Chapter 289- Moving towards death
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Zhan Yue Chapter 289- Moving towards death

 Right when we were happily dealing with the monsters, the human soldier shuddered. Only now did I saw his name, Scout Qin Ge, a really easter name.

    I turned around, "You are a scout sent to Firefly Town?"


    His face was still filled with gratitude, "Young adventurer, did Linchen County send you over?"

    "En, you can consider it like that."

    I nodded, "Cavalry Chief Kalu told us to come here to find the scout team, are you a member of them?"

    "En." Dejection and worry appeared on his face, "We were ordered to investigate but who knew that we would fall into their trap. When we realised, we were surrounded by the ant wave. On the first day we lost half our members."

    "Then?" Lin Xi turned around and asked.


    His face was filled with dejection, "The leader led us up the bell tower and we tried to use it to defend. However, the lack of food and resources placed us in a tough state. Each day, many of us would get killed for searching for food. Their bones were right in front of us, but... There was nothing we could do!"

    Lin Xi frowned, "Then how did you charge out?"

    "To send out the signal for help, the captain ordered two members to protect me to charge out. But along the way, they lost their horses and died to the ants... As for me, after my hourse was eaten, I was barely able to flee."

    I pointed behind, "It is a lot safer behind, you can head to the Cavalry Chief to report the situation."

    "What about all of you?" He asked.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Our mission is to wipe out these ants and then head to Firefly Town."


    He shouted, "You can't die for nothing, that is a demon town... You don't know that the Dimension Legion Territory has turned that into a trap. They have sent large amounts of ants. Underground is already an ant nest. They are using the 200 thousand stone of grain as their food to raise a strong army.

No matter how many we send, we would all be swallowed by ants. All of you definitely can't go!"

    "If that is the case..."

    I looked at his emotional expression and said, "Find Kalu to report the situation and warn him to not send soldiers over. We will defend slightly and then gather up with all of you."


    He nodded, "Then all of you be careful."


    He turned and swama cross before disappearing into the wilderness.


    "He left." Lin Xi said.

    "En, what else can he do if he didn't leave." I smiled, "He is just a scout that got terrified, he won't be of help too. Moreover, he told us all the useful infomation. Once we clear out the ant wave, we will head in and find the bell tower. Since they could defend the tower for a month, it would be great experience."

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    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "That is exactly what I feel!"


    Just like that, we hunted for close to an hour. Under Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi's firepower, the few miles of Moving Army Bugs were all killed. Right in front of us, their corpses piled up like mountains. The gold and equipment dropped piled up too!


    After Lin Xi confirmed that there weren't any more left, she smiled, "Clear up the battlefield and then prepare to enter Firefly Town."


    On the side, Gu Ruyi frowned, "I don't have much mana left."

    "I am only left with half too."

    Shen Mingxuan nodded, "Continued use of Ice Arrow consumes too much."


    I said, "Trade with me, I helped all of you bring many blue potions."

    Lin Xi laughed, "That is okay, I still have many here too."

    Tony was stunned, he didn't expect our team to be so connected.


    A few minutes later, we cleared the battlefield and a bunch of top equipment entered our bag. This batch could probably be sold for ten to twenty thousand. There was even a level 75 Rare Grade Orange Armor and that alone could be worth 3000. Unfortunately, no Unique Grade orange piece dropped, if not we would really be rich.

    "Time to go, head out!"

    Lin Xi opened the path in front carefully. Moreover, we had to be careful this time because once we got close to Firefly Town, we would be above their nest and would be noticed. If we got surrounded, we would definitely get wiped.

    I rode the horse behind and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I looked into the ground and could actually see through it. A silver ring rotated in my eyes and the ground became transparent. I could see streaks of flames below and it was a thick red color. Further forwards and we would already be on their nest!

    "Lin Xi!"

    I shouted, "Don't walk anymore, go around, that place is not safe."


    Lin Xi was stunned.

    I explained, "There is a nest. Look carefully, there are piles of dirt behind the forest."


    She was stunned and her face was filled with shock, "As expected... Lu Li your vision is good, you can even see from so far away."

    "En, let's be careful."


    In truth, it was not my vision at all, it was just because I had Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. After going past four ant nests, we were at the entrance of the town. from afar, a bell stood in the center of the town. Roughly 50 yards around was a patch of red, those were dense Moving Army Bugs!

    "Tough..." Shen Mingxuan frowned.

    Lin Xi looked at the road and there was a pile of armor and white bones. Looking closely, one could see the intact skeleton structure. Their flesh were all eaten and all that was left was a pile of white bones and tough armor. Along the way to the center were piles of such bones, which made one terrified.


    Lin Xi frowned, "These Moving Army Bugs are like white ants and they eat everything."

    "En, they finish it so cleanly..."

    I smiled, "Lin Xi, we have no other way to go. We can only just charge there and then up. We need to occupy good locations, if not we will all get wiped."

    "En, this is dangerous. In truth, I don't have much confidence too. What should we do when we charge to the bell tower, who can lead them away?"

    "Let me do it."

    I said solemnly, "I am the most tanky person here so I will lead the Moving Army Bugs away to the right. You lead everyone to charge to the left. If we can charge, we can just happily gain experience here. If not then let's just meet in Linchen County."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Sure, you are indeed optimistic, so... Let's depend on you?"

    "En! Ruyi's movement speed was the slowest so we used her speed as the base to charge in. There were many nests around so we had only one chance. After which, once we turned there would be Moving Army Bugs all around and we couldn't retreat."

    "I understand."

    Shen Mingxuan sucked in a deep breath, "Let's head out, I will protect Ruyi and myself."

    "Head out!"


    I held Silver Ocean Sword and walked at the front. Right when Gu Ruyi started to run, I slowly increased my speed to lead everyone towards the center. At the same time, I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to look and I could see the nests rustling. In a blink of an eye, a patch of Moving Army Bugs charged over!

    Very quickly, we were within hundred meters of the clock tower.

    "Let me head up first!"

    After shouting, I activated Ash Fortress and charged towards the tower. I stepped on the Moving Army Bugs. At the same time, many of them climbed up along the legs of the bone horse and in a blink of an eye, my body was covered. My health started to drop!


    I charged below the clocktower and used War Trample into the crowd. I attracted the aggro of the bugs around. At the same time, I used Saint Light Technique on myself. I charged towards the right side and said in the party channel, "Climb up the tower!"

    Shen Mingxuan was touched, "Lu Li you remember this, you are the most courgeous person I know! ! !"


    I ran while laughing. i was being bitten all over and my health started to drop. What was worse was that the bone horse's durability was less than 40%. Once I lost this advantage, I would probably end up like those white bones.

    Behind me, Lin Xi brought the rest to charge near the tower but many bugs were attacking them too. I was anxious. Shen Mingxuan and Tony were all attacked. I held up my shield and smashed towards onto the ground to use Barbarian Ice to add defence to them!

    "Go up quick!"

    With Barbarian Ice, Lin Xi charged up with the rest. At the same time, my bone horse had less than 5% left!


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