Chapter 298- Flame Heaven Rider
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Zhan Yue Chapter 298- Flame Heaven Rider

  "Du du du~~"

    Spirit stone burnt in the furnace as the boat sped through the cloud ocean. The elder was really good at flying and maintained stability. He was a thousand times stronger than that drunk old man. After flying for close to an hour, the boat was deep in the north and far from Lingdong Province.

    Ahead, the sky turned dark. Sun set and covered the world in a dark veil.

    "Peng peng peng!"

    Suddenly, one could hear intense horse hoof sounds in the distance. There was also streaks of bright and dark flashes.

    "Not good!"

    The elder's gaze turned cold and he controlled the wheel to fly into another cloud layer, "July Wildfire hold your breath, we met the Flame Army's Heavenrider!"


    I was stunned and held my breath. At this moment, the boat was within the clouds and we were totally silent. The furnaces at the side all stopped and we couldn't see anything outside. But I had Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I opened my right eye and at 500 meters out, I saw many muscular and healthy bodies.

    They were a bunch of skyhorse riding people with red spears in their hands. The hooves of the sky horse was red in flames and they left hoof marks in the air. There were around 10 of them and they just strolled around with no care!

    Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, their names and level all appeared.

    Flame Heavenrider, level 110 Quasi Legendary Grade Boss that were far above the level of monsters that I could fight. If we didn't hide quickly, they would wipe us out. After all, the flying boat's speed was far slower than their horses.

    Not long later, they left.

    I frowned, "Elder, they are gone."


    The elder drove into the north, "These Flame Heavenriders are personally trade by Fire Demon Witch Soora and they are really strong. When our Black Castle fought with Flame Army, we suffered from their spears. I heard that close to a hundred elders died to their spears.

    I was silent, "One day we will return and uproot them!"

    "Not bad!"

    The elder was a little emotional and gritted his teeth, "One day we won't have to live within the cracks of the world!"


    Not long later, the boat charged out of the cluod ocean and its speed started to slow down. In a blink of an eye, we landed in a dense forest.

    "I can only send you here."

    The elder said solemnly, "This place is less than ten miles from the Fire Demon Witch's palace and if we continue flying they would notice us. Go, I wish you good luck!"

    "En, thank you elder!"

    I cupped my fists and jumped off. The white cape flashed and I entered White Cloak state. At the same time, I placed the Illusionary Spirit Crane's feather by my waist and instantly it gave of streaks of spiritual energy to wrap me up. Along with White Cloak, it was as if I didn't belong to this world.

    I held my daggers and travelled in stealth. Not far away were many spear weilding soldiers lined up. Flame Spearman, level 105 Unique Grade monsters. They were one of the guards outside of the palace and I too couldn't offend them.

    After walking a little forward, many bow weilding guards stood there. Their bows were wrapped in flames and the arrows were also covered in flame energy. These were Flame Army's Archers, level 108 Unique Grade monsters. This Fire Demon Witch Soora really was strong, she actually had such an army!

    Even Blade of Twilight Talon's Twilight Army was weaker than this. Of course, these troops were players' enemies and one day we would have to face them. However, this was far in the future. After all, there was game progression. I was top of the server and before my level caught up with the army's main force, the system wouldn't let them clash with us.

    I continued forwards in stealth. After walking out of the forest the area in front was empty and clear. Not far away was a huge city. Many connected halls that were lit up by flames. They were like stars that left me in awe. What kind of palace was this, it actually gave me the Disney feel!

    Was Fire Demon Witch Soora someone with the heart of a little girl?

    Who cared. It didn't concern me, anyways I was here to steal Flame God Wood, hehe~~


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    Right at that moment, among dense horse hoof sounds, a group of 200 heavy cavalry appeared holding swords and shields. Their blades and shields were covred in fire inscriptions and even the horses were too. Half of them were flame type mounts from purgatory.


    The cavalry general said with a dark and cold voice, "Her Highness's riddle, Bright Moon in the sky, reply!"

    Instantly, the cavalry chief didn't even think and said, "Slaughter will arrive!"

    "Correct, please enter!"

    "Thank you sir!"

    The cavarly chief waved his blade, "Brothers let's enter the city to rest!"

    "Yes sir!"

    Right when they strolled into the city, I followed under White Cloak state. I snuck behind the final cavalry and entered. The moment I entered, I opened the map. This palace was tightly backed and there was large wide patches to the sides which were the camps. The north camp was separated by forests and further north was a huge palace. Without needing to think, this was where the Fire Demon Witch lived in.

    "Sha sha..."

    I walked into the palace and in it, there were many palace maids that were all humans. Their faces had no expressions and they were holding delicious food.

    At the side, a general whose face was hidden under red armor held his sword, "It is meal time. All of you be careful. Whoever dares make a mistake, your heads will become fertiliser for tomorrow!"

    The palace maids were really subservient and didn't dare to say a single word.

    I frowned. These were humans that were captured here, even if I wanted to save them, there was nothing I could do. Once I got strong enough, I shall save them when I clashed with the Fire Demon Witch. I left the main hall and headed towards the back garden. Without needing to think, the Flame God Wood was here.


    Back Garden, many spirit stone filled lamps shone. I walked on the dove egg stone path and used only a slight bit of strength on my legs. This was why the Assassin job was strong, especially those with full Agility. Our bodies were light like swallows and our footsteps would be really light. Not only was I full Agility, my pieces of equipment were overpowered too and added 2300+ points for me. So one could imagine how soft my footsteps were.

    Ahead was the entrance to the back garden that was tightly guarded. Many soldiers holding shields and swords guarded this place and every two meters there was one person. There was a level 110 Quasi Boss Flame Heavenrider guarding. Not good, this would make things hard.

    Moreover, behind them was a red color world ender that flashed. This made it harder.


    I felt like my head was about to explode, like it was impossible to break through. Since I was already here, I had to go in.

    No, I had to!

    I walked along the back garden barricade and not long later, I came to the corner. It was pitch black and the lamp was so far away. The nearest guard was twenty meters away but the red world ender was still here and covered the whole garden.

    Let's try!

    I sucked in a deep breath and used Bloodthirst Banner. With a "pa ta", a banner appeared on the other side. It seemed like Bloodthirst Banner used pure power and wasn't restricted by the formation. I sucked in a deep breath and then used Dark Shadow Jump!


    My body turned into a streak of light that passed through the world ender. The instance that I entered the garden, I used White Cloak and also plucked the Bloodthirst Banner out. The entire process only caused a ripple and a soft sound.

    "What is going on? !"

    A cavalry general flew over and looked at where I broke through from, "What was that, why was there a ripple? Speak!"

    The nearest guard shivered, "No situation, sir! The ripple and sound happened seven days ago. Her Highness ordered the inscriber to fix it but their inscriptions still look like it has flaws."

    "Oh, so that is the case... Scoff, those inscribers are all liars. I shall meet Her Highness and suggest to kill all of them!"

    "Sir is wise! None of these humans are good! What Palace Inscriber, all a bunch of lies!"

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