Chapter 307- Blood Arrow
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Zhan Yue Chapter 307- Blood Arrow


    After strolling a while on the square, I had an idea. Since we were going to do a quest at night, why not I learn the Paladin's level 80 skills. Anyways, when the time comes I would explain to Lin Xi and the others that the quest allowed me to learn it in advance. They won't suspect anything, after all my Paladin was a quest maniac.

    Thus, I summoned the bone horse and charged into the Job Training Center. I got off in front of the Paladin teacher and said seriously, "Teacher, I would like to learn skills!"


    The teacher said, "Sure."

    Skills that I could learn appeared in front of me. The level 80 Paladin skills were bright so I could learn them. Although I was level 76 on the surface but in truth I was a level 81 Paladin. Lin Xi and the others couldn't tell but the NPC system could--

    Envoy of Light (S Grade): Heal all party members within 10 yards, lasting 5 seconds. Ten second cooldown, required level: 80

    Judgement (S Grade): Condense Saint power to deal 450% attack damage to a target. Cooldown of 7 seconds, required level: 80


    After seeing the two skills, my heart shook and I was delighted. This was a group heal skill. Envoy of Light would allow my healing to be on the level of Priests while Judgement was the skill I needed the most. 450% damage and the cooldown was only 7 seconds. With my equipment, I would be able to take up the responsibility of a cavalry!

    All of a sudden, I was filled with delight.

    I walked towards Ah Fei and said, "Hand the Skill Necklace to me, I will return it to you before dinner."


    He was stunned, "Why do you need it?"

    "Of course to level, if not to pick up chicks?"

    "Scoff, sooner or later you will let Lin Xi use it."


    I laughed, "Hand it over, time is precious."


    A few seconds later,

with the skill necklace in hand, I headed towards the training center. After wearing it, I started to use Envoy of Light and Judgement towards the wooden dummy. The moment Envoy of Light was used, a golden light rain descended and the wooden dummy started to heal. The few players around were stunned.


    A level 70 Paladin frowned, "What skill is that? It doesn't look like a Paladin skill. Why is there a group heal?"

    "Envoy of Light."

    I smiled, "Paladin's level 80 skill!"

    "You are 80?"

    They were shocked. After all, only Lin Xi and Feng Canghai were level 80 but they weren't Paladins.


    I shook my head, "I got a quest that rewarded me with the level 80 skills. So I could learn both Envoy of Light and Judgement!"

    I shook my blade and I used Judgement onto the wooden dummy. A large damage number splashed out--

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    In that instance, everyone's mouth were agape, "This... What kind of damage is that. Are you still a Paladin? Brother, you are the strongest Paladin I have seen!"

    I laughed and continued to train.

    Some of them had seen my ID before and their eyes opened wide, "Damn, A Little Brother... You are from With You, the legendary... Paladin of Goddess Lin Xi?"

    "Right, it is him. I saw him during the battle between With You and Elements. At that time he sparred with Feng Canghai and didn't lose out at all!"

    "Strong. He actually crossed swords with Feng Canghai and wasn't suppressed, this person... A talent, the 21st century lack such people!"

    "Scoff, how weak can a Paladin that Lin Xi hires be weak. Let's scatter, with his ability... He shouted be around Lin Songyan's level."

    "Tsk tsk... It is quite interesting. Although With You doesn't have a guild but Lin Xi can clash with Feng Canghai. Bright Moon can compare to Old Mountain and Follow Heart is a little weaker than Mars River. Now with a high grade cavalry whose strength is on the level of Lin Songyan, With You might be outnumbered but their top experts aren't weaker!"

    "En, unfortunately, With You does not have ambition if not Elements wouldn't be able to grow so huge in Linchen County."

    "Right, Elements have occupied all the high grade resources. Their ambitions are so obvious!"

    "What occupy, you make it sound like you have the skill to head to those high level training spots?"



    Under everyone's laughter, I leveled the two skills to level 5. Basically after that, its strength greatly increased and could be used in battle. My mana potions were mostly used. After filling them up, I went offline to eat.

    Second floor of the studio, dinner.

    The dinner was still okay but it tasted good. Meat shreds, gongpao chicken, a steamed egg and soup.

    "Prepare for the quest later, are all of you ready?" Lin Xi asked after putting down her bowl.

    "En, ready!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I can fight anytime!"

    Gu Ruyi helped Lin Xi scoop a bowl of soup, "I am ready too."

    Everyone looked towards me and Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li you haven't been talking in our WeChat, what are you busy with?"


    I was stunned and smiled, "Nothing. I just did a quest that allowed me to learn the level 80 skill."


    Lin Xi was shocked, "You... You have learnt Envoy of Light and Judgement?"


    "That is great!"

    She was shocked, "So our quest is much safer now. Especailly with Envoy of Light. I heard that it is a group heal and the healing is quite high right?"


    I nodded, "5 seconds heal. WIth my current healing amount, at least 40 thousand per person."


    Gu Ruyi licked her lips, "My health is less than 40 thousand, you are healing too much!"

    "That is fine, the extra is free, haha~~"


    After dinner, we gathered.

    East gate of Linchen County.

    I had refreshed my equipment and held the orange Silver Ocean Sword in my hand. Explorer's Shield also shone orange. I looked just like a top Paladin, just that the bone horse was out of place. But I had no choice, mounts were rare and it was good to have such a mount.

    A few minutes later, Lin Xi walked over.

    Level 80 Warrior with high grade equipment. Her long legs could be seen as she walked over. Under her exquisite armor, her thin waist was tightly bound. The three With You girls had good bodies but Lin Xi had the thinnest waist. Her demeanour was good too and it caused guys to not have the courage to get close to her.

    "What happened?"

    She walked towards me and smiled, "Why are you staring at me?"

    "Ah, did I?"

    My heartbeat sped up and I realised that I messed up. I lowered my head and smiled, "I was thinking about something and got distracted. Sorry."

    She smiled and didn't say anything, "Mingxuan and Ruyi are about to arrive. Let's wait for a few more mintues."

    "En okay."


    A while later, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were here. One held a bow and one held a staff. One was beautiful and one was gentle. Along with Lin Xi, we became the center of attraction. Many players got close to screenshot. To be able to be in a photo with the few top Linchen County beauties made everyone feel honored.

    A young guy walked close to Shen Mingxuan and when he was prepared to screenshot, I walked forwards and posed, "Yeah!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled and also reached over to pose, "Yeah!"

    The guy was embarrassed and fled.

    Lin Xi sighed helplessly, "You two..."

    Gu Ruyi said, "So Shameless..."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "What, we must be generous right Lu Li?"


    I nodded, "Let's go and train!"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Calm down, let me share the quest first."


    Lin Xi shared it to the party--


    System notification: You have obtained main questline Blood Arrow (SSS Grade)

    Quest content: Something happened to Bahuang Army. General Lin Hong was sneak attacked and a blood arrow shot him. No one knows where it came from. Investigate the north camp and after finding out, kill the attacker. Hand his head to Lin Hong and you will obtain huge rewards.


    "Wow, it really is SSS Grade..."

    I laughed, "How did you do it, to actually get so many high grade quests?"

    "No la."

    She smiled, "I love to discover maps and find chances. I was in the north and talked to an unassuming NPC so I got this quest."

    "Maybe your charm is high enough." Shen Mingxuan said.

    I nodded.

    "Don't bother so much."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's go. Based on the quest details, we need to head to Bahuang Army camp to visit Lin Hong."


    Just like that, we headed north.

    Currently, our quests were at the border of Linchen County or exceeded that a little. That proved that Linchen County's resources were not enough for us anymore. Maybe a while later, Linchen County will become history and we would move to higher level cities.

    In the end, Linchen County was just a county.

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