Chapter 303- Spiritual Ruin destroyed
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Zhan Yue Chapter 303- Spiritual Ruin destroyed

Afternoon, sour vegetable fish restaurant.


    The sour vegetable fish here was different from other places and it was said to be the proper Nanjing taste. Moreover, it tasted different, like we were back in Nanjing with Ah Fei and Old Han. Just that now the people with me were Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Lin Xi.

    "How was today?"

    I smiled while eating, "Did you all gain anything in the morning?"

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    Lin Xi smiled, "A level 75 purple leggings. Right, we sold the Demon Subdueing Flame Whip whip for 180 thousand, you didn't expect that right?"

    "Wow, so much?" Shen Mingxuan really didn't expect that.

    Gu Ruyi opened her eyes wide, "That... Aren't we rich?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Apart from the 5% fees, I have sent 1/5 to Tony and the remaining 130 thousand have been placed into the studio funds."

    "The studio's money is enough for a lift right?" I said.

    "En en."

    Lin Xi smiled, "So I wanted to ask for all your opinion, do you all want to split the money or to get a lift? After all, the lift will only help me..."

    "Get the lift."

    I smiled, "It will help me too, it is so tiring to carry the food up the stairs."

    Shen Mingxuan burst into a laugh, "Okay, I support having the lift too."

    Gu Ruyi said, "I have no opinion either."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Since that is the case then I shall contact the seller to start work."



    After lunch, we were really full.

Returning to the studio.

    As the early game level charging was basically over, our levels and strength had started to stabilise so there was no need to rush to level. On the way back we bought milk tea and watched tv for a while. After which, we entered the game. I returned to the guard post to help guard everyone.


    I appeared on the streets of Black Castle and at that instance, I fell onto the ground. My body was wrapped in flames and my Spiritual Ruin started to buzz. The cracks from the Spiritual Ruin became apparently and it looked like it was about to explode.

    A beautiful body landed which was Senior Sister Yun.

    "What happened?"

    She knelt down on the ground and hugged me up. She pressed her fingers on my brow and a gentle energy surged in. She panicked, "Your Spiritual Ruin... It is actually so badly damaged?"

    "Is it serious?"

    I frowned.

    "Very serious... Don't move. Focus and Senior Sister will help you repair it!"

    Her strength increased by 100 times and the energy caused the badly injured Spiritual Ruin to calm down. A few minutes later, there was a giant explosion and the Spiritual Ruin started to shake. It actually forced her strength out!

    "Fire Demon Witch you really are vicious!"

    Senior Sister Yun spat out fresh blood and at that moment, the Spiritual Ruin shook intensely.

    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    Explosions rang out from inside and my spiritual ruin started to break down. The stone from it started to break free and revealed the translucent spiritual power below. In a blink of an eye, the power started to dim. After dozens of explosions, the spiritual ruin was pitch black.

    I felt a deep pain from inside and my body started to shake from pain.

    "Junior Brother... Junior Brother are you okay?"

    Senior Sister Yun gritted her teeth and started to cry.

    "It is fine!"

    I clenched my fists and panted. I stood up and saw that my Spiritual Ruin was scorched and it wasn't filled with life like before.

    "I am sorry, it is my fault..."

    Senior Sister's eyes were red, "I didn't see that she planted a flame mark in your Spiritual Ruin, if I did notice it and helped you remove it, your Spiritual Ruin wouldn't have..."

    "It, it is ruined right?" I asked.


    She didn't say anything but that was a silent admission.

    Right at that moment, a series of bells rang in my ears--


    System notification: Please note, your System notification is destroyed!

    Shortly after, there was a series of notifications--

    System notification: Please note, your cultivation realm has fell to Energy Condensing Realm

    System notification: Please note, your skill Soul Star Explosion is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Unparalleled Shattering is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Flames is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Spirit Astral Power is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Power of Heaven and Earth is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Apprehension is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Dark Shadow Jump is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Flames of Karma is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Hunter's Edge is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill Dragon Will is gone!

    System notification: Please note, your skill White Cloak is gone!


    In the next moment, when I opened my skill column, I noticed that most of my skills had dimmed and I couldn't use them anymore. For example Apprehension, Dark Shadow Jump etc all needed the hidden Shura bloodline. Now I was just left with basic techniques like Godslaying Blade, Gouge, Backstab etc. Most of my killing moves were sealed. Although I had good equipment but my strength was greatly reduced.

    "Junior Brother... Are you okay?"

    Senior Sister Yun looked at me and her eyes flushed red, "Sorry, I am sorry..."

    "It is okay, Senior Sister."

    I laughed and raised my hands to help her wipe off her tears, "Don't blame yourself, I wanted to head there and so I should bear the consequence. Moreover, only the Spiritual Ruin got destroyed..."

    "Just that?"

    "Everything, has returned to before."

    I smiled, "Now you shouldn't be able to sense any aura on my body right?"


    She didn't lie to me, "Your aura is really thin, your bloodline power is almost all gone, you..."

    "I am fine."

    Right at that moment, a Land of Reincarnation passed and looked at me with a weird gaze, "July Wildfire, your cultivation and bloodline aura... It has..."


    I didn't hide it and smiled, "My Spiritual Ruin is destroyed."

    "Ah? !"

    Joy appeared in his eyes. He was with Long Yilan in the past and wanted me to die. After Land of Reincarnation was solved, most of them wanted it to rise up again. Now that he heard that my Spiritual Ruin was gone, he gritted his teeth, "How did that happen... An expert like you, actually..."

    A few other people appeared and they were all disciples from the five outer locations. A few of them had actually fought with me before.

    "July Wildfire's cultivation is gone?"

    "It really happened, his aura is so weak now!"

    "I didn't expect a top genius to fall for no reason at all."

    "July Wildfire has so many enemies, once his cultivation drops, he might be killed!"

    The bunch of people discussed.

    Right at that moment, Senior Sister Yun stepped out. Her gaze was cold and it caused the disciples to all kneel down in fear.

    "Listen up!"

    Senior Sister Yun said powerfully, "July Wildfire is mine and even if his cultivation dropped, he will rise up once again. If anyone has thoughts about him, you better give up. Whoever dares to harm him, I will wipe his whole family!"

    All of a sudden, their bodies shook, "We don't dare... We definitely don't. Lady Yun Yue please keep your aura..."

    "Senior Sister forget it."

    I waved and smiled, "They don't have any bad intentions, at least not now."


    Senior Sister Yun waved her sleeves, "Junior Brother just cultivate by my side and don't run around. Even if I run around to search for herbs, I will let your cultivation recover!"

    "En, it is okay."

    I smiled, "Although I lost my Spiritual Ruin, but I can't be defeated so easily. Don't worry, I can protect myself."

    "That's good."

    She smiled, "Then... I shall go check the books to see how to recover your Spiritual Ruin."



    Yun Yue left and the disciples looked at me with a complicated gaze.

    I smiled and Darkness Dragon Tooth shone a red glow, "Whoever wants to attack me, come, I will wait for him! If not then scram and go and cultivate."

    "Yes Senior Brother!"

    A Wind Cloud Platform cupped his fists, "Senior Brother, we will be leaving. Take care of yourself and recover soon!"

    "En thank you!"

    They left one by one and only the Land of Reincarnation disciples looked on coldly.


    I walked on the mountain path and I looked at the black skill list. I sighed. damn, my Assassin might not be stronger than the Paladin now. Did I have to rely on the Paladin from now onwards?

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