Chapter 305- Grandfather Fanchen
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Zhan Yue Chapter 305- Grandfather Fanchen

  Among the horse hoof sounds, the Paladin account flew out of the city and towards Butterfly Forest. After which, I switched account and the instance that the Shura Assassin appeared, I stepped forwards and into stealth. Without White Cloak, I had no choice but to use this stealth.

    The sound of leaf rustling could be heard and the warm sun made me feel comfortable.

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    Butterfly Forest was a place with flowers and birds and was located just outside the city. The monster levels were a huge range, from level 50- level 80, just that the spawn rate was slow. So, this was the place where the factionless players in Linchen County trained in. At the same time the scenary was beautiful so many male players often brought females here.

    Shifang Flame Spiral Eye open!

    I pulled out my dagger. The Darkness Dragon Tooth was in my main hand and Lunar Eclipse was in the secondary one. I headed forwards and saw the Flame Whirlpool skill. Right, Ah Fei was here and there were two Assassins slashing at his Element Shield. Time Strand helped to heal him but they were already in danger.


    Ah Fei waved his staff and tossed a Stone Wall to force Camel's Back backwards.

    Camel's Back laughed and looked delighted, "It is okay, we aren't in a rush to kill you. Let's play slowly. Few brothers that are hiding, let's take care of Mr Inscriber's chick okay?"

    Under my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, three people could be seen and they walked towards Time Strand.

    "Pan Long!"

    Ah Fei shouted in rage, "You are a dog, if you have skill then charge towards me. What's the point in killing a healer, come kill me!"

    "Why are you acting cool?"

    Camel's Back laughed coldly, "Do you think we are Hidden Dragon Mountain's elites? Let me tell you, only a few Assassins were sent. Don't think that you are good enough for us to send our main force. Are you even worthy? !"

    Ah Fei shivered in anger.


    At that moment, I had already stealthed my way across. I arrived behind a Hidden Dragon Mountain Assassin and used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack to insta kill him!


    Battle notification: As you killed a player,

Swallow Soul effect has been triggered, all stats +1%

    Swallow Soul effect was here! Although it was quite weak at the current stage, but it was better than nothing.

    "Ah? !"

    Another Assassin was shocked but he was still in stealth. He charged over and used Gouge.

    I smiled and activated Quickness. The moment Gouge was about to land, I sidestepped and dodged it. I then used Basic Attack+ Godslaying Blade+ Basic Attack on his back and insta killed him!

    "Not good!"

    A few Assassins panicked, "It is July Wildfire! Attack together and kill him!"

    A few Assassins charged.

    I sunk down and charged too. I raised Darkness Dragon Tooth and then stunned an Assassin before slicing right into the middle of four Assassins. I activated the skill-- Ice Boomerang Blade!


    Darkness Dragon Tooth turned into an sharp ice blade whirlpool to deal 100% damage to people around while also reducing their speeds. But at that moment, I was stunned. Only then did I notice that they had sent an Archer-- Old Li!

    This fellow just squatted at the bushes nearby and used Stun Shot. He actually stunned me!

    "This is the chance, kill him!'

    Camel's Back gave up on chasing Ah Fei and turned towards me. The bunch of Assassins appeared from all around. Moreover, there were Warriors, Paladins and Mages that charged out. It was obviously an ambush!

    "Pu pu pu..."

    Pain spread from my body and my health started to drop. It didn't feel good to be attacked by five Assassins at once. With my defence, my health was reduced to 30% right away.

    "He is about to die, Mages use Flame Whirlpool, don't let him use White Cloak!"

    In the next second, a Flame Whirlpool descended from above. I gritted my teeth and used Hellfire Body to reduce damage by 90%. This was all I could do as I couldn't use White Cloak!


    I charged forwards and used Basic Attack+ Godslaying Blade+ Basic attack on one Assassin to kill him. That also recovered 20 thousand health for me. Right ahead, a Hidden Dragon Mountain Paladin charged but I dodged the Assault stun before using my combo on him!

    Separated by water!

    "Peng peng peng~~"

    High damage numbers killed him and also healed me for close to 30 thousand. But their focus fire was really too much.

    "Don't be afraid, I am here to help you!"

    Ah Fei's voice spread from behind. I send him a voice message, "Bring Little Qian back, quick, don't come and die, return to the city!"


    He was stunned but still followed my words. He turned around and both of them shattered the City Return Scroll to get back to the city.

    "Die, July Wildfire!"

    Another fierce shout and a Shockwave Shot split the air. His equipment was the best and his bow was super purple. If this arrow hit, it would deal at least 10 thousand damage!

    Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!

    I could use the artifact!

    The moment I opened my hand, a scroll wrapped around my body and directly absorbed Old Li's Shockwave Shot and another Mage's Flame Whirlpool.

    "Have you all noticed?"

    Camel's Back's gaze was dark, "July Wildfire is using normal skills. His Apprehension, White Cloak and Dark Shadow Jump are not used at all."

    "Is he playing with Hidden Dragon Mountain?"

    Old Li was furious, "He really is disrespecting us, does he think he can crush us with normal skills? Damn, what a bully! Brothers charge, make him use White Cloak!"


    Hidden Dragon Mountain were on drugs and they didn't bother about their own lives and levels. They had gone mad.

    I was forced back and my health maintained below 30%. I was in danger of being killed at any time.

    "No, I had to attack their leader!"

    I charged towards Old Li, I had to kill him first!

    But a few steps later, I was hit by the Stun Shot of an Archer and was stunned. There were at least 10 Archers aiming at me and it was sooner or later that I would get hit. In the next second, a series of focus shot caused my health to reach the bottom!

    "Focus fire, he is about to die, tsk tsk tsk~~~"

    Camel's Back laughed arrogantly and he really was arrogant.

    "Come, White Bird!"

    I waved and then a white light flew across towards Camel's Back. White Bird held broken sword and when she saw the bad state I was in, her face was filled with frost, "You actually dare... You are asking for death!"

    One Sword!

    Meteor Sword!

    Broken sword was covered in a ble light and slashed into Camel's Back's body. Two huge numbers jumped out--



    Although White Bird's PK ability would be reduced when fighting players, but it was more than enough to insta kill a leather armor player. White Bird rolled and then jumped up in an agile manner. Broken sword slashed the crowd and then she used Lightning Blade on Old Li!

    "What is happening?"

    Old Li was shocked and he had no chance to dodge at all. His body fell under White Bird's strong attacks. At that moment, everyone recovered and focused fired. White Bird's health started to drop and she too couldn't handle it.

    "Come back!"

    I opened my hand and kept White Bird into my bag. I also used Quickness. After killing an Archer, I started to flee. If this continued, I would be finished.


    "July Wildfire, don't think about fleeing!"

    Horse hoof sounds continued and I could see many cavalry players appearing. It was Man of Steel and Wang Yaozu. They were much faster than me.

    All of a sudden, I was in trouble. What happened, was I going to die to these noobs Hidden Dragon Mountain. What a humiliation!

    Moreover, what was worse was that I couldn't even use Secret Flash. In other words, if I didn't have White Cloak, I would have Secret Flash to disappear. Maybe this was karma. I mocked Hidden Dragon Mountain so many times so now it was finally time for payback?

    But at that moment, a person appeared in front of me. He held his daggers and his strong body looked trustable, "Brother, you look like you need help?"

    Mundane Slaughter!

    My heart shook, "You..."

    "I will help you stop them, you leave!"

    Mundane Slaughter charged towards Man of Steel and shouted, "To kill July Wildfire in front of me, all of you are really disrespecting your grandfather!"


    A gouge stunned Man of Steel. At the same time, a beautiful figure appeared beside him. It was Moonlight Firefly. She wrapped around Wang Yaozu and more and more Assassin Alliance members appeared. In a blink of an eye, all their players were held up.

    I was out of battle and used Stealth to disappear into the forest.

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