Chapter 290- Top ten on the leaderboards
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Zhan Yue Chapter 290- Top ten on the leaderboards


    Along with me using Assault, I smashed out of the encirclement and appeared 20 yards from the tower. At that moment, the bone horse cried out and its durability was emptied out. I was now runnning and I felt numbing pain all around me. They climbed all over my body and I was now left with less than 20% health!

    Again, Saint Light Technique!



    So good!

    Right at that moment, Lin Xi appeared at the stone steps with Hellfire in her hands. She looked at me, "Run, quickly!"


    I charged over with at least 20 Moving Army Bugs on me. I looked like a porcupine and people look all felt a chill down their spine. My health dropped so quickly and although one Saint Light Technique healed a lot, but I would definitely die within four seconds.

    "Lin Xi save me!"

    I was just five steps away!

    "Don't worry!"

    Lin Xi pointed her sword forwards and her skirt below her armor fluttered in the wind. She used Bladestorm and smiled, "I shall use Bladestorm to bathe you!"


    A storm formed by numerous blades swept over. Lin Xi used party attack mode and didn't damage me. Instead, the Moving Army Bugs on me were scattered. They all cried out and many of them had their bodies smashed!


    I laughed and felt relieved. I quickly used War Trample before jumping up the stairs. Lin Xi opened her left hand to grab mine and pulled me up. She also pulled and a huge stone board blocked the entrance.

    This stone was really tough and Moving Army Bugs wouldn't be able to bite it down within a short time. The NPCs above relied on this to barely survive until now.


    Right when Lin Xi pulled me into the tunnel, Tony looked at us with jealousy. In his heart, this was me having close contact with Lin Xi right?

    "Not bad not bad!"

    I didn't care about what Tony was thinking as I healed myself, "Damn, I nearly ended up like those white bones outside the town."

    Lin Xi smiled and used her fingers to point, "Just that little bit and you would have died."


    Right at that moment, at the other end of the tunnel, a bunch of soldiers that were thin as bones appeared. The leader cupped his fists, "Young adventurer, how many men did you bring to save us?"

    "No, just the five of us." Lin Xi said.


    The leader was shocked, "Then... Aren't you a lamb into the tiger's mouth, moreover, we don't have much food, we don't have the will to fight anymore..."

    "Don't worry."

    I laughed, "With us here, all of you will leave this place alive."

    "Let's hope so..."

    The leader was worried, "If all of you need help then please tell us. But we are only left with no more than 50 people."

    Lin Xi smiled and looked through her bag to find the corpse of a lamb. She said, "I don't have anything else but this, all of you can barbecue this."

    "Ah? !"

    He was filled with shock and joy, "Thank... Thank you beautiful adventurer!"

    Her face flushed red, "Scoff, this was a B Grade mission item. Now that I gave it to them, I would have to go back and get this again."

    I smiled, "Saving a life is good karma so let's just do it. Who asked us to be courageous warriors from another world?"

    She laughed, "En, right~~"

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    I stood up and looked around. Numerous Moving Army Bugs were at the entrance and they already started to stack up. My aggro value was really high and they wanted to level this clock tower down. I pointed at a small circular platform, "That platform is five meters away and we would have five yards of attack range. Let's hunt there? Let's begin."


    Lin Xi nodded her head, "Lu Li and I will guard. Ruyi and Mingxuan, it is up to the two of you?"


    The bunch of us left the tunnel and came to one end of the tower. The circule platform was where news was announced and one could look down on the town from this. There were many Moving Army Bugs climbing up the pillar but their climbing ability was only so-so and they could at most climb three meters high.


    I turned around, "Tony, pass your attack speed buff to Shen Mingxuan and magic attack increase buff to Ruyi to increase their damage."

    "I know that, I don't need you to remind me." Tony smiled.

    Lin Xi frowned and she could naturally tell the toxicity in his words.

    I smiled and shook my head. I stood beside Gu Ruyi and she smiled too. She rested her head towards my armor, "With Lu Li by my side, I feel so safe~~"

    All of a sudden, Tony's expression turned even uglier.

    I laughed. Gu Ruyi was helping me to dissolve the awkwardness and also to prove that my position here was not something an outsider like Tony could compare with. She really was a smart and cute girl.

    Lin Xi looked at Gu Ruyi and then at me and didn't say anything. She threw Bladestorm into the monsters to help the two other girls attack.

    All of a sudden, Firefly Town was in a mess. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan's skills swept the area around. Lin Xi and I also used Saint Storm and Bladestorm down. Along with groups of them falling, our experience bar started to flash.


    A golden rain descended and my Assassin account was level 79. I also increased my Paladin account to level 74. It seemed like I had to delay the level notification to avoid suspicion. Shen Mingxuan's level also increased quickly to 71 while Gu Ruyi reached 75!

    Experience today was destined to be over the roof. These ants were great leveling tools and today although this quest was dangerous, but once we completed it, the rewards would be generous too. The experience gained during the whole process was quite high already.


    Just like that, when we cleared a bunch, many more of them surged out from below to attack. This tower seemed to be made of a special stone and it was able to block so many attacks. After all, since they could even bite through armor but not this, it could tell that this stone was not usual.

    At around 6pm, Tony used Deer Cry on Gu Ruyi before saying, "It is dinner time, why not... We got out to eat, I will treat?"

    "No need."

    Lin Xi rejected, "It is too much of a hassle, we ordered delivery already."


    Tony's gaze was filled with dejection.

    In the With You chat, Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "I actually, haven't ordered..."

    "Order now then." Lin Xi smiled.

    "En, teochew? Cantonese? Or what?"


    "What about Lu Li?"


    "Then, I shall order it randomly..."

    At around 7pm, we went offline to eat. After half an hour of rest, we then went back online. Lin Xi and I traded a bunch of mana potions to Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. At around 8pm, a golden light descended and Lin Xi was up to level 79.

    I opened the Level Ranking Board and noticed that Lin Xi was first--

    1. Lin Xi Level 79 Silver Dawn

    2. Feng Canghai Level 78 Palace Warrior

    3. Mars River Level 76 Palace Mage

    4. Old Mountain Level 76 Palace Archer

    5. Follow Heart Level 75 Palace Mage

    6. Dragon Grievances Level 75 Palace Mage

    7. Mundane Slaughter Level 75 Palace Assassin

    8. Breaking Dawn Ash Level 75 Palace Warrior

    9. Wine and Poems Level 74 Palace Warrior

    10. A Little Brother Level 74 Palace Paladin


    This was beautiful. My human Paladin account was already at 10th. In truth, this was Shen Mingxuan's position but she died too many times. Apart from that, from the rankings one could tell the difference between top rate players and others. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai were far ahead and then Mars River and Old Mountain was another group.

    Breaking Dawn was quite sad. They used to take up 2-3 spots but now only Breaking Dawn Ash was in the rankings. The reason was because my Assassin account killed them or they were killed by Lin Xi. This would only happen to guilds that wanted to cause trouble.

    Right, Mundane Slaughter, this person... Wasn't he from another county? Why did he come to Linchen County?

    Forget it, time to level!

    I looked at the leaderboards again and felt bliss. I was now the top Paladin in Linchen County right? After all, my level was above Lin Songyan and Breaking Dawn Dust but in terms of skills I needed to improve and I would definitely be top!

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