Chapter 294- Huge bet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 294- Huge bet


    When the leaves dropped, Breaking Dawn Destruction had already charged out with his daggers intersecting. His goal was quite obvious which was to break through Mundane Slaughter's stealth and then kill him with mechanics. In truth, Breaking Dawn Destruction was quite smart. He knew where his advantage was at. Right, it was reaction.

    After all, Mundane Slaughter was already 30 and he looked quite old and tired. Breaking Dawn Destruction was a little over 20 and in terms of reaction speed, Mundane Slaughter had no way to beat him. But his strength was in battle understanding. His understanding of the Assassin occupation was above Breaking Dawn Destruction. All sorts of tactics and plans, if he used his combos, Breaking Dawn Destruction would be wiped out.


    With a buzz, Breaking Dawn Destruction's hit missed. As what I expected, Mundane Slaughter's movement at the start was just a trap. The moment he went into stealth, he started to move right. Such that when Breaking Dawn Destruction missed, Mundane Slaughter was right behind him.


    Godslaying Blade!

    Mist Slash!

    Three huge skills were used and instantly Breaking Dawn Destruction was down to low health. He activated Quickness and then used Gouge onto Mundane Slaughter. Gouge wasn't fully used as he sunk down and used Demon Tribulation onto his stomach. Right, mechanics was Breaking Dawn Destruction's strength. This kind of movement and reaction speed was quite rare even in Linchen County.

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    But, it was all for nothing.

    The instance that Breaking Dawn Destruction used Demon Tribulation, Mundane Slaughter jumped backwards and the golden words Boomerang Blade appeared around him. This was a prepared skill where one left a boomerang blade on the ground. Breaking Dawn Destruction had jumped right onto it.


    A low slash as Breaking Dawn's top Assassin was killed just like that. 5000G of his was stolen!



    The Breaking Dawn players were stunned and even Breaking Dawn Dust was holding his blade tightly. He really wanted to charge up to fight Mundane Slaughter. However, Mundane Slaughter was the owner of the room and he set that only Assassins could head up. So the rules restricted Breaking Dawn Dust from jumping up.

    "Breaking Dawn's top Assassin,

tsk tsk~~"

    Mundane Slaughter gave a deep smile but that caused all the Breaking Dawn players to be insulted. That smile was mocking the entire Breaking Dawn but there was nothing they could do. Breaking Dawn Destruction wasn't that weak but he was attacked by Mundane Slaughter such that he couldn't fight back at all. The gap was huge and since he lost, the other Assassins had no chance.

    At this point, Mundane Slaughter's face was green, Linchen County's brothers, does Linchen County not have a decent Assassin. Are we going to allow Mundane Slaughter to be so arrogant here?"


    Beneath the platform, a beautiful teen smiled and cute dimples appeared by the sides of her mouth.

    Moonlight Firefly (Palace Assassin)

    Level: 74

    Party: Assassin Alliance

    City: Linchen County


    Everyone looked out at that beautiful teen. They gritted their teeth but there was nothing they could do. I saw Moonlight Firefly before and heard of her before too. The deputy of Assassin Alliance. She was one of the top ten Assassins on the server and her strength was only below that of Mundane Slaughter. The rare part was her young age. She was only 19 but her skills in the job was already really good.

    Beside her was another cure girl holding a shining staff. Her name was October Warm Sun, "Linchen County really doesn't have many decent Assassins. Boss is too good and that is just too lonely!"

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Right right!"

    Right at that moment, a lazy voice spread out from the crowd, "Scoff, after killing a few second rate Assassins, did you think that Linchen County really didn't have anyone? So amusing."

    In the crowd, everyone made way and a bunch of people walked close. The one at the front was Wine and Poems whose body was covered in half orange light. For Dreams's guild leader who had a lot of money. Behind him was Wang Siyu and Fenghua Sizhan. At the same time there was a familiar voice. Heart's Desire, the top ten Assassin that Wine and Poems paid a lot to hire.

    "Mundane Slaughter!"

    Wine and Poems said calmly, "You have not met the strongest Assassin in Linchen County. Come, since For Dreams is a part of Linchen County, there is no reason not to spar with you. Heart's Desire, it is up to you next."

    "Don't worry boss!"

    Heart's Desire jumped up and laughed coldly, "Heart's Desire, what would you like to bet? It is okay, go all in. For Dreams can afford it."


    Mundane Slaughter smiled and looked at Heart's Desire, "In the late game of Destiny, didn't I destroy you enough? I didn't expect you to not change and be willing to be someone's dog just for money. Let me tell you, not only does one need to be talented, one has to have will too. I want to be the strongest Assassin while you are chasing money. Money has dirtied your heart so do you think you are worthy of being my opponent?"

    "You are talking a lot of nonsense!"

    Heart's Desire raised his hand and bet 100 thousand gold, "Do you dare? 100 thousand one set?"

    "Why don't I dare?"

    Mundane Slaughter said, "Firefly, Warm Sun, I don't have enough. Gather 50 thousand for me."


    A few seconds later, Moonlight Firefly traded the money over and Mundane Slaughter placed 100 thousand on the bet. All of a sudden, all our blood boiled. The current gold:RMB ratio was close to 1:1 so this match was a 200 thousand bet!


    On the sparring platform, when the breeze blew across, the two Assassins disappeared.

    If killing Camel's Back and Breaking Dawn Destruction was just an appetiser, than this battle was the main dish. After all, they were both ranked in the top ten. This encounter was a relatively evenly matched one.

    With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I saw the two of them carefully move about to try to find the other party's location and to attack first.

    Fallen leaves rolled on the ground but it didn't affect their movement. Mundane Slaughter moved along the edge and he moved towards the middle to avoid where the leaves were densest at. After observing for twenty seconds, a leaf landed on Mundane Slaughter's shoulder.


    Heart's Desire hollered and tossed out his left dagger-- Ghost Blade!


    Ghost Blade's attack aimed right at Mundane Slaughter's chest. There were three explosions that took away close to 40% of his health. He then used Quickness to get close and use Gouge right away!

    Mundane Slaughter pulled the sides of the arena and retreated to dodge. He didn't even turn his head and used Gouge right where he predicted him to be.


    Blood light flashed across and Heart's Desire didn't continue to expand his lead. He wanted to win and was hit by Gouge and stunned.

    Mundane Slaughter didn't hurry to hit. He slowly arrived behind him and after Gouge's stun finished did he attack. Mist Slash+ Godslaying Blade+Backstab were all used. Now, Mundane Slaughter's health was left with 60% while Heart's Desire had only 30%.


    All of a sudden, Heart's Desire's face was filled with rage. He used Quickness to get close. He could only go all out. If not, once Mundane Slaughter's Gouge came off cooldown, he would have no chance at all.

    Heart's Desire pushed his dagger forwards and although it was blocked, it caused Mundane Slaughter to smash into the railing.


    A blood light flashed on the dagger. Heart's Desire used this chance to use Blood Stab!

    But right then, Mundane Slaughter smiled and used Quickness. He dodged the stab and the dagger in his hand spun back to its previous position. This person was too cunning. He made Heart's Desire use Blood Stab and then unknowingly fall into his trap.

    Mundane Slaughter won again!


    200 thousand entered Mundane Slaughter's pocket. On this night, he had won huge!

    "Top ten?"

    Mundane Slaughter looked at Heart's Desire, "You are far from that."


    Heart's Desire was furious and wanted to fight again but Wine and Poems's face was already really ugly. He thought that he could rely on Heart's Desire to increase For Dreams's reputation. Now they lost both their face and money!


    On the arena, Mundane Slaughter was really calm. He looked towards a certain position and smiled, "Elements's top Assassin, do you want to spar?"

    Everyone looked over. In the crowd, Yun Jian was standing there frowning, "No, not interested."


    Mundane Slaughter gave out a deep smile. In truth, Mundane Slaughter was second on the Assassin rankings and Yun Jian was around 5th. If they fought, Yun Jian's chances were less than 30%. If he didn't have that confidence, he wouldn't have provoked him.

    "It seems like Linchen County really doesn't have people~~"

    Moonlight Firefly smiled towards October Warm Sun.

    "Right, there aren't many good Assassins."


    One had to say, although they looked cute but their words were so annoying!

    I guided my horse into the bushes. It was time for July Wildfire to appear!

    Mundane Slaughter was here so openly just to draw me out right? Since we all knew then I shouldn't disappoint him!

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