Chapter 301- Ignorant
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Zhan Yue Chapter 301- Ignorant


    Along with streaks of lightning, space was pierced through and I appeared within the Blood Pond palace. Not far from me was Senior Sister Yun's body who was holding two balls of blood light and was cultivating. She was shocked and she opened her eyes wide, "Oh, you are back?"

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    After seeing her, I couldn't suppress the fear in my heart anymore and hugged her, "Senior Sister Yun, I was nearly unable to return... Nearly..."

    "You are okay, you are okay..."

    She pat my back and smiled, "I didn't expect my bold Junior Brother would actually become so afraid. Did you bump into Fire Demon Witch Soora?"


    I nodded, "I was trapped by her Flame Thorns and fortunately when she entered my mind, I used the Heaven Lightning to hit her which allowed me to use the Flash Spirit Talisman."

    "It is good that you got to return."

    Her mouth opened slightly and her voice was really gentle, "You brat, promise Senior Sister not to take such risks again. You are much weaker than her and it is so easy for you to get killed."

    "En, I have understood that."

    "So, did you complete the quest? Did you get the Flame God Wood?"


    I nodded and smiled, directly taking out a huge piece of Flame God Wood. Fire wrapped around it and the patterns on the wood were pretty much invisible like I was holding a huge treasure in my hands.

    Yun Yue's eyes shone bright, "Wow, I have seen many Flame God Wood but most of them were dust and timber. This is the first time I have seen such a huge piece!"

    "Not only that."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "I robbed Fire Demon Witch's garden."


    Her eyes couldn't keep calm anymore and she stood up. Her eyes were filled with anticipation, "I have heard that Fire Demon Witch collected a lot of treasures in the world and planted them in her back graden. Take them all out and let Senior Sister see what kind of treasures there are."


    I took out an orange fruit from my bag.

It was fist sized and this was taken from a fruit tree. I didn't pay attention to its name.


    Yun Yue opened her mouth slightly, "Spirit... Spirit Breath Fruit? It really is the legendary Spirit Breath Fruit. I heard that one is able to let one from Body Refining Realm to increase to Spirit Astral Realm. It is priceless to the humans and Blood Dynasty!"

    "Is that so?"

    I was stunned, "I have 400!"

    She rolled her eyes, "You must have swept an entire tree and not leave one for her right?"

    "That's not true, I left a few green ones that weren't ripe."

    "Not bad, Junior Brother, you really are kind..."


    Right at that moment, the space in the hall twisted. With a "peng", a person broke the barrier and stepped in. He was in a robe and his body was wrapped in thick power such that one felt suppressed. I couldn't even see his face carefully and it was just a ball of red light. Apart from King of Darkness, who else could have such an aura!

    "Greetings Your Highness!"

    Yun Yue bowed.

    King of Darkness smiled, "I smelled a fruit scent that I have not smelled in a long time, it seems like an expert of Black Castle has returned from a hunt. So I am here to take a look."


    Yun Yue smiled, "Oh my Junior Brother, July Wildfire came back from the north and he had entered Fire Demon Witch Soora's back garden."

    "Oh? !"

    King of Darkness was shocked, "Fire Demon Witch is really strong and her sword is close to invincible. July Wildfire you actually entered her palace and left safely?"

    "Yes." I nodded, "Fortunately Senior Sister left me a Flash Spirit Talisman if not I had no chance at all."

    "Oh, so that was the case..."

    King of Darkness looked at Yun Yue and smiled, "Lady Yun Yue, I tried to borrow the Flash Spirit Talisman but you rejected me. I didn't expect you to actually give it to Junior Brother."

    Yun Yue smiled, "With Your Highness's strength, why would you need such a thing?"


    King of Darkness scoffed and Yun Yue said, "Junior Brother since His Highness is here, take out something good and let him see Fire Demon Witch's treasures."


    I sucked in a deep breath and took out a pile of fruits. It was a stack of Bright Fire Date, around 100 of them. They were a fiery patch but they weren't hot to the touch. I just felt that they were a little warm.


    King of Darkness's body shook, "Is that Bright Fire Date I didn't expect I would actually get to see something like this. Legend have it that it can increase cultivation and allow one to break through lifespan limit. Many top experts used this to extend their lives and then break through to get eternal life."


    Yun Yue smiled, "100 of them, after eating, the core can be planted. Maybe a few years later we will also have unlimited Bright Fire Date!"


    King of Darkness was pumped up, "I shall hand this matter to Lady Yun Yue!"

    "Yes Your Highness!"

    Right at that moment, a handsome figure stepped in to. It was Left General Lin Mu who laughed, "I smelled something I have no smelled in a long time. So His Highness is also here!"

    King of Darkness smiled, "Left General come quick, July Wildfire brought back many treasures!"

    The moment he said that, another figure jumped in with a blade. It was right general Bai Jian, "Such a thick fruit scent. Let me see too!"

    After which, many people from the three divisions entered too. Even Master Ding Heng came. His aura was much stronger than before and he smiled, "I have not healed fully and need some fruits. I heard that my disciple returned so I came to take a look."

    I laughed, "Master take and eat as much as you want, I brought a lot!"


    The Black Castle experts looked at the Bright Fire Date and Spirit Breath Fruit that I brought back and their eyes lit up. Even King of Darkness couldn't help himself. This proved that although Black Castle was strong but our strength was limited. As compared to Fire Demon Witch's treasures, those in Black Castle's garden weren't worth mentioning at all.

    "Junior Brother, what else?"

    Lady Yun slapped my shoulder, "The people of the three divisions are all here, take them out to open our eyes right?"

    "Yes Senior Sister."

    I took out a frost covered tree that was silver in color. Its leaves gave off a holy aura.

    "This is..."

    Bai Jian was shocked, "Such thick aura, what is this?"

    The elders were stunned and knew that this was good but they didn't recognise this. Only King of Darkness's was emotional. His body shook and the light that covered his body disappeared, showing his true face. He was actually a handsome middle aged man, "Thousand Frost Silver Leaf... The legendary herb Thousand Frost Silver Leaf, when I was young my father took one back but it got lost in the chaos..."

    "It actually is Thousand Frost Silver Leaf?"

    Lin Mu's body shook, "Legend had it, that... A small leaf can cause a person on the verge of death to be pulled back to life?"

    "Yes!" King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu said emotionally.

    I sucked in a deep breath and didn't expect everyone to be so emotional. Thus, I took out many of them, a total of 19 and placed it in front of everyone!

    "So many..."

    King of Darkness was so happy that he was about to faint. His face flushed red, "July Wildfire are you okay to send all these 19 into King of Darkness's spirit garden?"


    Yun Yue stepped in, "Junior Brother is from Blood Pond so naturally these should be planted here. Does Your Highness not trust me?"

    King of Darkness said, "Of course I do, then we shall just plant them here!"

    Yun Yue smiled, "Don't worry, the Thousand Frost Silver Leaves produced will be handed over to the main hall."


    Yun Yue looked towards me, "Junior Brother, what else?"

    "The next one might be a little special."

    I reached in and took out a full tree. It was the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree that had stone-like leather and branches. On the branches were many turtle shaped fruits and each looked like they were filled with spiritual energy.


    King of Darkness didn't know what this was.

    "Such strong herb aura!"

    Left General Lin Mu was shocked, "Your Highness do you know what this is?"

    "I have never seen it before!"

    King of Darkness's body shook. He looked at the shape and then at me, "But... I read about a god herb description a long time ago in a lost book, is this... The legendary..."

    He looked at me but he was not sure.

    "Right, it is the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree, the final one in the world."

    I said its name directly.

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