Chapter 306- Brother Seven
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Zhan Yue Chapter 306- Brother Seven

 "Mundane Slaughter!"

    Man of Steel pointed his sword forwards, "You really are a shit stirrer, why are you everywhere! What does July Wildfire have to do with you for you to help him every time!"

    "A friend."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Is that enough? Man of Steel, why do you have the face to call me a shit stirrer. You Hidden Dragon Mountain brought so many people to surround one person and you even got killed by him. Where is your face? If I were you, I would just delete my account. You still have face to speak here?"

    "Mundane Slaughter!"

    Wang Yaozu's expression was really ugly, "What is the meaning of this. You are determined to help July Wildfire is it?"



    Man of Steel spat out, "To Assassin Alliance, our Hidden Dragon Mountain are all weak that you can do anything to us right?"


    Mundane Slaughter was really calm and his words were calm too but he was totally mocking them.

    Moonlight Firefly's mouth curled and she smiled, "Man of Steel let me give you a warning. Think clearly. If your Hidden Dragon Mountain continue, then we will list you as an enemy. We will kill people on our list once on average every month. Think carefully if you want to be enemies with us."


    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "But if all of you give Assassin Alliance face and let the matter today end like this and act like nothing happen... How about that?"

    "Continue dreaming, I..."

    Man of Steel was furious and wanted to say something but Wang Yaozu pulled his arm. After Wang Yaozu said a few words, Man of Steel was still furious, "Guild Leader Mundane, we can solve this but this matter is between July Wildfire and us. I think... Leader Mundane can try your best to not bother. As for today, Hidden Dragon Mountain will give Assassin Alliance face and let things end like this?"


    Mundane Slaughter waved, "Thank you Hidden Dragon Mountain, let's meet soon!"


Hidden Dragon Mountain members returned to the city.

    I stood in the space and a few seconds later, Mundane Slaughter walked over, "July Wildfire I think you are still here right. Can you come out?"


    I stepped out of stealth and Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Let's find a spot to talk?"


    He saved me so I had to give him face. On the side, Moonlight Firefly and the other Assassin Alliance players went to train.


    Butterfly Forest, an elegant forest land. A tree that was split by lightning was still filled with life force and new branches grew out from the bark. This was the place we decided to talk at.

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    I sat on the branch and kept my dagger into my bag, "I have to thank you for today."

    "Why be so polite."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "I told you that we are friends already so there is no need, but..."

    His expression was solemn, "Actually I have observed your fight today... Did something happen. Why didn't you use White Cloak, Apprehension and Dark Shadow Jump? If you used them, with your stats, it wouldn't be hard to kill those rookies right?"


    Moonlight Firefly blinked, "What happened?"

    "It is a long story."

    I was a little awkward and touched my nose, "I don't have to hide from all of you. I am a hidden job and also have a hidden race. But today, I was hurt by the NPC and my hidden race bloodline was destroyed. So the skills that need the basic bloodline can't be used."

    I smiled, "Like what you saw, I only have the few basic Assassin techniques and I can't even learn the level 80 Secret Flash. I lost my previous ability just like that."

    "Oh, so that was the case..."

    Mundane Slaughter frowned, "Is there a way to save it?"

    "I am thinking of a solution, there should definitely be more solutions than problems."


    He smiled, "Thank you for being so honest to even tell us such a huge secret. Don't worry, we will both keep the secret for you."

    "Thank you."

    I nodded, "Thank you for helping me today! But, I have my views and I can't join Assassin Alliance just because of today. Sorry."


    He smiled, "Actually, I didn't think about that when I helped. I just felt like we were already friends so I need to help."

    I nodded, "When I recover my strength and Assassin Alliance needs help, don't worry, I won't stand aside."


    He nodded his head.

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Little Brother July Wildfire, I have a question to ask you?"


    "How old are... You? I mean you in real life."

    I touched my nose, "Why are you suddenly asking that, I am 25."


    Moonlight Firefly smiled and nodded, "I was talking to Warm Sun and we can't always call you Little Brother July Wildfire. It was too long and it wasn't smooth. So we wanted to ask how old you are to decide what to call you."

    "So now do you know what to call you?"


    She nodded, "We will call you Brother July, how about that? We are a little younger than you so that should be okay right?"

    "It is okay." I laughed, "It sounds quite good."

    Mundane Slaughter touched his nose, "Why are you treating me so differently. You call him brother but you call me uncle?"

    "You grew so quickly..."


    Mundane Slaughter was speechless, "July Wildfire since that is the case then I shall call you Little Seven. We aren't NPCs so you can just call me Mundane. Is that okay?"

    "Sure, friends should be like that."

    "Hahaha, okay!"

    He smiled, "Our Assassin Alliance wasn't in Linchen County originally. Do you know why I brought our players over?"

    "For me?" I smiled.


    He said seriously, "Your performances were too eye catching. Be it skills, equipment, mechanics or killing tactics, you were above first rate. Currently, Vanguard's Guild Leader Fushen Thousand Blade played tanks but after he became an Assassin he improved quickly. But I am not happy about that, in terms of strength, I only respect you!"

    He laughed, "So, I have a wish to pull you in and make you a member of Assassin Alliance. I think that if Assassin Alliance have you, the whole world will be ours!"

    "A dragon and a phoenix, just one and the world will have peace right?"

    I laughed, "But Liu Bei got both and still didn't get the world! Don't be so superstitious!"

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "I was just giving an example. I just wanted you to know that Assassin Alliance is always open for you. Warm Sun, Firefly and I all love you. If you come, our Assassin Alliance would be so popular. What do you think?"


    I shook my head, "I already have a place so my chances of joining Assassin Alliance is low."

    "Ah? !"

    Mundane Slaughter was shocked, "You... Why alliance do you want to join? Elements? Impossible, you fought with Feng Canghai. Is it... Legend? I never heard you talk to Dawn? Is it Vanguard? Fushen Thousand Blade struck first?"

    "Stop guessing, it is none of them."

    I laughed but I couldn't tell him it was With You. I could only say, "It isn't a popular guild, you won't be able to guess it."


    Mundane Slaughter was a littl esad.

    Moonlight Firefly laughed, "Uncle Mundane, no need to be so sad. Brother July said that it was just a possibility but there is still a chance. How do you know that he won't join us?"

    I smiled, "Right, who knows what would happen in the future?"

    Mundane Slaughter's eyes shone bright, "Right, right, maybe that guild would get wiped."

    "Damn, you toxic..."



    After talking for a while, I said bye to Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly. When I was about to return to Black Castle, I received a message from Lin Xi, "Lu Li, what plans do you have?"

    "Ah? !"

    I smiled, "Why, you want to date me?"

    "Eh ah..."

    She smiled sweetly, "Ask you out to do a quest~~"


    I smiled, "What quest for you to actually ask me?"

    "SSS one, if you don't come then the quest would be tough."

    "Are we bringing Tony?"


    She smiled, "One more person would make splitting equipment tough. Just the four of us!"

    "Great, I understand."

    "En en."


    Thus, I switched to the Paladin account and entered the city. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and looked whether or not the people who returned from Purgatory Demon Realm brought any good treasures. Half a day later, they were all trash and there weren't any top quality items. No wonder not many people entered Purgatory Demon Realm anymore, what a scam!

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