, the forest and mountains stuck out like blades which were covered in layers of frost.

    "Ice Peak Highlands, we have arrived."

    Lin Xi pointed at the map and said, "Let's walk east and we should be able to reach Bahuang Army's camp."


    I led the horse at the front. The bone horse's hooves stepped on the snowland. This place was really silent and it was too real. It was as if we were in a really quiet snowland. 5 minutes later, a valley appeared. From afar, humans shouted and horses neighed. A huge camp appeared right ahead. This was Bahuang Army's camp in the north.

    "Let's go, we have arrived." Lin Xi smiled.

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    I walked at the front and led everyone in.

    "Young man, move aside!"

    When we were about to enter, a solemn voice spread from behind. I turned around and it was a human army party. On the carriage were many blood stained soldiers. There were even some with their arms sliced off and some were pierced in the stomach.

    This carriage at least carried hundreds of injured soldiers. Without needing to think, they all came from the battlefield ahead. At the border, the battle between Bahuang Army and Dimension Legion had not stopped for even a moment. Even if there were no wars, small scale battles continued.


    Lin Xi took out a piece of leather parchment to prove our identity. Not long later, lieutenant led us into the camp. In a giant tent, we saw the legendary Lin Hong, Bahuang Army's commander. Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang's top general. At this moment he was exhausted and his face was ashen white. A white cloth wrapped around his chest.


    A medic stood up with a solemn expression, "Commander Lin Hong's injuries are not heavy but this arrow has strong poison. Fortunately, sir is peak Heaven Realm,

he managed to use power of heaven and earth to control the poison and keep his life. But this is not a long term solution. If sir's strength is not enough, the poison would spread and he might die."

    "What did you say? !"

    A black-faced general walked forwards with rage and grabbed his color, "You are saying my commander will die?"

    "Yes, if we don't find the antidote."


    The general raised his fist and wanted to punch him.


    Lin Hong opened his eyes and raged, "Release the medic."

    "Yes... Yes commander!"

    "Even if I die, it is not the fault of anyone, but... But that guy hiding in the darkness, he has succeeded..." Lin Hong didn't want to accept it, "After I die, the Dimension Legion will head down south and there will probably be a huge war between humans and the Dimension Legion. The grain and machinary we have ammassed will be wasted just like that..."

    "Sir, you won't die!"

    The generals knelt down and gritted their teeth but there was nothing they could do.

    I bumped Lin Xi and told her, "Time to get the quest..."

    "En en!"

    She walked forwards with the leather parchment, "Commander, we are willing to search who the assassin is."


    Lin Hong said, "I recognise you, Linchen County's general mentioned you. You are a strong adventurer, since that is the case then please help."

    "Sir please tell me the details." I said.

    Lin Hong nodded, "That day, I was patrolling the Ice Peak Highlands... I sensed an intense aura but that aura was there but then it disappeared. When he attacked, I saw a blood light and then my armor was pierced through. After which he disappeared and I couldn't find him at all."

    "I understand."

    Lin Xi smiled, "We will investigate it and bring back the antidote for sir. Please wait patiently."

    "Okay, go..."

    Lin Hong waved and laid down once more.


    We walked out and our target was the Ice Peak Highlands.

    "Since it is a quest..."

    Lin Xi analysed, "The assassin attacked Lin Hong in the Ice Peak Highlands so he should still be up there. We should try to draw him out."

    "How?" I asked.

    She smiled at me, "You are With You's meat shield and you are so pure. Of course you go and draw him out. The rest of us can then kill him."

    "Scoff, I knew your idea wouldn't be good."

    I said.

    Lin Xi laughed, "It is tough on you but we have no other way."


    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and walked on the snow land, "Lin Xi, you... Is our target a Dimension Legion Boss?"

    "It should be."

    Lin Xi licked her lips and continued to analyse, "Dimension Legion and Xuanyuan Empire had always been stuck in a war and Dimension Legion had long wanted to crush Linchen County and then attack Dongyang City. But Bahuang Marquis is in Linchen County so he is like a nail pinning them here."

    She said, "If I am them, I will try to kill Lin Hong and then next would be Lin Huang. If those two die, half of Linchen County is probably gone."

    "That might not be the case." I smiled.


    Lin Xi smiled at me and said, "What thoughts do you have?"

    "There is another possibility."

    I said calmly, "Based on what I know, apart from humans and Dimension Legion, there is also Blood Dynasty. Blood Dynasty is smaller but they are really ambitious and wanted to expand. However, the humans and Dimension Legion are in a standstill and no one dared to move in. So Blood Dynasty naturally can't take it anymore. So I feel that the assassin might be from Blood Dynasty. Once the assassination succeeds, Bahuang Marquis would be furious and lead troops to the north. No matter who wins and who loses, Blood Dynasty will have a chance."

    Lin Xi sucked in a deep breath, "That makes sense..."

    Shen Mingxuan was shocked, "Lu Li, you fellow... How do you understand Blood Dynasty so much?"

    "Look at the game background detail and you will understand too." I said.

    Shen Mingxuan rolled her eyes and was not willing to bother about me.


    Right at that moment, we stepped on the Ice Peak Highlands. This place was a snowland and on it, many blade-like pillars surged into the sky. The highest one was hundreds of meters tall and it looked frightening. The bunch of us walked below ice swords and we looked like we would be buried at any moment!

    "Wu wu~~"

    In the snow, many giant things appeared. Lin Xi squinted her eyes and smiled, "There are monsters?"

    "Of course, if not how will we train?"

    I laughed and led my horse over. Not long later, I could see the monster's stats. It was a giant mammoth that was five meters tall and when it walked it felt as if the entire land was shaking. Lin Xi walked forwards and shared the mammoth's stats into the channel--

    Ice Plains Mammoth (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: 85

    Attack: 8200-10550

    Defence: 7000

    Health: 1000000

    Skill: Crash, Ice Trample, Fang Stab

    Introduction: Ice Plains Mammoth, there were living beings living deep in the ice plains and their body contains strong ice laws. Under the Dimension Legion invasion, they were enslaved. They became really violent and used the snow to attack the south. Humans not only had to face a strong enemy, they also had to bear with the cold.


    "They are also level 80+ orange monsters but their stats are much stronger than the Moving Army Bugs." Shen Mingxuan said.


    Lin Xi nodded, "Kill them, anyways we don't have much to do tonight. So let's kill Ice Plains Mammoths today and then wait for that quest target?"


    I nodded, "Lin Xi change the strategy, you be the tank and damage, I will support. Once the assassin appears, I will use Self-sacrifice on you so you won't die. If I tank, I am worried the assassin will insta kill me. After I die, the boss won't be easy to deal with."

    "En, we shall listen to you~~"

    Lin Xi pulled her sword and smiled, "Ladies, let's prepare to fight!"


    After saying that she used Assault forwards. With the mount, she used Double Hit+ Blade of Dawn. Right when the Ice Plains Mammoth woke from the stun and was prepared to fight back, Lin Xi's Hellfire rang. Like stone and metal clashing, her blade was wrapped in wind energy that smashed the Ice Plains Mammoth's head to stun it again!


    I laughed, "Warrior's level 80 skill- Wind Chasing Stab?"


    She smiled, "Warrior's time is here, we finally have close combat control skills!"

    She waved her sword and stabbed with a flame sword energy. It was five meters long and it pierced the Ice Plains Mammoth's body to deal 30 thousand damage. It seemed like it was an AOE skill.

    "Is this also a level 80 skill?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "En, Flame Blade Thrust, deal 300% damage to targets in a 5 yard line and it could break through shield formations." Lin Xi laughed, "So Lu Li's shields can't stop Flame Blade Thrust."

    I said, "That is okay, I trust that your Flame Blade Thrust won't slice my Light Shield Wall."

    She giggled, "En!"

    But it did seem like Warrior's time was here. Charge close and after a series of skills, Wind Chasing Stab to stun. Then Flame Blade Thrust which was such a killing technique. Probably not many people could tank it. A top Warrior will become the nightmare of any job, especially ranged jobs. Once the Wind Chasing Stab landed, one was dead!



    Saint Light Technique landed and healed Lin Xi to full. At the same time I charged and Silver Ocean Sword used Judgement to take down a large chunk of health. I then retreated and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye silently. I walked around. Once the hidden Boss appeared, I will attack him right away.

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