Chapter 295- Demon Blade Swallowing Heaven
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Zhan Yue Chapter 295- Demon Blade Swallowing Heaven


    Suppressing my excitement, the Paladin account disappeared in the dense forest. What replaced me was a gold energy wrapped Shura Assassin. My daggers gave off a cold light and I entered stealth state.

    "Is there anyone else?"

    On the platform, Mundane Slaughter was still really casual and free, "Does Linchen County not have anyone?"

    Off the platform, the bunch of Linchen County players were furious and they all dissed. However, there was nothing they could do to Mundane Slaughter. As the owner of the room, he set a rule that only the Assassins could head up. The top Assassins of Linchen County were all here. Heart's Desire, Breaking Dawn Destruction and Camel's Back had all lost while Yun Jian didn't dare to fight.

    At this point, I had already stepped into the safezone but my player name was red. It looked safe but it wasn't as players could attack me. But even so, I got out of stealth and a red light flashed in front of everyone.


    The moment I appeared, the players all retreated. Even Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi retreated. Shen Mingxuan pulled out a bow, "July Wildfire, you actually dare to appear!"

    I glanced at her, "Shen Mingxuan I didn't mean to kill you so don't attack me. I came for the arena and not for you."


    She gritted her teeth but didn't attack.

    Moonlight Firefly and October Warm Sun< smiled. Moonlight Firefly held her dagger and smiled, "He is finally here, July Wildfire, the system guy!"

    "Your mother!"

    Breaking Dawn Dust pulled out his sword, "Brothers, this July Wildfire actually dare to appear in front of our Breaking Dawn brothers. Prepare to attack and kill him! Linchen County is not a place where he can do whatever he wants!"

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    On the platform, Mundane Slaughter shouted, "What is the meaning of this? July Wildfire is here to accept my challenge. Whoever attacks him will be enemies with Assassin Alliance!"


    Moonlight Firefly pointed her dagger at everyone,

"Breaking Dawn Dust, think carefully before making a decision. Don't cause trouble for Breaking Dawn Ash!"

    October Warm Sun raised her staff and flames wrapped around the tip around the ruby at the top. The explosiveness of a high level mage really wasn't a joke.

    Moreover, not only them. Many people appeared around the platform. They appeared from stealth with cold gazes. They stared at those from Breaking Dawn. There were at least hundreds of them with the Assassin Alliance mark. Right, nearly everyone from Assassin Alliance was here!

    All of a sudden, Breaking Dawn Dust's eyelids jumped. She frowned, "Mundane Slaughter, it seems like... Your Assassin Alliance has decided to lay foot in Linchen County?"


    Mundane Slaughter said calmly, "Linchen County is a public county and all players can move in. If Assassin Alliance wants to move here, I don't think you have the rights to disagree right?"

    Breaking Dawn Destruction had an ice cold gaze, "We naturally welcome but if you are here to cause trouble then Breaking Dawn won't agree."

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "I love to eat spicy and sweet but I don't take threats. Breaking Dawn Destruction you loser, what are you even trying to do in front of me? Scram, don't test us!"

    Breaking Dawn Destruction's mouth twitched and didn't say anything. It was as if he was worried that Assassin Alliance would slaughter them. After all, most of the alliance were Assassins. In terms of combat strength, they might not win Breaking Dawn but in terms of cunning skills, every player would be worried.


    Breaking Dawn Dust turned around, "Do what you want, we are lazy to bother. If you cause trouble, don't forget that Linchen County still has Elements. If they attack you, we won't care either. Okay, we are leaving. There is nothing here for us."

    After saying that, he brought Breaking Dawn and the others to leave.


    "Finally the performance is over."

    I was speechless and walked up the platform. All of a sudden, the players beneath the platform were all boiling up. Many of them even treated me as a part of Linchen County--

    "Great, July Wildfire is up!"

    "Right, teach Mundane Slaughter a lesson. This person is too arrogant, he doesn't respect anyone!"

    "Cough cough cough, guys, July Wildfire isn't considered a part of Linchen County right?"

    "Pui, he killed so many players of Linchen County, how is he not a part of us? Which guild didn't interact with him before?"

    "Even if he isn't a part of Linchen County, he is someone that fought Lin Xi to a standstill many times. He can be considered our son in law right?"


    Linchen County's son in law?

    I nearly fell off the platform. These people's imagination were so frightening.

    "Friend, we finally meet."

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "A true heroes always meet in such amazing circumstances right? Today, let's switch our positions. I am like Jiang Zi Ya fishing here while you are King Zhouwen. You have finally taken the bait. This should be an interesting conversation right?"

    I laughed, "Why, you want to join me?"

    "No, I wish that you join Assassin Alliance and serve me!" He said seriously.


    I rejected, "Let's get to the main topic. I am here to challenge. Mundane Slaughter what can you take out for this?"

    "No problem."

    Mundane Slaughter tossed 200 thousand gold, "200 thousand, is that enough?"


    This Mundane Slaughter was really a direct person to bet 200 thousand right away. Was he here to gift me money?

    "Your turn."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "I don't want anything, if you lose you join Assassin Alliance, how about that?"


    Moonlight Firefly's eyes were filled with anticipation, "July Wildfire, if you lose, can you join Assassin Alliance?"

    "En en."

    October Warm Sun nodded, "Our Assassin Alliance has many people that like you, I hope that you can join."

    "I reject."

    I shook my head, "I don't accept that, but, I can take out something on the level of 200 thousand."

    I reached out and used Orange Night as a bet. Instantly, Orange Night lit up the entire platform.


    The players were stunned, "What... What is this?"

    I said seriously, "Artifact Treasure, Grade Five Orange Battle Puppet, it is similar to a pet and can grow. Its true value is far above 200 thousand. This can do right?"

    Mundane Slaughter sucked in a deep breath, "Sure..."

    All of a sudden, the players were shocked. Even Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi opened their mouths and weren't able to say anything. Shen Mingxuan said, "He actually hit this. In the many battles with Lin Xi, he didn't use it. If he used it, Lin Xi..."

    Gu Ruyi had a gentle gaze, "Maybe he thinks it is too unfair. after all Lin Xi doesn't have a pet?"

    Shen Mingxuan scoffed, "Ruyi, you only know how to speak for others!"

    "I am just... Rational, neutral, objective towards this matter..."



    At this moment, Mundane Slaughter confirmed the bet and the system started to countdown.

    Beneath the platform, Moonlight Firefly's eyes were filled with anticipation. She raised her snow white arm, "Good luck Uncle Mundane, keep Little Brother July Wildfire in Assassin Alliance!"


    October Warm Sun raised her arm too, "Little Brother July Wildfire is ours!"

    Mundane Slaughter nearly fell off the platform, "It seems like after you join Assassin Alliance, my position would fall!"

    "No need to worry."

    I smiled, "You won't be able to win."

    "July Wildfire why are you so confident?"

    He laughed and retreated. I stepped forwards and then got into stealth state. After which I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye.

    This was a little dirty but I didn't understand much about his strength. Moreover, the bet was huge. Orange Night was about to reach Grade Six so I couldn't lose him.


    Along with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye being used, everything in stealth could be seen. Mundane Slaughter's position was revealed.

    Come, end it fast!

    In that instance, I used Flames and locked onto Mundane Slaughter. I used Apprehension and instantly a golden storm struck down. His position was revealed. When he appeared I used White Cloak and then used Dark Shadow Jump!



    White Cloak+ Dark Shadow Jump, at this stage, the damage was enough to kill most Assassins. Although Mundane Slaughter's equipment was strong but he had less than 30% health. I was right behind him so the moment Dark Shadow Jump was used, he turned around and used Gouge.

    His reaction speed was so quick, it was hard to imagine he was 30!

    But he still lost!

    The moment he used Gouge, I activated Windwalking Ring. A giant blade energy wave slashed across the ground and swallowed his body- Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing!



    Although his Gouge landed, but the battle was already over.

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