Chapter 293- Wind Explosion Arrow
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Zhan Yue Chapter 293- Wind Explosion Arrow

 "All of you have done well!"

    The old cavalry's face was solemn, "Although the empire can't use the grain beneath Firefly Town, but you have helped to wipe out a hell ant army. As expected from courageous warriors from the other world. Come, this is your reward, may light be always with you!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the quest Firefly Town (SS), obtained current level experience +25%, reputation +6500, charm +2, gold +5000, also obtained extra reward Light Shield Wall (S Grade skillbook)!



    My body shook, "I obtained an extra skill book!"

    "Ah? !"

    Lin Xi was stunned, "Quick, let me see!"


    I raised my hand and introduced Light Shield Wall to everyone--

    Light Shield Wall (S Grade Skillbook): Summon light to form a light shield to provide 80% damage reduction and also help party members behind the wall to block 50% of penetrative damage. Required level: 75, required job: Paladin.


    "The special skill of the Paladin is finally here~~" Lin Xi smiled.

    I smiled too, "Right, I finally have a large area protection skill."

    After saying that, I learnt the skill and activated it. Instantly a streak of light landed on my body and I automatically raised Explorer's Shield and smashed it down in front of me. A giant gold shield appeared in front of me that was five meters wide and seven meters high.

    "This skill... Looks good!" Gu Ruyi looked up in envy.

    I laughed, "Ruyi, you look good too."

    Gu Ruyi's face flushed red and she didn't know how to reply me. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan scoffed and looked at me in disdain.


I also got an extra reward." Shen Mingxuan said.

    "You too?" Lin Xi was shocked.


    Shen Mingxuan opened her palm and a golden skill book shone, the introduction appeared--

    Wind Storm Arrow (SS Grade Skillbook): Shoot an arrow containing wind element energy to deal at highest 350% of your damage within a 10x10 area. Cooldown of 7 seconds, required level: 75, required job: Archer.



    I frowned, "I thought that I was the only one favored by the heavens, who knew that Shen Mingxuan you were too!"

    She giggled, "You didn't expect that right? I finally have a decent AOE arrow skill."

    "It is indeed strong."

    Lin Xi analysed, "


    Shen Mingxuan sighed, "Unfortunately, I died too much during these two days so I can't learn it now. Tomorrow by latest, I need to let this Wind Storm Arrow appear in my skill column."

    "Okay okay."

    I laughed, "Now can I return to the city to rest? I am hungry."

    "En en."

    Lin Xi nodded and smiled, "I am hungry too, Mingxuan what good food did you order?"

    "Qi Xingtian, is that okay?"

    "It will do..." Lin Xi and I said at the same time.


    "Shua shua shua--"

    With white light shining, we returned to the Linchen County east square. The three beauties gathered at one point and many players looked over. I went to the blacksmith to repair my equipment while Linchen County followed. Tony did too and walked by Lin Xi's side. She looked at the player around proudly.

    Lin Xi laughed, "Tony, you need to head to the tailor right, why are you heading to the blacksmith?"


    Tony realised and smiled awkwardly, "I thought that all of you had other things to do, sorry sorry."

    "Nothing else today, let's split."

    "Okay then."

    Lin Xi disbanded the party and Tony left reluctantly.

    After fixing the equipment, Lin Xi went offline to rest. Shen Mingxuan said that the delivery would take at least 20 minutes so I continued to walk around with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye activated. Right when I was strolling about, I saw many people surging out. There were actually many Breaking Dawn players who were discussing.

    "Quick, Boss Destruction is about to get up!"

    "Hahaha, a battle of the Assassins, interesting. I didn't expect there to be something so interesting so late at night."

    "Scoff, where did this Mundane Slaughter come from. I heard that he wasn't from Linchen County but he actually moved over. Is he trying to steal our rice bowl?"

    "Pui, have you not heard of Mundane Slaughter? After the server rankings, he was ranked second out of all the Assassins, only behind Vanguard guild leader Fushen Thousand Blade!"

    "Oh? Damn... I didn't even realise. Maybe because not many people choose to be an Assassin!"


    Mundane Slaughter?

    I frowned, was that the one that invited me to join his guild? Hearing what they said, he was probably fighting on the sparring platform outside Linchen County. Interesting! Thus, I led my horse out. Right at that moment, a familiar person appeared beside me. It was Ah Fei!

    "You are going too?" I asked.

    "Why not, anyways that is a safezone and no one can touch me!"

    "That's true..."

    Ah Fei and I charged towards the sparring platform. This place belonged to the safe zone and players all surged here. I even saw Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. These two sisters were really close and they headed to take a look hand in hand.


    Outside of the city, a 100x100 sparring platform appeared in front of us and they were all made of flower stone that was really firm. At this moment, two people stood on the platform and one of them was Hidden Dragon Mountain's Camel's Back. Another was a righteous looking uncle with the name: Mundane Slaughter!

    He was the one, an Assassin around 30 years old. He looked at Camel's Back and above their heads was a mark. They were gamling. One didn't drop levels when sparring but there would be bets. This time, the bet was 2000, each person put up 1000G.


    On the platform, Camel's Back bent her back and laughed coldly, "Mundane Slaughter? Second on the Assassin rankings? Today, I Camel's Back will show you that people from Hidden Dragon Mountain are strong!"

    "Hidden Dragon Mountain?"

    Mundane Slaughter's brow lifted, "I have never heard of you, most probably a lousy guild!"


    Man of Steel was furious, "Mundane Slaughter, don't think that just because your ranking is high that you are really good. There isn't any Illusionary Moon rankings yet so everything depends on strength. Camel's Back you get down, I will teach him a lesson!"

    Mundane Slaughter laughed coldly, "Are you blind? Do you not see that the name of the sparring platform is, only sparring with Assassins?"


    Man of Steel hollered in rage, "Kill him!"

    "Don't worry boss!"

    Camel's Back bent forwards before disappearing and entering stealth state. Mundane Slaughter laughed coldly and he too disappeared. The system started to countdown and the instance that it ended, the platform was empty. This was relatively intense. The battle between Assassins depended on heartbeat!

    "Sha sha~~~"

    Leaves rolled along the ground. This was a system designed scenary and was also a test of the two players. I observed and slowly activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I noticed that they were close to one another. Mundane Slaughter held his dagger and was fully focused. He judge the leaves' movement and silently got close.

    Camel's Back's movement was slightly more cumbersome. The instance one leaf was about to land on his boots, he retreated to dodge and that gave out a slight sound.


    Mundane Slaughter turned around and used Gouge to stun him out of his stealth state. After using Godslaying Blade, he charged behind Camel's Back and used Backstab+Mist Slash. Along the way he added in basic attacks and just like that, after a second, Camel's Back fell to the ground!

    Insta kill!

    In the next moment, Camel's Back spawned beside Man of Steel. Although his level didn't drop, but he lost 1000G!

    "Camel's Back..."

    Man of Steel said seriously, "You really are trash."

    Camel's Back, "..."


    "Is there anyone else?"

    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "If no one wants to fight then I shall go to sleep. It seems like Linchen County doesn't have many good Assassins..."


    In the crowd, an Assassin walked over with a dark gaze. It was Breaking Dawn's top Assassin Breaking Dawn Destruction, "Mundane Slaughter why are you being so arrogant? Come, I will play with you."


    Mundane Slaughter smiled, "Gold or equipment? Skillbook?"


    Breaking Dawn Destruction didn't lack money so he placed 5000G up right away. Mundane Slaughter didn't hesitate and he did too. The bet became 10 thousand gold and it looked really attractive.

    "Boss Destruction good luck!"

    Beneath the platform, the Breaking Dawn members looked on seriously, "Kill Mundane Slaughter, show him whose territory Linchen County belongs to! Damn, someone like him dares to behave so arrogantly in our Linchen County?"


    Breaking Dawn Destruction laughed coldly and entered stealth. Mundane Slaughter retreated before disappearing. Just from stealth, one could see that Mundane Slaughter was slightly better because he tried to sell a trap. He tried to signal that he was retreating to the back when he went into stealth. This might be a trap.

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