Chapter 287- Blade Storm
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Zhan Yue Chapter 287- Blade Storm

 "Don't think about leaving!"

    Ahead, a shield holding undead warrior appeared and stabbed his spear forwards. There were the sounds of metals clanging and our paths were sealed up.

    "Not good."

    Lin Xi rode a silver horse and held Hellfire. Her gaze turned cold and entered White Star state, "I will open a path. Lu Li hold up the rear and bring these prisoners out. If not our hardwork will be for nothing!"


    I looked as Lin Xi charged out. She waved Hellfire and charged into the Dimension Legion shield formation. One had to admit that with White Star, Lin Xi was invincible. No one could block her sword here and even those small bosses would be forced back.

    At this moment, all I heard were killing shouts behind me. I turned around and saw an undead army charging.

    Okay, time for me to perform.

    I activated Ash Fortress and shot through the wind. Assault allowed me to stab into the core of the enemies like a blade. I then used War Trample and blood hooves smashed into the crowd causing a bunch of undead to cry out in pain. I charged towards the right and held up thousands of undeads here.


    Three minutes later.

    "We broke out, Lu Li come quickly!" Lin Xi's voice spread from the channel.

    Shen Mingxuan said hurriedly, "They are attacking from the sides and many of our prisoners are being killed. Faster Lu Li or you won't be able to get out!"

    "Understood, all of you go first!"


    After Shen Mingxuan and the others broke free, I galloped over but as there were too many Dimension Legion troops. Blood cavalrymen slashed and even with my defence, I was not able to hold on. When my health dropped to 14%, I had no choice but to change forms. Shura descended from above and I used Quickness. I activated Dark Shadow Jump to jump towards a Blood Giant at the front. I didn't bother about its attacks and continued to break forwards.


    An undead general held his spear

and looked towards me, "It is actually someone from Black Castle. Attack and chop this traitor into pieces. Bring his head to see His Majesty!"


    The dimension legion army surged from all around.

    I continued to suffer from hits so I could only activate Blood Drawing Blade. I fled while using Flames of Karma and Hunter's Edge to lifesteal. Right when there were a slightly fewer people in front, I raised my hand and entered White Cloak state. Under Quickness state, I charged out of their lockdown.

    On the plains, I could see Shen Mingxuan and Lin Xi from afar. I raised my hand and used the bushes to hide me to change accounts. Instantly, the low health Paladin dashed out. Right ahead, Lin Xi held the bloodstained Hellfire to receive me. The moment she saw me, her face was filled with happiness.

    "You really made it out..."


    I nodded my head and said with fear, "I nearly failed to make it out. These bunch of demons are crazy. You provoked them too much and they vented all their rage on me."

    I laughed, "Okay, it is on me. Let's go, accompany the prisoners back to the human race territory."



    After chasing, Shen Mingxuan looked at my low health, "Good fellow, you were beaten up so badly?"

    I rolled my eyes, "If not to cover you people, if not with the prisoners' movement speed, they would have been slain by the blood cavalrymen."

    "That is true."

    She smiled, "It was hard for you!"

    On the side, the elegant and scholarly Tony said, "With You's leveling and quest speed is too fierce, especially at Blood Sparring Ground. Those scenes were just too frightening."

    Gu Ruyi smiled and didn't say a word.

    Shen Mingxuan stared, "This is scary? This is nothing, there will be more crazy things in the future."

    Tony looked a little awkward, "I... I didn't throw face right?"

    "A little..."

    Shen Mingxuan said honestly, "In comparison, Lu Li was fiercer than you. You haven't done much while Lu Li tanked a whole group of them."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's stop teasing Tony but Lu Li's performance was indeed really strong. He hit those who he should hit and charged when he needed too. I am really more and more surprised by him."

    My face flushed red and I didn't say a word if not I would just be bragging.


    Just like that, a bunch of us sent the thousands of prisoners away from Blood Ice Plains. However, the prisoners were really slow and we had to have lunch midway. At around 2pm, they were finally on the plains connected with the human race territory. From afar, that old but strong figure appeared-- Cavalry Chief Kalu!

    "Oh, they..."

    When they saw the prisoners, his body shook and tears appeared, "I recognise you... You are Bahuang Army's warriors, you... You have disappeared for half a year, people said that all of you died, all of you are..."


    They all knelt down and teared up, "We are finally home... We are finally home..."

    The old cavalry looked at their dressing and guessed what they had experienced. He helped them up one by one, "You have proved your courage and now that all of you are back, you are still Xuanyuan Empire's warriors. All of you get up..."

    The old cavalry walked towards us, "Young adventurers, I didn't expect all of you to break through all difficulties to bring them back... I am really surprised, come, this is the glory that belongs to all of you!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the quest Save War Prisoners (SS Grade), obtained experience +70 million, reputation +4000, Charm +2, Gold +3000!



    Right when the rewards were announced, Lin Xi stood stunned on the ground.

    "What happened, Lin Xi?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "You... Did all of you get extra rewards?" Lin Xi asked.


    Gu Ruyi and I shook our heads.

    "I... I got an SS Grade skillbook.." Lin Xi was really emotional. She opened her palm and an orange light wrapped skillbook appeared in her palms. Instantly, the introduction appeared in front of all of us.

    Bladestorm (SS Grade skillbook): Activate a storm form from blades and attack 40 yards. After use, deal large amounts of damage along a trajectory. Damage is based on one's Attack, cooldown of 25 seconds. Required job: Warrior, level required: 75



    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Congratulations Lin Xi, you finally have a proper AOE Attack technique, congratulations~~"

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "That is great, your account is even more perfect now!"

    I nodded, "En, moreover this Bladestorm is different from the other Bladestorms in previous games. Those are just storms around the character and the range is limited but Lin Xi's one is tossed out like my Saint Storm. Her damage should be even more terrifying, this skill really is not bad."


    Lin Xi nodded and raised her hand. The skill disappeared, "Lu Li, stand still?"

    I knew what she wanted to do. I activated Ash Fortress and held my shield in front, "Come!"


    Lin Xi held Hellfire with one hand and instantly wind wrapped around her skirt and cape to show her snow white legs. In the next moment, blades appeared around her and formed into a blade storm. She activated the all out attack mode and that caused Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi to retreat. This skill looked like it could deal a large amount of damage to surrounding targets. Shortly after, Lin Xi waved Hellfire and caused Bladestorm to cover me!


    My body felt like I was being sliced by thousands of blades. Even if Ash Fortress, I still felt an intense pain. A storm swept my body and large damage numbers jumped above my head--




    Shen Mingxuan opened her mouth slightly, "Even with Ash Fortress, Lu Li still took so much damage. If he didn't use Ash Fortress, that should at least do 50 thousand damage right?"


    I nodded, "Lin Xi's move can insta kill most none heavy armored players."

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    Tony was stunned and muttered.

    Lin Xi looked at the skillbar, "This is only a level 1 Bladestorm, once it reached level 8, it would be even more terrifying."

    I touched my nose, "Does this mean others won't be able play anymore?"


    She giggled, "My Bladestorm only hits enemies and not friends!"

    "Scoff, you did hit me..."

    "Okay, you remember grievances!"

    She smiled, "It is only 2pm, what should we do next?"

    "There doesn't look like much."

    Tony said, "Why not we continue to train in Blood Ice Plains? We can get a lot of reputation points from killing demons. Even if we aren't leveling, it is good to get reputation points."

    "That... Seems okay..." Lin Xi smiled and nodded.

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