Chapter 291- Flame Ant Queen
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Zhan Yue Chapter 291- Flame Ant Queen

  Night, 10:30 pm.


    The Moving Army Bugs covering the center of Firefly Town became fewer and fewer and turned into corpses that piled into a mountain. They started to despawn and turn to experience and reputation points. Just reputation points alone was around 20 thousand for each one of us. At this moment, only a last batch of them remained.

    "It seems like... We are about to finish them?" Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I didn't expect the invincible ant wave to get cleared out by us."

    "Right, why aren't they spawning anymore." Lin Xi frowned.

    I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and focused. I saw through the ground and the buildings. Underground, there were indeed only a few Moving Army Bugs left. But right below us, a huge thing was moving and was about to charge out of the surface. Its body was the size of a building and it gave off a really strong aura!


    My heart shook and a name jumped out. If that was the case then this queen did have the ability to flip and destroy this entire tower. When that time came, the scout soldiers left would all be killed and nearly half of the quest would be failed. Moreover, even we would be in danger.

    But, I couldn't remind Lin Xi and the others. After all, if I said that, they would question how I was able to see through everything? I couldn't tell them that I had penetrative sight?

    But, I just didn't use it on them. After all, I wasn't as perverted as Ah Fei. Sometimes even if I had the thought, I would use my will to suppress it!

    Right after Shen Mingxuan killed the last view Moving Army Bugs, I would jump off the clock tower. I landed on the ground and said, "It seems like we have killed all of them! Lin Xi let's get the NPCs to retreat, if not the the moment the second army attacks, we won't be able to leave."

    "En, that makes sense."

    Lin Xi held her sword to walk up and in a moment, over 20 thin NPCs followed her down. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to look at the giant being. Only after everyone left did I heave a sigh of relief. At that moment, the ground started to shake.

    "Hold on!"

    I got up on my horse and said towards everyone, "Lin Xi,

let the NPCs go and then we will stay. There should be a Boss!"

    "I knew it!"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "We have fought for an entire day and a single Boss hadn't appeared. Now that it has appeared, this makes sense."


    At that moment, the clock tower shook and then collapsed. The entire clock tower turned into ruins and that giant bell fell to the ground and rolled far away. Dust and stone was pushed aside and a giant being just drilled its way out of the ground!

    This was a giant Ant Queen whose body was split into three pieces. Its head was huge and there were two feelers moving about. The middle was connected to a pair of flame wings and on the last bit was a fat butt. This was the super butt that gave birth to the entire Moving Army Bug army!


    Shen Mingxuan was stunned. She looked at that back part and then hugged Lin Xi's waist, "Lin Xi, people said ant butts, look it does look similar. Ruyi and you do have ant butts, only I have a perfect water snake butt, hahaha~~~"

    I said, "Shameless..."

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Okay stop the nonsense and prepare to fight the Boss. I will go read its stats."


    In the next second, the Boss's stats were shared by Lin Xi in the channel--

    Flame Queen (Unique Grade Boss)

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    Level: 83

    Magic Attack: 10500- 14500

    Defence: 9000

    Health: 10000000

    Skill: Flame Crash, Flame Armor, Poison Shot, Extreme Flames, Queen's Rage

    Introduction: Flame Queen, the ruler of the hell ant race. Each ant colony only has one queen and they are really strong. Their control of flame laws were really abnormal and they are violent. Once their nest gets destroyed they would launch crazy attacks. Young adventurer, if you see the queen, it is best to flee.


    "The health has finally broken through 10 million!"

    I looked at the Flame Queen's health and frowned, "It has five skills, it would be a long battle. Should we follow the old rules?"


    Lin Xi shook her head, "You are the only tank so you would be under huge pressure. I should be tank, you heal and control. Tony, throw all your buffs to me. As long as I don't die, we can win."


    "Okay... Then let's begin?"


    In the next moment, Lin Xi's buffs were all refreshed and she used Assault. Her small body smashed onto the Queen Ant's back. She used Double Hit+ Flying Flame Slash and then she opened her left arm. The Heaven Sword Umbrella turned into sword light which smashed into the Boss's head such that she instantly drew all the aggro!

    "Du du du~~"

    The Queen's shout was really weird like it was a soundwave kinda of cry. But in the next moment, its body was covered in flames as it smashed into Lin Xi to force her back by five steps. With three damage numbers, she lost 60% of her health. Terrifying!


    I opened my arms and a light chain connected between Lin Xi and I. I suffered all the damage she took. At the same time, I used two Saint Light Technique to make her much safer. Shen Mingxuan used Seven Star Shot and Gu Ruyi used Ice Soul Dragon Roar on the queen's body.


    When Gu Ruyi raised her staff again, a blood colored light descended from above to block the Boss's movement. This was Mind Restraint and it stunned the queen for three seconds. At the same time its defence and magic defence dropped by 30%.

    "Not bad Ruyi!"

    I laughed, "Lin Xi, go all out!"


    Lin Xi smiled and used Gale. She then used Bladestorm to deal all her damage. I brushed passed her and waved Silver Ocean Sword to use Judgement+Momentum Slash+ War Trample. After which I left and then turned and used Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi.

    "Pay attention to control."

    Lin Xi waved her sword while saying in the group channel, "Especially Lu Li, you need to ensure that your mana is above 70%, if the boss uses a load of skills, your mana might not be enough to continue using Saint Light Technique."

    "Don't worry!"

    I nodded and smiled, "My mana control is always stable. I will use less attack skills."

    "En, that's good."


    Right as we said that, the queen hollered and flame armor started to form around it. It was as if scorching red magma cooldown to cover it. This was Flame Armor. Now, Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan's damage reduced by 50% but that was to be expected.


    Right when Lin Xi slashed the Boss's head, the Flame Queen spat out flames. This was Poison Shot and it dealt a long lasting poison damage!

    "It is fine!"

    I raised my hand to use Purify to clear out the poison effect. Instantly a smile appeared on her face, "Professional..."

    Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan laughed while Tony watched from afar. There was nothing much he could do now. A Musician's job was like that and he didn't have any attack skills.

    Luckily, he had already done his job and helped Lin Xi's combat strength increase by 50%. This was his true meaning here. At the same time, he added much attack and defence for the rest of us. Although he didn't have attack skills but his control was quite good. Demon Tune was a single target spell that dealt chaos to solo targets while Spiritual Confusion Music did group damage. Trapped Chu Song helped to restrict healing. A Musician was a support job and once the person was professional, they were really important too.



    Lin Xi fought the boss while saying in the channel, "You keep your control skills and wait until the Boss uses its ultimate. Apart from that, continue using Trapped Chu Song so that the Boss can't recover. Like that, we would kill it even quicker."


    Tony smiled, "I know, don't worry Lin Xi!"


    She smiled. I felt a little bitter, I actually felt unhappy when Lin Xi smiled towards Tony.


    As expected, like what Lin Xi said, when tony continued to use Trapped Chu Song on the Flame Queen, our speed was at least a fold quicker. Not long later, the queen was only left with 70% health. It started to release flames all about. A flame marsh appeared beneath us like magma. This made Lin Xi even more careful. Fortunately, she was skilled enough to control it.

    Just like that, when the Boss's health dropped below 50%, it started to use skills more frequently. There were flame marshes all about and only 30% space was left for Lin Xi and I. I stood far and heal so I was fine while Lin Xi looked like she was dancing in the flames. Each movement was careful but she could do so perfectly.

    This boss was quite difficult and if we could deal with it easily, that would be because Lin Xi was really strong such that we couldn't experience the queen's true strength!

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