Chapter 302- Darkness Dragon Tooth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 302- Darkness Dragon Tooth

   "It actually really is..."

    It was as if King of Darkness was hit by lightning, "Legend has it that the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree's fruit is filled with thick dao laws and is naturally formed. After consuming it, one's cultivation would increase and it could even help one break through one's limits. In ancient times, many cultivators who were unable to reach Spiritual Ruin Realm and Eternal Life Realm all broke through after getting the fruit and became legends. Who knew that... Fire Demon Witch would actually have such a treasure tree!"

    Lin Mu's eyes shook, "So... Does that mean that the Spiritual Ruin Realm experts in Black Castle all have a chance to step into Eternal Life Realm?"


    Xuanyuan Yu looked at the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree, "This is a mature Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree and has dozens of fruits. If we raise it well, we can make it birth more fruits. Lady Yun Yue, you will be in charge of this but every two months, you will gift one to the main hall. The main hall will distribute them to those who have been stuck at peak Spiritual Ruin Realm."

    "Understood Your Highness!"


    "July Wildfire!"

    Xuanyuan Yu turned around and looked at me with a deep gaze, "Apart from the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree, you haven't obtained anything else right?"


    I shook my head, "Your Highness, I went to search for Flame God Wood to upgrade my grade five puppet. Senior Uncle Lin can be proof for that."

    Lin Fengnian was silent, "Yes Your Highness. I told July Wildfire to search for Flame God Wood but I didn't think that he would dare to head to Fire Demon Witch's home."


    Xuanyuan Yu scoffed at Lin Fengnian like a warning to tell him not to send me to my death next time. He turned around and his gaze became much more gentle, "So have you found Flame God Wood?"

    "I did!"

    I laughed, "I also cut down all of her Flame God Wood!"


    His gaze was one of doubt.

    I had to prove myself.

I poured out all the Flame God Wood in my bag and a bunch of red wood rolled out, nearly drowning King of Darkness. This was over 5000 kilograms of Flame God Wood. All of a sudden, he stood within the pile in bless, "You actually... Actually got so much?"


    I nodded and smiled, "I left one for her as a seed. I can't be too evil to her."

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    King of Darkness, "..."

    Ding Heng rubbed his mustache, "My disciple is just too kind."

    My face flushed red and I felt embarrassed to continue.

    "Very good, very good..."

    King of Darkness got up and recovered his coldness from before. His face was still filled with joy, "July Wildfire, you are the grand disciple of Wind Cloud Platform and the outer five locations. Now you are Lady Yun Yue's only disciple, your status is far above that of before. You have done so well for Black Castle and I have to reward you!"

    A bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: Congratulations for being rewarded by King of Darkness- Xuanyuan Yu, obtained reward, level+1, charm +5, Contribution point+ 50 million!



    Golden light descended and I was level 81! One had to say that his rewards were huge and really generous, giving 5 charm at once. Even SSS Grade missions couldn't give so much. As for contribution points, it was even more shocking and I was given 50 million. Probably, most Black Castle disciples wouldn't get that number in their lives.

    "Since that is the case then, I shall keep the Flame God Wood."

    Lin Fengnian picked up one and laughed, "This is enough to upgrade your Orange Puppet, wait for my good news!"

    I was speechless and before I said anything, Lin Fengnian had fled. Without thinking, he would use some for himself. But since Orange Night could be upgraded, forget it, it didn't matter.

    Thus, I left all my treasures and passed them all to Senior Sister Yun before heading to Precious Treasure Pavilion. I had 50 million so how could I not rob Precious Treasure Pavilion of all their treasures!?


    Precious Treasure Pavilion, it was as busy as usual.

    "Little Brother July Wildfire, you are finally here!"

    A beautiful attendant headed forwards and grabbed my wrist tightly, "No matter what you have to do business with me today. The manager said that if I have no business this month, she would sell me to the Skeleton King on Undying Mountain. You must save me!"

    My face was dead as ash, "Oh, I will try, I will try!"

    "En en."

    She pulled me to the counter and smiled, "This time what would you like to select?"

    "The most expensive one."

    I was confident, "I want the most expensive treasures, don't take the cheap ones out. The most expensive ones you know?

    "I know..."

    She was delighted and data flashed across her eyes, "The most expensive things of the shop are here."

    "Shua", a list appeared in front of my eyes. As expected, they were all extremely expensive--

    Eternal Spear (Legacy Grade): Famous Ancient Era weapon, price of 300 million contribution points.

    Key of Reason (Chaotic Grade): Can open any box in the world, 100 million contribution points

    Desolate Slashing Sword (Legendary Grade): Famous ancient weapon, sold for 80 million

    Darkness Dragon Tooth (Legendary Grade): Famous ancient weapon, sold for 50 million

    Blade of Brilliance (SSS Grade Skillbook): Warriors can learn, sold for 40 million


    There were over ten items and the cheapest one was 20 million. These were basically items that were listed that no one could afford. But I was an exception, after all I just got 50 million from King of Darkness. I could catch the system off guard and take a top item!

    I landed on Darkness Dragon Tooth. This was a dagger wrapped in dark black energy. It was curved and filled with killing energy. No matter what, it looked like a top treasure and it was also Legendary Grade which was a super orange equipment!

    It cost 50 million, should I buy it?

    Below it was a SSS Grade Warrior skillbook which I could exchange for Lin Xi but... Thinking about it, forget it. It would be preposterous to suddenly give her an SSS Grade Skillbook. More importantly, my dagger needed to be changed. Autumn Moon Cold River was just purple and the studio's equipment had reached orange. It wasn't good for me to hold a purple dagger. So I gritted my teeth and exchanged for Darkness Dragon Tooth!

     "Pa ta!"

    With a slight smack, 50 million contribution points were spent and Darkness Dragon Tooth landed in my bag. The contribution points I had just got were splurged just like that. But when I saw its stats, I didn't think so anymore and all of it was worth it!

    Darkness Dragon Tooth (Legendary Grade)

    Attack: 820- 1050

    Agility: +255

    Strength: +252

    Stamina: +250

    Effect: Lifesteal +6%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +75%

    Effect: Deal 30% splash damage to enemies 5 yards around the target

    Effect: Dragontooth strike, has 10% chance of triggering, deal 500% Darkness Dragon strike on target

    Effect: Armor pentration, ignore 25% of target's defence

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 105%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 102%

    Introduction: Darkness Dragon Tooth, this was the creation of an ancient god blacksmith and it was said to be made of the sharp tooth of a dark dragon and contains evil dragon energy. When one waved it, one could summon the fallen Dark Dragon's power. The last time it appeared on the continent, it caused a blood storm.

    Required Level: 80


    This weapon was definitely first rate, it should be the top dagger on the server. Over a thousand Attack, for a dagger, that was just insane. Along with 30% splash damage, this Darkness Dragon Tooth was definitely my primary weapon now. Anyways, with this, my Attack would reach a whole new level!

     "Pa ta!"

    I changed it for Autumn Moon Cold River and my stats had jumped--

    July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

    Level: 81

    Attack: 6784- 7848 (+688%)

    Defence: 3778 (+674%)

    Health: 57710

    Critical Strike: 30.93%

    Lifesteal: 22.5%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 76

    Soul Star: 100

    Contribution point: 2005

    Combat strength: 17705


    These stats were at the stage where I could insta kill anyone. Especially my Attack, it was so high and along with my Critical Strike that was over 30%, I could fight any top heavy armored player. My Attack+ Lifesteal could tank their damage but they weren't able to tank mine. As for people like Lin Xi and Feng Canghai, they might be an exception.

    No choice. Heavy armored players of the same level had a huge advantage. It was because I was a hidden job so I had more skills. If it was some other Assassin, Lin Xi would have crushed them. With Lin Xi's strength, she could easily crush all the Assassins.

    Who knew when my strength could allow me to crush her!


    Right at that moment, Lin Xi sent a voice message, "Lu Li, time to eat, let's go eat sour vegetable fish!"

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