Chapter 285- Blood Sparring Ground
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Zhan Yue Chapter 285- Blood Sparring Ground

  "The blood giants are here!"

    Lin Xi looked behind me and reminded, "Be careful!"

    "I know!"

    I turned around and pulled the reins to spin the horse about. I danced past their legs and the instance their axes were about to land on my head, I used Righteous Provocation. A golden lightning landed to lock their aggro onto me. I then led the horse forwards to open the distance.

    At the same time, I raised Saint Light Technique and used Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi. This was my only heal so I had to complete my mission!


    The instance that the heal number jumped, Tony was stunned, "Damn, what kind of heal is that?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Not bad... Your healing is above Breaking Dawn Fate's level."

    I laughed and continued to pull the monsters around. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi fired and instantly many hellfire minions were covered in arrows and their heads were scorched by spells. In less than half a minute, the bunch of hellfire minions were dealt with.

    "Deal with the Blood Cavalries."

    Lin Xi waved the Heaven Sword Umbrella and blocked the slashes of the two cavalry. I brought the blood giants to walk about around. At the same time I tossed Saint Light Techniques onto Lin Xi. I had to ensure that her health was above 50% if not the Blood Cavalry's attacks might insta kill her.

    On the battlefield, the four cavalrymen retreated. I brought the blood giants over and used War Trample and Saint Storm to coordinate with Lin Xi. Tony was stunned. He had never seen such perfect coordination in monster killing. The parties he followed probably just fought the monsters head on so he had never seen such kiting techniques.

    In a blink of an eye, the four blood cavalries fell and only the two blood giants were left. This was easy. Lin Xi and I pincered them from two directions and not long later, they fell onto the ground. At the same time, a blood colored leather parchment floated out from one of their bodies.


    Lin Xi walked forwards and picked it up. She noticed lines of golden words on it.

    "What is it,

Lin Xi?" I walked forwards and asked.

    "A ticket."

    She looked at me and smiled, "Take a look."

    She shook her palm and the stats of the ticket appeared--

    Blood Sparring Ground Ticket: Ticket for the Blood Sparring Ground (Blood Ice Plains, 7277, 1987), once player activates it, obtains quest (Save Prisoner) (SS Grade).


    "One ticket, quest activation scroll?"

    I laughed, "Good thing, should we activate it?"


    Lin Xi waved it and activated the ticket. Instantly a golden light shot up and an old man appeared above. He had a solemn expression, "Young adventurers, a tribulation is happening and you might be the saviors. Half a year ago, Bahuang Army and the Dimension Legion clashed on Blood Ice Plains and lost. An elite army was turned into prisoners and are locked in a sparring ground. These demons made our warriors fight one another if not they would kill them. This tribulation has lasted for a month so go, go and save those warriors!"

    After saying that, his body disappeared. A bell rang in our ears--


    System notification: You have obtained main quest: Save War Prisoners (SS Grade)!

    Quest details: Head towards Blood Ice Plains and use the ticket to enter. Releaes the human warriors inside and bring them back south to Kalu. You will obtain huge rewards!


    "Wow, SS Grade quest!"

    Shen Mingxuan was filled with bliss, "The heavens are helping us. Maybe they know that I have suffered huge losses so they gave us an SS Grade quest!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "En, just that the quest is slightly more difficult, is everyone confident?"

    I nodded, "No problem."

    In truth, my Assassin could even complete SSS Grade quests, much less SS Grade ones!

    Only Tony gritted his teeth, "SS Grade, I have not done one... Is it tough?"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Not much, don't worry. You just need to buff us."

    "En, great!"

    Thus, we opened the map and headed towards the north.


    Ten minutes later, we passed the west wilderness. The land was really desolate and the white snow appeared on the ground ahead. After which we stepped onto Blood Ice Plains. This map was huge and the Blood Sparring Ground was not far from us. It was close to the border of Xuanyuan Empire.

    Just like this, we walked 20 minutes towards the east and cleared the monsters along the way. We killed a bunch of Bonecrushers and Hellfire Minions. Five minutes later, a tattered city appeared. The walls were all turned into ruins and inside was just a mess.

    Without thinking, one knew that this city belonged to humans. After this place fell, the Dimension Legion took it over. At the center was a giant sparring ground. At this moment, many Dimension Legion important members surged towards the sparring ground.

    "What should we do, sneak in?"

    Gu Ruyi was worry.

    "Based on the quest, we should be able to."

    Lin Xi held the ticket and then wore the mantle over her head to cover her face, "Wear your mantles and cover your faces."


    We all did the same and covered our faces. At that moment, Lin Xi's ticket shone a blood light and wrapped around us. All of a sudden, it was as if we all became undead. Especially when others looked at us, the Silver Ocean Sword turned black and the bone horse under me was no different from an undead horse.

    Lin Xi looked at me and laughed, "Our With You Paladin actually became an undead cavalry, haha~~"

    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi smiled too.

    Tony was the same as a necromancer and he was holding a flame wrapped flute. He was helpless, "I don't look as handsome anymore."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Handsome doesn't mean anything. For guys, strength is the most important."


    Tony nodded while I was speechless.


    Just like that, Lin Xi led the way. She was like an undead warrior with a good body. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi followed behind and then I followed on my horse. Tony was at the back and we just came to the center of the city. The giant sparring ground was up ahead and on the left was a chariot that descended from the sky. It was pulled by two undead beasts and it landed right in front of the sparring ground.

    A fat undead walked forwards and bowed, "So it is the Castle Head of Tilting Valley, please enter!"

    A burly middle aged man wearing an armor walked down. He was a level 82 Unique Grade Boss and arrogance was written all over his face, "If this match isn't interesting, I will send troops to level this place out. It has no value anymore."

    "Yes yes yes, don't worry. We are organising a 100 men battle that won't disappoint you!"

    "That's good, scoff!"

    He walked in.

    "We should go too."

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    Lin Xi brought us to the entrance. Right there, a bunch of undead cavalry guarded the place. One of them walked forwards to stop Lin Xi, "Who are you, do you have tickets? You actually dare to come here?"

    Lin Xi showed the ticket.


    The soldier was stunned, "An esteemed guest with a golden ticket, please head in, please head in!"

    Lin Xi turned around, "The four of them are mine too, can we enter?"

    "Of course, please enter!"


    Just like that, we managed to enter the place. When we passed a long tunnel, the barricades had many thin humans in. They were all young males and they wore the special Linchen County armor. All of their faces were filled with despair.

    "There are so many of them..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked, "At least 2-3 thousand?"

    I nodded my head, "That is still the current amount. Before this definitely many people had died. It is so normal for people to die in the sparring ground. Maybe there were over ten thousand people imprisoned."

    Lin Xi said, "But, there has been no news from Linchen County, no one knew that so many were imprisoned."

    "Such defeats most probably won't be reported, you understand..." I smiled.

    She smiled helplessly and lowered her voice, "Lu Li, look at this area and design our escape path."


    I nodded and looked at the weight bearing pillars, "That's not it, we need to cause chaos if not we won't be able to flee."

    "En, I shall create chaos."

    She smiled and her expression was filled with excitement.

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