Chapter 296- Finished in 1 second
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Zhan Yue Chapter 296- Finished in 1 second


    Blade energy shot out of the dirt like a giant whale swallowing its prey. It swallowed Mundane Slaughter's body and took down his last bit of health. One had to say that Feng Jixing's blade was really strong and it was filled with killing energy. People who got hit would be frightened to death even if they didn't die.

    In the next second, Mundane Slaughter revived on the platform in shock.


    "This... It ended just like that? Mundane Slaughter didn't last for over a second?"

    Off the platform, the players watching were stunned.


    A young Paladin frowned, "In terms of skills and equipment skills, Mundane Slaughter was totally crushed. He had no room to perform at all, this... This is the reason why July Wildfire can clash with Lin Xi right?"


    A Mundane Slaughter with an ice staff said, "Speaking of which, if Mundane Slaughter faced Lin Xi, does he have a chance?"

    "What chance?"

    A young Archer said, "Mundane Slaughter is highly ranked out of Assassins while Lin Xi is highly ranked out of all players. One could say that if Mundane Slaughter challenged Lin Xi, the outcome would be similar to that?"

    "Haiz, the battle between top players are just so captivating..."


    With "huala", 200 thousand gold dropped into my money bag. Mundane Slaughter was totally despondent and he was thinking about the battle from before. How did it end so quickly?

    "July Wildfire."

    He raised his head and looked at me, "You didn't want to fight properly right?"


    I shook my head, "If I was serious, this would be all I have. If I can use skills to suppress the opponent, I wouldn't give him chance to show off mechanics. I feel that you are a threat so I would use such extreme methods to end the battle. If the battle continued,

the outcome might be different."

    "I understand."

    He looked like he understood, "But next time, you won't succeed so easily. I will defend against your Apprehension+ White Cloak+Dark Shadow Jump, scoff!"

    "What if I used Dark Shadow Jump+White Cloak+Annihilation?" I smiled and asked.

    All of a sudden, Mundane Slaughter was in deep thought. After a few seconds he shook his head, "You really are shameless..."


    I smiled and then opened the trade with Mundane Slaughter. I placed 200 thousand gold on it.

    "What... What do you mean?" Mundane Slaughter was shocked.

    "No but."

    I smiled, "I just wanted to suppress your arrogance, not to win your money. I am just returning it to you, no need to be so arrogant."

    "No need."

    He cancelled the trade, "I lost, I am someone that can take losses."

    "Okay then."

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    I didn't force him and if I did, that would be an insult. I jumped off and prepared to leave.

    "July Wildfire are you leaving just like that?"

    Moonlight Firefly grabbed my arm with reluctance, "You really don't want to join Assassin Alliance? We are really looking forwards to you joining, really..."

    I smiled and pushed her hand away slowly, "Little girl, such tactics aren't effective on me~~"

    October Warm Sun laughed and walked forwards with her staff, "July Wildfire you misunderstood, we really aren't trying to charm you, but... Look at my ID. I know that you an Inscriber August End are friends. July Wildfire, August End, September Vest. Look at my ID, I joined Illusionary Moon a week late and followed your ID format. Moonlight Firefly and I really like you and are not trying to trap you."

    I squinted and smiled, "Forget it, I don't want to join any guild as of yet. Let's talk about it in the future."


    Mundane Slaughter said seriously, "Firefly, Warm Sun, no need to try to keep him. He doesn't want to join us so we will wait. If there is a chance, he will join us."



    At this moment, right when I was about to leave, I saw a bunch of people. It was Breaking Dawn Ash and 200 over people.

    "You want to leave after that?"

    Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "July Wildfire, wishful thinking. You sneak attacked us at Demon Trace Forest and we haven't settled that yet!"


    Breaking Dawn Dust said coldly, "July Wildfire, you won't be able to leave this time!"


    I laughed and with a "peng", flames injected into my body. I smiled, "If I want to leave, who can stop me?"


    Breaking Dawn Ash frowned, "You are alone, do you really think you can escape from the 200 of us?"

    "What if he has 180 of us from Assassin Alliance?"

    Mundane Slaughter said, "Breaking Dawn Ash, are you sure you can stop us?"

    "Mundane Slaughter!"

    Breaking Dawn Ash was impatient and frowned, "What is the meaning of this? You want to help July Wildfire?"


    Mundane Slaughter played with the orange dagger in his hands and gave a teasing smile, "July Wildfire is our friend. If you want to touch him then you have to pass us. Brothers, prepare to fight!"

    Instantly, Moonlight Firefly and the other players bent down and entered Stealth. People couldn't see them but the grass started to rustle. No one knew where they were or when they would attack. Assassins were terrifying like this. A bunch of connected Assassins could launch attacks at the same time and wipe out the enemy. It was obvious that Assassin Alliance had the ability.


    Breaking Dawn Ash's mouth twitched. Although he wanted to stop me from leaving but he still kept calm. His gaze turned cold, "Mundane Slaughter are you.... Serious?"

    "I am."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "I told you that July Wildfire is my friend and also a friend of Assassin Alliance. If you want to attack then do so, but you need to pay the price."


    Breaking Dawn Ash was a decisive person, "Good. I shall give in to you today and show Assassin Alliance face. Breaking Dawn won't find trouble with July Wildfire today, brothers let's go, go offline to eat supper."

    After saying that, the bunch of us left.

    I held my dagger and disappointment flashed in my eyes, "I thought that I could kill people before supper, you aren't going to give me the chance?"

    Moonlight Firefly laughed, "Okay, leave and go eat supper. Right, can you leave a spot for Warm Sun and I?"


    I nodded and added the two of them. I had so many friendlist spots so it was good to have a few beauties. After which I entered stealth and switched back to my Paladin account. I used the City Return Scroll and then looked at Ah Fei, "Was it nice?"

    He grinned, "Damn... Linchen County coolest is you!"


    I went offline to eat supper.


    Second floor, crab.

    I held a set of egg fried rice. Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "Lu Li did you go and watch just now? I saw you."

    "En I did, how could I not go?"

    "What?" Lin Xi asked.

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Lin Xi do you know Mundane Slaughter?"

    "I do. He is quite a famous Assassin and his rankings last season was quite high. He was barely in the top 100."

    "Right." Shen Mingxuan said, "He set up an arena outside Linchen County to challenge all the Assassin. Breaking Dawn Destruction, Heart's Desire etc lost and Yun Jian didn't dare to fight. In the end July Wildfire appeared and insta killed him."


    Lin Xi was stunned and smiled, "July Wildfire appeared in Linchen County again?"

    "En, under his attacks, Mundane Slaughter lost in less than a second."

    "That's normal."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Although Mundane Slaughter is strong but he isn't on the same level as July Wildfire. Especially equipment and skills. If July Wildfire wanted to insta kill him, he could do so easily."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I think... July Wildfire used some methods to see through his stealth. His PK video previously was like that. He had no vision but he is able to deduce so accurately. Breaking Dawn Destruction was wiped like a noob."

    "En, I could tell too."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's stop caring. If he doesn't attack us then we won't either. Although he killed you once, but... Forget it, I think he isn't enemies with us."

    "Right, he told me that he didn't do so on purpose." Shen Mingxuan said.

    "Ah? !"

    Lin Xi was stunned, "It seems like... Lu Li was right. ”

    I nodded, "I told you. If July Wildfire wanted to kill Shen Mingxuan, he would use Dark Shadow Jump. Why would he just use Apprehension?"

    Shen Mingxuan stared, "You make it sound like you are July Wildfire. Why do you know that he would use Dark Shadow Jump?"

    My heart shook and I nearly started to sweat. But I calmed down, "Simple. Dark Shadow Jump is so sudden, isn't it better to kill someone with that than Apprehension? If I was him, I would use Dark Shadow Jump. After all, the shock and fear in the enemy's eyes when they die would be so good..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "I didn't expect our Paladin to have a killing heart. Don't think about it. you are a milk cavalry, you won't be killing people like July Wildfire."

    I said, "En, let's eat~~"

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