Chapter 304- Ice Blade Boomerang
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Zhan Yue Chapter 304- Ice Blade Boomerang

  I sighed and my heart felt pained for some reason.


    I looked at my level, level 81, at least my level looked good. Forget it, I headed to the War Hall to learn my level 80 Assassin skills. Based on Illusionary Moon's rules, every 20 levels, players could learn skills.

    Just like that, I entered the War Hall to speak to the elder. Two skills appeared in front of me--

    Ice Boomerang Blade (S Grade): Consume 50 energy and condense a frost blade to deal 100% damage to targets within 5 yards. It would also reduce speed. Level required: 80

    Secret Flash (S Grade): Consume 80 energy to enter force stealth in battle, level required: 80.


    En, these two were skills that could decide the Assassin scene and they were also two decisive skills. One was an AOE damage and slow skill. Ice Boomerang Blade greatly increased Assassin's leveling efficiency and team fight damage. One Ice Boomerang Blade could kill ranged players.

    As for Secret Flash, it was the legendary forced stealth technique. It was similar to White Cloak but they were two different levels. White Cloak not only forced stealth but it increased Attack and True Damage while also providing two seconds of damage avoidance. So White Cloak was an SS Grade technique while Secret Flash was streets behind.


    Ice Boomerang Blade appeared in my skill column and raised my ranged damage. As for Secret Flash, when I wanted to learn it I got the notification that it clashed with White Cloak and I was unable to learn it... That made sense. A player couldn't have two similar effect skills.

    I sighed and I just had one more Ice Boomerang Blade. My combat strength increased by a little but I was much weaker than before.


    I walked out of the War Hall.

    After lunch, the sunlight shone on the path and it made one feel a little tired. Not far away were a few outer location disciples. However, their gazes towards me were totally different from before. After we crossed paths, they lowered their voice--

    "Did you see that,

it was Senior Brother July Wildfire!"

    "Right, not long ago his Spiritual Ruin was destroyed and he lost his cultivation. He dropped back to Energy Condensing Realm at once. What a waste. A top expert just like that..."

    "Right, July Wildfire was so strong and he crushed Zhang Xiaoshan's few disciples. He even passed Sealed God Temple. I heard that Blood Emperor of Terror was released because of him. Not long ago, July Wildfire and his Master killed two Blood Dynasty blood cloak elders and he also killed Land of Reincarnation's last elder Zhuang Huai Shui."

    "Unfortunately, such a talented person is actually going to become trash... I think he can't even beat a low grade undead cavalry right?"


    I nearly fell to the ground. Could I not beat an undead cavalry? My equipment were still here and moreover i had White Bird. Just White Bird could crush 100 of them alone!

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    But I was still very sad. Especially when I saw the dark skills in my skill column. Those were skills that I used to crush the world and now they were in a dormant state!

    I looked towards the mountains and had an idea. I activated Quickness and headed towards the back mountain.

    Not long later, I entered the legendary Spirit Swallowing Hole.

    "Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!"

    I activated it and golden rings appeared in my eyes. Along with it activating, the formation of Shifang Flame Spiral Eye formed golden vines to bring me deep into the hole.

    "Your... Your cultivation is gone?"

    Heaven Hound squinted his eyes.

    "Yes." I said calmly.

    "Tsk tsk tsk~~"

    He laughed and his hair stood on their ends. "July Wildfire to think this happened to you!"

    "Brother Dog, are you gloating?"

    I smiled, "Don't forget that I just lost my Spiritual Ruin and Shura Bloodline but the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye is still mine. With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I can control the formation. I still have the strength to use the killing formation to crush you into dust!"

    He shook his tail and pressed his chin onto a green piece of stone, "Don't be so angry. I know that Shifang Flame Spiral Eye is really strong. Look, I was imprisoned for so long and when did I grumble to you?"

    "You didn't?"

    I smiled, "That is because my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye can still suppress you. If not for that, you would have jumped on my head and shitted on it."

    "Why would I do that. I am not such a dog."

    He squinted and smiled, "You didn't come to tease me right? Speak, you should have a reason right?"


    I nodded, "My Spiritual Ruin was destroyed by Fire Demon Witch's flame seal power, I came here... To ask you, is there a way to save it? Senior Sister Yun is helpless while you are a genius that lived for tens of thousands of years. You are so knowledgeable so there should be a way right?"

    "Tsk tsk..."

    He squinted his eyes, "Look at you. When you need me I am a genius, when you don't need me, I am just a dog?"

    "What are you saying."

    I smiled awkwardly, "Haven't I always called you Brother Dog?"


    He laughed coldly, "Spiritual Ruin came from the Shura Bloodline, your Spiritual Ruin... Is just badly damaged and not fully destroyed. There should be some life force there. Although the Shura Bloodline is strong but it wasn't rare during ancient times, if you want to recover it then..."

    "What solution is there?"

    He rolled his eyes, "You just need to open the formation. I will travel into space and take out a celestial blood from my collection or a drop of Nine Heaven Jade Dew. That could allow your Spiritual Ruin to recover. This might even be a chance for you for your Spiritual Ruin to awaken and get even stronger. After all, Shura Race was deemed as the Battle God Race. They can revive and get even stronger. As long as you don't die you can fight against any Saint Spirit."

    He squinted his eyes and looked at me in anticipation.

    I laid on the golden vines and looked at him, "You will not take the Celestial Blood or Nine Heaven Jade Dew right after leaving right? You will shatter my head and then kill the experts of Black Castle?"

    "Hey, what?"

    I was right and Heaven Hound said, "Brother you are too careful. If you don't trust me then I can't help you."


    I stood up, "It was a bad idea to find you. You are just a tiger looking for a chance..."

    Shifang Flame Spiral Eye drove the vines to push me up the cave. Heaven Hound scolded, "You brat, you wait, I won't be locked here forever. When I break through and charge out, I will kill everything you cherish!"

    I frowned and didn't say anything more. But I was really tempted to kill him and a cold light flashed across Shifang Flame Spiral Eye.


    Heaven Hound's voice spread out from the Spirit Swallowing Hole, "I was just talking nonsense. Little brother don't be angry, hahah~~~"

    I smiled and then left. Heaven Hound was just a problem but I had no way to control the formation to kill him. I might not be able to do it when I had the Spiritual Ruin but now that the Spiritual Ruin was destroyed, I was even weaker. I said all that to just scare Heaven Hound if not he would revolt.



    Right at that moment, a news came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li are you there?"

    "En, yes. What happened?"


    "Damn, you problematic fellow..."

    I felt my heart hurt. Before this when Ah Fei asked for health, I could arrive and kill everyone but not now. Without my core skills, I was just a normal Assassin with better equipment. I could fight 1 vs 100 in the past but now I could fight 10 at most.

    "Speak, what happened?"

    "There was a lot of level 6 inscription business so I planned to level with Little Qian. Not long later, Camel's Back targetted me. He brought a bunch of Assassins and trapped us in Butterfly Forest. I can only light it up but not head out."

    "Okay, send me your coordinates."


    I sighed. Ah Fei needed help so I had to go. I couldn't look to see him get killed by someone like Camel's Back. That was just embarrassing!

    I changed to my Paladin and got back to the city!

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