Chapter 299- Spreading like flames
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Zhan Yue Chapter 299- Spreading like flames

  When I listened to the conversation behind me, I nearly burst out laughing.

    Time to go and begin my journey of gains! As long as I got enough Flame God Wood, I would then smash the Flash Spirit Talisman that Senior Sister gave me to complete this quest! Oh right, I didn't get a quest this time. I just purely wanted to collect materials myself!


    Right at that moment, I picked up a weird scent. I raised my head and saw a human height tree. The entire tree was translucent and streaks of light wrapped around it. The veins on the leaf gave out a flame light and there were also fruits on it which glowed too. It was the one that gave off the scent.

    I looked closely and with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the stats jumped out--

    Bright Fire Date: Precious herb, after eating, can expand lifespand. Player's hunger level will increase to 100% and last for 72 hours.


    Good stuff!

    My heart shook. This was a treasure. Each day when players were online, they had hunger values. If one didn't eat for too long, one's stamina and combat strength would be affected. Most players would eat a few pieces of bread while talking to NPCs. There was a high class culinary shop in Linchen County and players just subconciously ate in game to maintain their life force.

    But the moment it reached the mid to late game to the country war segment, the hunger setting would become more obvious. In Destiny, the various guild players would worry about grain because players could bring limited amount of food. This was why there were grain transport squads. But the fact that this Bright Fire Date could last for 72 hours, one could ensure that one wouldn't be hungry for pretty much 4 days and nights.

    All of a sudden, I was tempted. I started to pick Bright Fire Date and after which I tossed them into my bag. I picked roughly 100+ of them and the entire tree was bald.

    "Sorry sorry~~"

    I cupped my fists and continued forwards. A few steps later I saw that there were snow white trees that were half a human tall. I looked close and with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, their stats were on full display--

    Thousand Frost Silver Leaf: Heaven quality herb and can help revive the dead and grow flesh from bones. It was said that one piece of the leaf was worth one sachet of gold.


    One leaf was a sachet of gold?

    My mind buzzed and went blank.

This was a really good thing. As compared to the Bright Fire Date, that was so much weaker!

    Thus, I pulled out my dagger and dug carefully. I pulled out a Thousand Frost Silver Leaf tree along with the dirt and then placed it into my bag. Instantly, an entire Thousand Frost Silver Leaf Tree appeared in my bag.

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    Take them all. This treasure was too rare and it might be of some use in the future. I would apply for a patch from Senior Sister Yun and plant it myself. Maybe I can become a rich herb god!

    Just like that, I took away a total of 19 Thousand Frost Silver Leaf and kept them. I spent so much to get here so if I didn't get greedy, how would I earn back my fee? Moreover, Fire Demon Witch was Black Castle's enemy so how could stealing an enemy's item be called stealing? It was called catching them off guard!

    After collecting the Thousand Frost Silver Leaf, I continued forwards and passed many patches of herb garden. I didn't have much time and didn't know when Fire Demon Witch would find me. I had to find the Flame God Wood and that was the most important thing. Thus, I headed towards the center.

    Fortunately, no one was guarding the garden and everyone was outside the barrier. Probably the Fire Demon Witch didn't expect people to pass through.As for why Dark Shadow Jump could pass through, I was not sure. Maybe because the skill was quite special? After all, an SS Grade Skill was one of the top skills!

    A few seconds later, I stopped. I was attracted by a tree that was taller than me. This tree was like magma stone and was covered in stone patterns. Even the branch didn't look like it was living but the leaves were filled with life. Below it were many fruits that gave off a gentle light. Their shapes were special, like many turtles. They were eye catching and gave off warmth.

    "Ginseng Fruit?"

    I smiled. These fruits looked like turtles carved from stone and they gave off a strong and holy aura. It was definitely really good right? I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw everything--

    Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree: A spiritual tree from Ancient Times, that was raised by very smart people. Contains thick celestial path energy and the fruits are top herbs that can help cultivation and help one break through. When needed, it can also revive the dead. This is probably the only Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree left.


    It was unique!

    My heart started to beat intensely. Without thinking, this was more precious than Flame God Wood. After all, Black Castle did have Flame God Wood but this was the only one left. How could I leave it for a demon like Fire Demon Witch. I had to take it and save the world!

    Thinking about that, I pounced forwards and dug the ground. I kept the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree into my bag. This time I was going back rich!

    A few minutes later, the Celestial Turtle Spirit Tree entered my bag. My bag was like those carts n the city garden pulling trees. It was filled with lifeforce and hope.

    Further forwards, there was another high grade tree. So I kept all of them into my bag. Being merciful now would be helping the enemy!

    Thus, after giving myself a reason, I started to sweep the place. Anyways, I had huge bag space. The super orange Ancient Bracelet provided 1500 space. Along with my original one, I had close to 2000. I could even keep her whole garden into my bag.

    After collecting so much the garden was in a mess. Close to half of the herbs were collected by me. All that were left were those low grade herbs. Right ahead were many flame wrapped trees that gathered into a forest!

    Flame God Wood!

    I stepped into the Flame God Wood forest. A phrase jumped into my mind, Fire Tree Silver Flowers. Right, it was so befitting!

    This Fire Demon Witch spent so many years in the north, who knew how many human race treasures did she steal. Karma was here today and it was time for her to pay up! Thinking about that, my expression became vicious. I licked my lips. Damn, today I will show you Soora what is greed!

    Thinking about that, I waved my dagger and started to sweep. I cut these two meter tall trees and took their branches. Right when the first was placed into my bag, there was a notification that showed that I got 75 kilograms! Damn, enough, enough?

    No, far from enough, how could I let her have such a treasure!

    Thus, I sliced about and kept the Flame God Wood into my bag. In a blink of an eye there were over 70+ of them and the overall weight was over 5000 kilograms!

    Lin Fengnian probably didn't see so much in his life right?


    Ten minutes later, one last Flame God Wood was left.

    "Why not leave her one?"

    I was in deep thought. It was too heartless to take them all. She nurtured them for so long and now if none of them were left, she would be so sad. Although she was a Dimension Legion Lord but I understood how she felt. 3 years ago, Ah Fei and I drank with a few girls and Ah Fei got them all. I did feel this much despair too.

    "Forget it, I shall leave one for her!"

    I sucked in a deep breath and took out Flash Spirit Talisman and prepared to crush it.

    But at that moment, wind broke through the air and I couldn't react at all. A furious roar spread into my ears, "Thorns!"

    "Shua shua shua~~"

    Thorns shot out from the ground and wrapped around my body. A system notification rang in my ears--


    System notification: Please note, you are in an abnormal state and can't use Flash Spirit Talisman!



    I was noticed! I was caught!

    "Sha sha..."

    Behind me, flames exploded and a beautiful body walked forwards slowly. Her snow legs were long and her stomach was flat. Flames wrapped around her chest armor and she had a beautiful face that was now filled with rage. She held a fire wrapped long sword and stared at me.

    I looked, who else was it... Fire Demon Witch-- Soora!

    "Look what you have done!

    She was furious and looked at the mess in her garden. Hatred squeezed through the gaps in her mouth, "You are so bold, you actually dare to run here to steal things?"

    My body was wrapped by flame thorns and I couldn't move. I kept Flash Spirit Talisman into my bag and said seriously, "Soora you can tell that I am an Assassin. My job is to steal, you can suspect my character but not my job."

    She was stunned. She raised her sword, "You still dare to argue, do you believe that I will kill you!"

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