Chapter 288- Moving Army Bug
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Zhan Yue Chapter 288- Moving Army Bug

  The moment Lin Xi said that, Kalu looked towards us and said, "Young adventurer, all of you look free. If that is the case, can you accept a quest from me?"


    Lin Xi opened her eyes wide and smiled, "Sir, just speak, what do you need us to do?"

    "It is like this."

    The old cavalry chief said solemnly, "A month ago we sent 300 scouts to the north to explore the lost town Firefly Town. That was one of the important towns in the north for the empire and there were around 200 thousand stone of grain ammassed there. However, the Dimension Legion occupied it. Now, the scout cavalry have left for a month but there is still no news from them. They probably faced a bad situation."

    After saying that, he looked at us with a dark gaze, "All of you are skilled adventurers, can you help me take a look at Firefly Town. If you see them, can you help me bring them back? If you can defeat the army there, I have the power to give you even more glory and rewards."

    All of a sudden, "Lin Xi's voice shuddered from excitement, "Sir... Sir, we accept!"

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    System notification: Your party has accepted the quest Firefly Town (SS Grade)!

    Quest contents: Head towards Firefly Town in the north to save the trapped scouts. Apart from that, wipe out the enemies there and buy the empire a chance to transport grain. After completing the quest, you will obtain huge rewards!


    "Another SS Grade quest!"

    I held my Silver Ocean Sword with a smile on my face, "Not bad not bad~~ We are going to gain so much gold, experience and reputation points today"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Moreover, if we are lucky there might be extra rewards, so exciting!"

    I laughed, "So... Let's head out? Firefly Town's coordinates have been marked on the map."

    "En, let's head out!"


the five men party moved out once more and this time we were heading even deeper than Blood Ice PLains. Firefly Town was half an hour from where we were. It seemed like Xuanyuan Empire had lost too many cities in the war with Dimension Legion and were forced back. If not for Bahuang Marquis being vicious enough, this line would continue south and the entire Dongxing Province would be eaten by them. When that happened, teh situation would become even worse.

    Along the way, I saw many desolate villages and it had been a long time since there were people here. Those wells were even dry. One could also see marks of battle left on the grounds. Not long later, we stood in front of one of the villages and at the walls were many broken armor, shields and swords.

    Lin Xi walked at the front and frowned when she saw all this, "Once in Destiny, there was Dragon City defended by Frost that acted as a barrier. Now is different, Dragon City didn't exist. Humans could only rely on marquis like Bahuang Marquis to defend this north region."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "He probably won't be able to defend it for too long either."

    I said calmly, "Bauang Marquis is one of the strongest of the twelve. If even he can't defend it, it is a matter of time before Dongxing Province is lost."

    "Things will change."

    Lin Xi smiled towards me, "After all, once our level gets higher, the secondary city will open. Our next target is the Dongyang City. If Dongxing Province is lost, we will have nowhere to go."


    I nodded, "There are many difficulties, as long as we don't give up we will have hope."


    She smiled, "Let's go, we are really near to Firefly Town."



    We passed a damp and decomposing forest and once we appeared at the edge, there was a small river. The river water was fast and it wasn't that wide. It was at most just 20 meters.

    "It seems like we need to walk across." I said.

    "En, let's go."

    The bunch of us got into the water and swam over. When we reached the shore, we saw a town covered in darkness. This was Firefly Town. The Firefly Town had no light now and was only filled with death energy. The entire town looked like it was infected.

    "Sha sha..."

    Suddenly, one could hear footsteps from outside the Firefly Town. A person ran out.

    "Look, there is someone!" Tony pointed.

    Everyone looked and saw that he was wearing soft armor and on his chest was Xuanyuan Empire's dragon shaped mark. He held a short sword and his boots had disappeared. His body was covered in wounds and blood!


    I galloped over, "This should be the scout cavalry!"

    But when I charged over, that human race soldier waved and shouted, "Don't come! Go! Go! They are coming, leave!"

    "What is going on?"

    I frowned and stopped moving. At that moment I heard rustling from the forest and a red patch covered the land and swept over.

    "What... What is going on?" Lin Xi opened her mouth and she was stunned.

    I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw carefully. The red thing chasing the guy was just football-sized ants. They were crawling over and there was even one of them on his shoulder that was trying to bite through his armor.

    In the next second, Lin Xi saw the monster's stats too and shared it to the party--

    Moving Army Bug (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: 82

    Attack: 6600-8250

    Defence: 3500

    Health: 200000

    Skill: Consume, Poison Attack, Group Power

    Introduction: Moving Army Bug, ants that came from hell. They have strong reproduction ability and they listen to Dimension Legion to launch attacks on humans. Most of the destruction of villages were actually done by them. They consume everything and anything can be their food.



    Tony panicked, "So many Unique Grade Monsters, what can we do? If they surge over, we stand no chance."


    I turned around, "Lin Xi, do we retreat!?"


    Lin Xi nodded, "Retreat and use the water. Since they are ants, the water isn't their land. The reason why they didn't proceed south is probably because of the river. Quick, let's retreat to the water and think of how to wipe them out!"

    "En, I think so too!"

    I pulled my rope and galloped to the soldier. I held to slice off the Moving Army Bug on his shoulders and said, "Move, I will cover."

    "Be careful young man!"

    His eyes were filled with gratitude and he charged towards Lin Xi and the others. I used Saint Storm onto the Moving Army Bugs and dealt 30 thousand onto each one of them. one had to say that their stats were too weak and their defence was low. Their health were on the level of blue or even green monsters. They were easy to kill but there were too many of them.

    Turn around, run!

    I dashed into the river and when I turned around, the Moving Army Bugs started to surge over. When they were close to the water current, they stopped. Their red tentacles shook up and down like they had a natural fear of water.

    "Attack, use AOE skills to hit them!"

    With an order, we charged forwards. She used Bladestorm and instantly, numerous bugs were swept. More than half of their health were wiped out. Her Bladestorm was really powerful and dealt over 100 thousand daamge. Gu Ruyi's Flame Whirlpool finished it and large amounts of them fell to the ground, causing our experience bar to soar!

    Not bad, their health and defence were low but they were level 82 Unique Grade Monsters! As long as we used the land, we could get unlimited amount of experience. They were the best monsters to train against. This army stretched 1-2 miles and if we killed all of them, we would gain a huge bunch of experience!

    "This... It feels too good? !"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled and raised her bow to shoot out Ice Arrow. This was the Archer's AOE skill as iced arrows descended from above. Along with Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi's AOE damages, experience was gained.

    This time, the riverside battle became Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan's battlefield. Although Lin Xi's Bladestorm was strong but the cooldown was 25 seconds. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan's Flame Whirlpool and Ice Arrow could be used consecutively. At this time, Lin Xi, Tony and I just smiled happily.

    These monsters were an extreme, either they were a huge win or a huge loss. If we didn't retreat, we might have been surrounded and died. Even I might not be able to block them. They were small and their hit box was small too. As long as I was surrounded, dozens of them could attack me and even with my high defence, I wouldn't be able to block it. After all, their health were low but their Attack was high!

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