Chapter 297- Flame Demon home
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Zhan Yue Chapter 297- Flame Demon home

  Next morning, after washing up, prepared to head online.



    I appeared in Linchen County. Today's mission wasn't to level the Paladin but the Assassin account. I delayed for so many days so it was time to get Orange Night upgraded. I switched to the Assassin account and crushed the City Return Scroll.

    Heaven and Earth Pavilion was still covered in death energy. Many undead calvaries rode thier horses along the cliff and looked at everything within the ancient castle.

    "Sha sha..."

    I stepped into Heaven and Earth Pavilion and walked to Lin Fengnian. He was carving a giant inscription formation. When I walked in, he raised his hand, "If you have nothing important then scram. Can't you see that I am busy?"

    "Of course there is something really important!"

    I summoned Orange Night and said, "Senior Uncle Lin take a look, my orange puppet is strong enough and can level to grade six. If not for this, I wouldn't be here to find you."


    Lin Fengnian got up and looked at me, "You brat, do you know the price to pay to upgrade a puppet to grade six? Let me tell you, only elders have the rights to grade six battle puppets. Grade seven ones are even rarer and only faction heads and division heads can get them. As for grade eight, only King of Darkness have two. As for you, how can you get a high grade puppet. Return that spoiled grade one puppet to me!"

    I stared, "Senior Uncle Lin, how can you say such unreasonable things? If you continue like this, I will summon Senior Sister Yun to speak with you!"

    I showed my token and on it was a Blood word. All of a sudden, it was as if he had seen a ghost. His expression became gentler and he was totally different, "Aiyo, so you join Lady Yun Yue, you should have said..."

    I coughed, Lin Fengnian your attitude was so dog-like?

    In the next moment, Lin Fengnian laughed, "Since you are under Blood Pool, then you should have said it. You really want to upgrade this? Let me remind you, the price to pay is quite huge~~"

    I was speechless.

He looked really angsty. It seemed like Wind Cloud Platform's position was just that, the head of the five factions. However, in front of the three divisions, it wasn't anything at all. The moment I became the disciple of Senior Sister Yun, my status in Black Castle was totally different.

    "Okay, what price do I have to pay. Things that can be solved by money isn't a problem."

    I was thinking about the 200 thousand gold I got from Mundane Slaughter which gave me a lot of confidence. Wasn't it just money, I don't believe 200 thousand wasn't enough!


    Lin Fengnian sucked in a deep breath, "If you want to upgrade, you need to refine the metal. Apart from that, its heart and brain inscriptions need to be upgraded too. Just the materials alone cost at least 100 thousand but you also need a rare material."

    "Oh, what?" I asked.

    He said seriously, "Flame God Wood."

    "Flame God Wood?"

    I was stunned. I had never heard of it before.


    Lin Fengnian smiled, "Flame God Wood is a really precious material and is also necessary for a Grade Six puppet. Normal puppets just need 500 gram of it but yours is orange grade and you need at least 50 kilograms. If not, the chances of failure would be quite high."

    "Is there no Flame God Wood in the castle?"

    "Nope, it was finished three years ago, if not why do you think there are so few puppets above grade six? Get me enough of that and I can create a puppet army to shock Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty!"

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    "Continue bragging..."

    I looked at him in disdain and asked, "Then where can I find it?"


    He laughed, "You want... To find it yourself?"

    "Why can't he?"


    He smile, "But, you need to leave your money and that grade one puppet down before you find it, if not... These riches won't return along with you!"

    "You don't have to care, just tell me where to find them?"

    "Flame Demon Witch's home." He smiled, "Where one of the ten lords of Dimension Legion, the Witch Soora's home. She planted many Flame God Wood and use them to obtain the power of the flames. Because of that, her army was able to win all battles. She even crushed the capital of Blood Dynasty and made them temporarily yeild to Dimension Legion."

    "Flame Witch."

    I checked with the little secretary and confirmed that she was ranked fifth. Blade of Twilight at seventh was able to insta kill me so this Flame Witch definitely could. If I went to find Flame God Wood, I was most definitely going to die.

    "Understood, you prepare other materials. I will definitely get the Flame God Wood."

    I tossed 100 thousand and turned around.

    "Thank you young master for your business!"

    Lin Fengnian laughed. Looking at so much gold, he went mad once again.


    I came to the depths of Blood Pond to find Senior Sister.

    "Senior Sister I am here to say goodbye."


    She laid on the white jade bed lazily and when I said that, she landed in front of me, "Junior Brother, where are you going?"

    "Flame Witch's home."


    She shook, "You are... Going to die? I only saw Soora once and that battle caused me to heal up for half a month... Are you going on a date with Soora?"


    I shook my head, "I want to upgrade my grade five puppet and need a material called Flame God Wood. Senior Uncle Lin said that there is sch a material there so I can only take a risk."


    Yun Yue frowned, "I heard that she planted some Flame God Wood, but.. If you go, aren't you going to die easily?"

    "Which is why I came here."

    I laid on the bed, "Anyways Senior Sister only has one junior brother. If she kills me, you won't be able to find such a talented Junior Brother!"

    She rolled her eyes, "I probably won't find such a shameless junior brother right? Do you have to upgrade that puppet?"

    "Right. If I upgrade him, I can become stronger."

    "Okay then."

    She sat helplessly at my side and stared at me, "If you want to steal from her, it is possible but you must be prepared. I know that you are an Assassin and good at stealth. But your aura can't be hidden from her. Let me give you a treasure to hide all your aura."


    I was delighted, "What treasure?"

    She took out a golden feather which made me think about the Golden Lion Feather, "This feather is the life feather of the Illusionary Spirit Crane.. Which means that it can allow one to have no aura and suppress all energy within a few meters. As long as you don't make a sound, no one will notice you."


    I kept it and smiled, "Thank you Senior Sister, also... Do you have any weapon to help me escape?"


    She took out a purple talisman, "This is a Flash Spirit Talisman, it has really strong space inscriptions. If you face trouble, just crush it and it can teleport you ten milkes away. At least it can help you flee!"

    "En, thank you Senior Sister!"

    I was grateful, "I will come back alive to see Senior Sister!"


    She smiled, "I hope that you can come back safely. Go, people that challenge the impossible will become stronger, after all... Each Shura walked out of flames, I believe you can too!"



    After keeping these two treasures, I headed towards Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I had to find Lin Fengnian. After talking, he was willing to send me a boat but the transport fee was quite expensive. 20 thousand gold, that was more expensive than plane tickets in real life!

    But this time he sent a reliable driver, a five locations elder.

    "Du du du~~"

    Not long later, this old ship flew up from the outer five locations and entered the cloud ocean. We left Black Castle and flew in a really stable manner. This time the money spent was worth it.

    I smiled. I had to use the Assassin's advantage if not I wouldn't be able to return.


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