Chapter 292- Invisible Soul Swallowing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 292- Invisible Soul Swallowing

  Not long later, when the queen ant spat out a bunch of flames, its body started to shake. Its tail swelled and flame light shot out in all directions. Many complicated runes appeared and its head started to turn red. It was at an extreme level of rage. At the same time, the game showed that it was channeling a skill. It was here Queen's Rage!

    "Control, interrupt it!"

    Lin Xi shouted and used Assault. Unfortunately, it only dealt a small bit of damage and not any stun.


    Right after Shen Mingxuan used Stun Shot and Gu Ruyi used Mind Restraint, I also use Assault and Righteous Provocation. Unfortunately, the Boss's level was too high. When all our skills landed, the queen was still channeling her skill!

    "Not good..."

    Lin Xi turned around and looked at me nervously. My reply was one of panic too as I smashed my sword onto the ground and used Silver Ocean to heal everyone. Tony also walked over. His flute shook and he used two skills on the boss!

    Demon Tune!

    Spiritual Confusion Music!



    A silver light flashed across and an image of a music sheet appeared from above the flute. It pierced through the queen's body. Spiritual Confusion Music actually succeeded and interrupted Queen's Rage!

    All of a sudden, a confused status appeared on the queen's head and it started to attack randomly. It had already forgot what its ultimate was.

    "Not bad!"

    Shen Mingxuan was delighted, "Tony, you did it!"


    Tony still didn't dare to believe all of this. The Boss's ultimate was actually interrupted by his low level support skill. Who would believe that? In truth, Tony did his work. Without him, even if we didn't all get wiped, we wouldn't have the strength to continue attacking this Boss.

    "Focus fire!"

    Lin Xi waved Hellfire,

her face was filled with a smile, "This queen is so hard to kill, a skill will definitely drop. Attack, quick!"

    Everyone focus fired and smashed all the ants.

    The queen attacked twice but it wasn't of much use. I could purify the poison attacks and in terms of control, we had a lot of that. Each one of us had 1-2 control spells and as long as we weren't too unlucky, we had a 100% chance of interrupting the Boss's skills. In three minutes, the last bit of the Boss's health was gone.

    "Let Lin Xi kill, her charm value is the highest." Shen Mingxuan emphasised.


    I retreated and waved Silver Ocean Sword to heal Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi retracted their weapons as Lin Xi used Gale to take away the last bit of the Boss's health. Instantly, her attacks landed like a rain. This Ant Queen's experience was really high and it was roughly 3-4 times that of Unique Grade monsters of the same level. Such that the Shura Assassin also leveled to level 80!

    At the same time, a bell rang. Along with the level up, the Ancient Bracelet also evolved--


    System notification: Congratulations, your Ancient Bracelet (Treasure Grade Grade) Has evolve to Ancient Bracelet (Legendary Grade)


    Legendary Grade!?

    I confirmed once more, right, this was Legendary Grade! An equipment of a higher grade than Unique Grade! A super orange piece of equipment! All the high grade equipment like Lin Xi's Hellfire, my Silver Ocean Sword, Ruyi's staff, Shen Mingxuan's bow, those were just normal orange ones that were Unique Grade. This Ancient Bracelet actually jumped to become super orange!

    I opened my character interface to look at my Shura Assassin's account. I could see the bracelet's stats and it was quite unreasonable--

    Ancient Bracelet (Legendary Grade)

    Defence: 890

    Agility: +255

    Strength: +252

    Stamina: +250

    Effect: Precision, accuracy +45%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +45%

    Effect: Strong attack, 20% chance to break attack

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 8000

    Effect: Swallow Soul, Obtain the soul of every player killed to raise one's stats by 1%. Can stack infinitely and will disappear when one goes offline.

    Property: Can evolve

    Property: No level restriction

    Property: Provide 1500 storage space

    Special effect: Has recognised its master



    My eyes went white and I started to feel giddy. This Legacy Grade bracelet was just so strong? Be it accuracy or attack speed, both were greatly increased. Moreover, there was also a strong attack effect that had a 20% chance of breaking the enemy's move. This meant that I had more advantages during fights with players.

    Of course, the most overpowered one was the new skill Swallow Soul which increased my stats by 1% for each player killed. This could stack which meant that the more I fought, the stronger I got. Wouldn't I become invincible?


    I took in a deep breath and didn't dare to continue looking. If other players saw this, they would definitely report me! Especially the Swallow Soul effect. Along with my Assassin's killing ability, that was adding wings to a tiger!

    "Everyone levelled?"

    Lin Xi looked at us, "This Queen Ant really gave so much experience!"

    "En, right!"

    I had adjusted the Paladin's account to level 75 to maintain a 5 level difference with the Assassin. Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Lin Xi look at the equipment and then we can go back to hand over the mission. It is about supper time now."

    "En en."

    Lin Xi walked forwards and flipped the queen's corpse. Below it was a bunch of gold and a few shining equipment. One could confirm that there wasn't any super orange equipment. After all, the equipment grade couldn't exceed the grade of the boss. Thus, I still felt really delighted about the bracelet.

    After collecting the gold, the spoils from the queen disappointed us as there was only three. There were only three, an orange chestplate, a shield and also a red whip. Lin Xi picked up the armor and waved. Instantly, all of us got excited...

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    Queen Chestplate (Unique Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 590

    Agility: +195

    Stamina: +192

    Strength: +190

    Effect: Damage absorption +8%

    Effect: Physical dodge +19%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 6000

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 80%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 77%

    Introduction: Queen Chestplate, equipment formed by the flame queen's essence vengeful energy. Legend had it that after wearing it, one would become inpenetrable.

    Required level: 75


    "Inpenetrable again."

    I added, "Shen Mingxuan's equipment doesn't have any special effects and skills but they are quite average orange equipment."

    Lin Xi tossed it to Shen Mingxuan and then looked at me, "How many orange gear has appeared now. Our equipment standard is top in the entire Linchen County, to think you actually started to look down on them..."


    Shen Mingxuan placed the chestplate into her bag, "A beggar can even choose? Young man, your attitude is so bad~~"

    I was speechless and looked at the shield, "I bet that this is a top shield, we can sell it for a lot!"

    "Is that so?"

    Lin Xi raised and the stats appeared. It was actually a super rare blue equipment which she tossed into her bag, "It seems like someone is wrong!"

    I smiled awkwardly, "No more bets, no more. That whip looks good."

    "En, let's good."

    Lin Xi picked it up and waved. Its stats appeared and all of us were stunned. it was indeed a top item--

    Demon Subdueing Flame Whip (Unique Grade)

    Attack: 575-740

    Magic Power: +195

    Strength: +193

    Stamina: +190

    Effect: Precision, Accuracy +20%

    Effect: Tame, cause all summoned unit's stats to increase by 20%

    Effect: Enchanter strength increase, 2nd beast summoned, attack increases by 50%

    Effect: Armor Penetration, ignore 20% of Defence

    Effect: Summon Ant Queen, summon a queen ant to fight, last 180 seconds, cooldown of 12 hours

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 79%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 74%

    Introduction: Demon Subdueing Flame Whip, crafted by a famous ancient blacksmith and in it are large amount of beast souls. If one uses this, one can summon the strongest beast

    Required Job: Enchanter

    Required level: 75


    "Summon Ant Queen?"

    Shen Mingxuan shuddered, "This is such a joke? The Queen Ant is so invincible, if the Enchanter summons a fox and then summons the Queen Ant, her stats will increase by 20% and attack will increase by 50%. How can others even play?"

    "That is indeed a problem."

    I frowned, "Lin Xi should we sell this? If Breaking Dawn or Elements get it, it would be bad for With You."

    "I think so too."

    Lin Xi frowned, "But we are poor and need the money. Moreover, it has been a long time since we sold something like this. We have to sell this, maybe... If we put it up for longer, people from other counties will buy. It might not land up in the hands of a Linchen County guild."

    "That is true."

    I nodded and smiled, "Level 75 Orange equipment is really popular in the current market. Let's sell it. Anyways we don't have an Enchanter and it will just depreciate if we leave it here."


    She smiled, "Okay, let's submit the quest?"

    "En, okay."

    We brought the spoils of war back and after we walked out of Firefly Town, Lin Xi said, "I shall sell this and then give 20% to you. You deserve it."

    Tony wanted to reject but when he thought about how high it would sell for, as a hairstylist it would be a good amount. He nodded, "Thank you Lin Xi."

    "I should."


    Just like that, a bunch of us left Firefly Town and arrived in front of Kalu a short while later.

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