Chapter 286- Luckiest Person
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Zhan Yue Chapter 286- Luckiest Person

 Audience platform.

    There were undeads on the sides and they all gave off the smell of decomposition. The five of us sat in the crowd and we felt out of place. Shen Mingxuan frowned and said in the party channel, "I feel like I am back in 2020, where everyone around me are sick..."

    I nodded, "Right, let's not look at them. If they look at us we might even get pregnant."

    Lin Xi laughed and punched my shoulder, "Shut up!"

    I laughed too.

    Lin Xi said seriously, "In a moment, Tony will buff me and I will enter the center to cause chaos. Lu Li you are in charge of causing more chaos outside and it is best if you slash those pieces of wood and cause the ground to collapse. Mingxuan, Ruyi and Tony all of you save the prisoners. We will then gather and charge out."


    I nodded, "Are you sure you are fine charging into the center?"

    She smiled, "I have to try, if not how can I buy time for all of you? When I cause the chaos then all of you need to start."

    "I understand."

    Right at that moment, a horn sounded out in the center. A fat undead said with a hoarse voice, "Welcome to Blood Sparring Ground, today we will have a human infantry battle. You will see 200 humans kill one another using their proud Bahuang Marquis formation!"


    An undead with two horns stood up and said arrogantly, "Dogshit formation, they couldn't even take one hit. But, they can indeed be used for fun!"

    Instantly, the sparring ground was covered in laughter as the demons showed their disdain and mockery of humans.


    Lin Xi stood up and after Tony buffed her, she wore her mantle and said, "I am going. Move together and let's mess up this ground!"

    I nodded, "Be careful!"



    "Dong dong dong--"

    Not long later,

War drums sounded and the gates below slowly opened. Human prisoners walked out and their legs were chained together. All of them held weapons like spears and swords. The armor on their bodies were tattered and their eyes were devoid of energy. A bunch of undead guards just chased them into the ground.

    "Faster you lazy bugs!"

    An undead soldier stabbed his spear into a human's legs and laughed, "If you don't walk, the next place I stab is your heart!"

    That human stumbled.

    Shen Mingxuan was stunned, "What kind of game is this, they are making such huge scenes for the five of us?"


    I shook my head, "Destiny's games are natural so the main computer simulates most of the scenario to get the current outcome. In other words, the game is designing itself. If not, even if everyone on earth became programmers, we still wouldn't be able to design so much data.

    Tony frowned and didn't say anything.

    At that moment, a few more human prisoners were injured when they tried to fight back. Right when their bodies were pierced, the crowd cheered. Many ugly undead waved their arms. This was the peak of their lives and they enjoyed this moment.

    Right at that moment, a white light shone. She was here!

    I knew that Lin Xi wouldn't allow such things to happen.


    A sword light slashed and Lin Xi in White Star mode dealt extra damage to the undead. Two slashes and one of the warrior's head was sliced. She then slashed around and broke the chains on the hands and legs of the prisoners.

    "En? ! Who is that!?"

    A few undead warriors charged over with spears.

    But Lin Xi defeated all of them. She stepped on the ground and was like a meteor that landed in the middle of the ground. She kicked that fatty and removed her mantle to show her beautiful looks. She shouted towards the audience, "What is the point in fighting those people that lost hope, don't you want to see something interesting Come, fight me. I am here waiting for you!"


    "Lin Xi she... Is she trying to stab the heavens?"



    "Where did this brat come from!"

    All of a sudden, many furious voices rang out from the crowd. Many of them jumped in and hollered, "Chop her beautiful head off and hang at the entrance!"

    On the platform, Lin Xi smiled and her face was filled with provocation, "I heard that you are the elites of Dimension Legion Territory? It seems like you are all just trash. The only skill you have is to make noise here? Come, charge up if you have balls, let me see your ability!"


    A Unique Grade monster covered in red light and with horns charged up the platform. Lin Xi used Blade of Dawn to smash him aside. Another hunchbacked Assassin monster appeared behind her and stabbed towards Lin Xi. However, Lin Xi saw that and she slashed behind her. While blocking, she also kicked it down.

    "You ant are asking to die!"

    An axe undead descended from above. His axe was shining bright and he looked like he wanted to smash both the platform and Lin Xi.


    She used her combo and his body was blocked a meter away by Lin Xi. She slashed him a few times before he fell onto the ground.

    "Why, is that all you have?"

    Lin Xi smiled. The cape on her back fluttered and she pointed down, "All you Blood Ice Plain elites are so weak? Come, all of you come, I will fight all of you!"


    I was stunned. I looked at Lin Xi as her words entered my ears. One could say that she was at the peak of players now. Who in the server dared to do that?

    No one!

    On the side, Tony's eyes froze. He looked at how heroic Lin Xi looked and muttered, "Whoever has her, must be the most lucky man in the world..."

    I frowned. I stood up, "Lin Xi has attracted aggro and it is time we got to work. Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi, Tony, you three save the prisoners and then ask them to head out from where we came from. I shall cause more chaos and also aid Lin Xi. Get to work!"


    The four of us ran down the stand. Shen Mingxuan and the others headed towards the prisoner camp on the right while I headed left. I slashed on a thick wooden support. Silver Ocean Sword was really thick and it only left a small cut. This pillar had durability and that slash only did 8%. Moreover, Paladin had only a few skills like Judgement and Momentum Slash.

    No, I had to change accounts!

    I turned back and saw that Shen Mingxuan and the others were gone. So I changed accounts and my Shura account descended. When I appeared, I summoned Orange Night and White Bird, "Cut these pillars, quick!"

    "Yes Master!"

    Orange Night used Giant Dragon Storm right away while White Bird slashed. Along with my Gouge+Godslaying Blade, we smashed the first pillar quickly!


    I kicked and this pillar broke. The structure above buzzed but it didn't collapse. It seemed like one wasn't enough.

    I activated Flames and charged towards the second to destroy it along with Orange Night and White Bird.

    "Weng weng weng~~"

    Above, the stone and bricks started to fall but the overall structure was still firm


    When I destroyed the third, finally the structure started to collapse. It caused a butterfly effect and the entire ground turned to ruins.

    Change account, leave!

    I rode into the ground and Lin Xi was still fighting. I shouted, "Lin Xi, go, quickly!"


    She kicked away an undead and activated Assault to fly above me, "Go!"

    "Pa ta", she grabbed my shoulder and she was resting onto my back. I pulled the reins and the horse brought us out.

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    Behind us, the structure collapsed and if we were slightly slower, we wouldn't have made it.

    Ahead, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Tony led thousands of prisoners out. Many of them had weapons in their hands and they charged out. Behind us were a huge Dimension Legion army.



    Tony's face was ashen white, "What are we waiting for, run! ! !"

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