Chapter 300- Fleeing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 300- Fleeing

 At this moment, I was in trouble. One really couldn't be too merciful. If I didn't hesitate about claiming the last piece of Flame God Wood, I would have left. now, I was actually trapped and it wouldn't be so easy to escape. The most important thing was that although I had many equipment skills, there was no invincible technique. Only a 3-5 second invincible skill could allow me to smash the Flash Spirit Talisman to leave!

    I raised my head and looked. Fire Demon Witch's name didn't have the Target of Extinction words. Which meant that if I lost, I would lose a level and there would be a slight chance of dropping an equipment. I would still be able to carry large amounts of spiritual materials back to Black Castle. Anyways, level can be trained and equipment could be gained. But if I lost Flame God Wood or Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree, it would be tough to get them. It was a worthy trade!

    "You won't kill me." I said.

    "Naturally not."

    Fire Demon Witch laughed coldly and got close. Her eyes were filled with rage, "Before you spit out my treasure, how will I bear to kill you?"

    As expected, my guess was right!

    I laughed, "Since I already got the treasure, do you think I will still spit it out? Give up. I am an Assassin with a good job ethic, what I got is mine!"

    "Who are you, how can you silently enter my palace and even pass through the formation?" Her gaze was cold and filled with killing energy. She opened her left hand and flames wrapped around it, "If you don't tell me, I don't mind barbecuing you!"

    My heart shook and at this time, I definitely couldn't say that I was from Black Castle if not I would draw trouble to them. I didn't hesitate, "I will never change my name or surname, I am Blood Dynasty's Jin Country's pride, Jin Dashan!"

    "Jin Dashan?"

    Fire Demon Witch frowned, "I know a few Jin Country experts but I have never heard of Jin Dashan, are you lying to me?"

    "Do I have the need to lie to you?" I said.

    "You are obviously lying to me!"

    She hollered and retracted her fingers. She directly punched my stomach and with a "peng", my health dropped to 1%. The pain felt like my organs had flipped. I spat out fresh blood. Damn, this girl's power control was perfect, she actually didn't kill me.


    She spread her fingers.

Streaks of flames maintained between my brow and her palm. I felt like I was being seen through. Spiritual Ruins was exposed!


    Fire Demon Witch smiled and her mouth curled up, "So it is a Shura with incomplete bloodline. Moreover, you already have a Spiritual Ruin at Heaven Realm. No wonder you dare to charge in here. Scoff, I have never heard of Blood Dynasty having someone with Shura Bloodline, who are you? !"

    I was calm, "If you have balls then kill me, I won't tell you anything."

    "Oh is that so?"

    She smiled and raised her sword. She pointed it at my throat. At that moment, the words Target of Extinction jumped out behind her name. My heart jumped, this thing could change? Or rather, she finally wanted to kill me!?


    I shouted, "Please speak nicely..."

    She burst out laughing, "Scoff, I thought that you had balls. Speak, who are you, who sent you to steal my garden. Is it that dumb Talon?"

    "Right, I am Talon's follower, Zi Chuanxiu."


    She stared and hollered, "Talon doesn't have such a handsome follower. Stop your nonsense, who are you?"

    I smiled, "Queen is so familiar with Talon. I am from Linchen County, this is... This is correct."

    "Linchen County?"

    She was stunned, "Does Human Race and Shura Race have some sort of connection? That's not right. Shura Race appeared only a few times over these few thousand years. Even if they appear, they are killing humans. Nonsense, you are lying to me, if you are from Linchen County, then who sent you here?"

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    "I am sent by Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang, he sent me here to steal herbs to fill up the city lord's herb garden. I am Bahuang Army's first camp's scout camp leader, Zhang Dapao."

    "Is that so?"

    She didn't fully believe, "How can the human army have a Shura? Moreover, Lin Huang's first army doesn't have a scout camp, you are lying to me. Are you asking for death?"

    I was filled with despair. This queen was actually so smart. There was no point in lying to her!


    Right at that moment, she looked at my waist and took away the feather. She said, "This feather's life force is deep and it looks familiar. You used it to cover your aura right?"

    "Queen is wise."

    I frowned and my mind started to spin. How can I force her back. I just needed three seconds to flee with the Flash Spirit Talisman. Without these 3 seconds, my account would be deleted here. Moreover, even if I handed over all the treasures, she wouldn't let me off. She would still wipe me out.

    At this moment, I could only try.

    My best thing was Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. After all, it was given to me by Master Xiao Chen. But I was not familiar with it and could only see through things. So that was not a solution. next would be Heaven Lightning.

    After many days, this Heaven Lightning was purer. The strength was so high that even the Spiritual Ruin had to be afraid. Moreover, it was hidden deep in the Spiritual Ruin and didn't move so Fire Demon Witch didn't sense it. If I used it, although I couldn't kill her, but I could strike her back for a few seconds. I just needed three seconds!



    She laughed coldly and her eyes started to ripple like she was using a mental move. She smiled, "Do you think I won't know if you don't tell me? Let me tell you, I can enter your mind and your soul to find out. When my flames scorch your soul, let's see if you can still be so stubborn!"

    I was stunned and felt like she had fallen for it but I still had to look afraid, "You... What do you want to do, stop! ! !"

    "Scoff, I want to do something!"

    She pointed at my brow and mental energy invaded into my brow and into my mind. It turned into her beautiful look. Her body was huge and it was as if she had became the ruler of my inner world.

    She smiled, "Shura's inner world is like this, not bad... Come, let me see what secrets are within!"

    My body appeared and I panicked, "You want to destroy my Spiritual Ruin?"

    "Why, shouldn't I do that?"

    She looked vicious, "You entered my garden so I destroy your Spiritual Ruin. One for one, isn't that good?"

    "You really are evil!" I shouted.

    She giggled, "I kill people like flies, do I even care about your life? Come, I don't mind adding your name to those I killed! Come, tell me your name!"


    A giant hand descended from the sky and caused the energy ocean to surge. I was about to stop breathing. The waves reached the sky and it was obvious that my Spiritual Ruin was already damaged. Many cracks appeared and it was on the verge of collapsing!

    This pain came from the depths of the soul. I was about to faint!


    "Since you won't tell me, then die, nameless Shura!"

    She scoffed and her body was wrapped in flames. She charged down with her sword. This sword was probably going to stab through the Spiritual Ruin.

    Come, this was it!

    I stood on the Spiritual Ruin and opened my palm, "Full strength strike, Heaven Lightning!"


    Spiritual Ruin trembled and the top exploded. A dragon-like white lightning charged up and swallowed Fire Demon Witch's soul power!

    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    It exploded and my entire mental ocean was in a mess!


    The soul power was attacked by Heaven Lightning and someone as strong as Fire Demon Witch was injured. She retracted it and retreated. She hugged her head and cried out.

    At that moment, the thorns locking me up spread out. This was my chance. I raised my hand and shattered the Flash Spirit Talisman!



    Space power wrapped around me and my body disappeared from Fire Demon Witch!

    I fled!

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