Chapter 284- How bold is a person
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Zhan Yue Chapter 284- How bold is a person

 West wilderness, it and the plains were separated by a path covered in grass.

    "Sha sha..."

    Under Lin Xi's leadership, we passed by a bunch of bushes. At this moment, Lin Xi sunk down and hid behind some bushes, "Quick hide, there are monsters passing!"

    Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and Tony all hid behind her. I recalled the bone horse and squatted behind her, "What?"

    "Look for yourself."

    She pointed forwards and as expected, a bunch of Dimension Legion monsters were pushing forwards. The ones at the front held a blood spear and rode on beasts. The one at the back were hellfire minions that were crawling. Further behind were two Blood Giants with axes. They were 5 meter tall.

    "Oh, its a patrol squad..." I smiled.

    Lin Xi nodded, "Yes."

    Gu Ruyi was shocked, "What is a patrol squad?"

    Shen Mingxuan explained, "Monster spawns in the maps are regulated. So in the west there will be bonecrushers. But some monsters will move about. Their paths are either regulated or not. For such moving monsters, players call them patrol squads."


    Gu Ruyi understood.

    Tony frowned, "Let them pass. Their level looks high and there are so many of them."


    Lin Xi looked into the distance, "Eight Blood Cavalry, 20 Hellfire Minions and two Blood Giants. If we fight them head on, we might get wiped."

    I nodded my head and didn't say anything.

    Just like that, once they passed, we walked out and passed the huge path to move towards the west wilderness. After we were there, we saw many hunchbacked figures holding bloodstained maces. They stared around with their eyeballs that were about to pop out. They roared viciously.

    Bonecrushers (Unique Grade Monsters)

    Level: 79

    Attack: 6500-8050

    Defence: 4500

    Health: 500000

    Skill: Heavy Strike, Bonecrushing Strike, Consume corpse

    Introduction: Bonecrushers,

a lowly lifeform of Dimension Legion. They were off the earth spirit tribe but after the undead infected them, they became violent. They hold maces and love to break their prey's brains and absorb the marrow. They are vicious and cruel and are hated by humans.


    Level 79 Unique Grade Monsters, to Lin Xi and I the experience wasn't that much but for Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi who were just above level 70, they provided a lot. As for Tony, of course it was high for him.

    "We can begin."

    Lin Xi held her sword and smiled, "Bonecrushers are just so-so. Let's split into two. Shen Mingxuan, Tony and I as one, Ruyi and Lu Li as the other. We will train separately. The efficiency would be higher."


    I nodded. If the five of us killed one, it was a little overkill.

    "I understand."

    Tony's face was filled with excitement. He started playing his flute and instantly, Warsong, Deer Neigh and Sandstorm etc solo buffs focused on Lin Xi. Her combat strength at least increased by 50%. He also played Autumn Palace Song and Parting at Yangguan Pass. All of a sudden, our Attack, Attack Speed and damage reduction all increased. One had to say that Musicians were a huge difference. The current Lin Xi was pretty much invincible.

    As for me, it was the same. My Assassin's strength might be the same as Lin Xi but the Paladin was much weaker. Fortunately, Lin Xi gave me Gu Ruyi. A super mage that was level 70+. With her damage, I just had to aggro the monsters properly.

    "Ruyi, let's go." I jumped up my horse and pulled out my Silver Ocean Sword.

    "En en."

    Gu Ruyi followed behind with her staff. Her robe wrapped around her exquisite body. Her face was filled with confidence as we charged towards a Bonecrusher.

    Assault! Righteous Provocation! Momentum Slash!

    The attacks launched such that Tony's face was filled with shock. One must know that Righteous Provocation and Momentum Slash were hidden skills. These skillbooks were really rare and for me to have both of them, my position in his heart increased by a large amount.

    Behind me, Gu Ruyi's spells started to sweep. Flame Whirlpool, Ice Soul Dragon Roar, Storm etc smashed down. The Bonecrusher's health was down to half. Along with me slashing with Silver Ocean Sword, it was dealt with very soon. I looked into the distance and we were a little slower. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan were beginning on their second one.

    "Ruyi, we need to work hard!"

    I was a little worried.

    Gu Ruyi burst out laughing, "I know. I won't slack. You work hard too, I think you can attack a little faster."

    I was speechless, "I can't. I am a Paladin, I have no Agility at all so my Attack Speed is just like that, don't put too much hope on me."


    There was no fight at all. Lin Xi+ Shen Mingxuan was much stronger than Gu Ruyi and I. Moreover, she also had a bunch of buffs so her Attack Speed and Attack increased. To say something bad, she alone was much faster than us. Much less with Shen Mingxuan. her orange bow was strong too.

    Just like that, we pushed forwards and killed a dense bunch of Bonecrushers. This bunch of monsters that loved smashing one's head, in front of our party, they were noobs!

    In half an hour, we killed enough and returned back to chief Kalu.


    "Not bad!"

    Kalu was impressed, "Adventurers from another world, it has been long since I have seen people as strong as you. kids, this world is changing and your arrival has added new blood for the humans. You have also strengthened Xuanyuan Empire's defence. You have passed my test. Go, go north, there are stronger enemies for you to wipe out."


    System notification: Congratulations for obtaining Captian Kalu's recognition, completed First Trial (A Grade), obtained experience +12 million, reputation +800, gold +50.


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    "Such little gold..." Shen Mingxuan frowned.

    Lin Xi smiled, "How expensive is gold now.. Moreover, this is only A Grade. It is not bad that we can buy KFC with this."

    "That's true..."


    Lin Xi placed her sword back into her shealth and looked into the distance, "The old cavalry told us to go north so there should be more quests there. Let's go."


    We said goodbye and followed the wilderness north. We saw a bunch of people in the mist, it was another patrol squad that was heading for us.

    "They are here again!"

    Lin Xi looked at me, "You all... What do you think?"

    I grinned, "If you want to fight then we shall!"


    Tony shuddered, "Are you... Are you thinking about hitting that?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Tony, after you buff just move to the back and don't join in. Lu Li, the two of us need to tank. I tank the four cavalry, you tank the two giants. Then we will focus to kill those Hellfire Minions. There are many of them so we need to run around with those giants and cavalry to avoid damage. Do you understand?"


    I smiled, "Don't worry, I won't disappoint you."

    She smiled sweetly, "I know. Then let's prepare to start. Apart from Lu Li doing whatever he wants, the rest of you listen to me."


    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi nodded. All of a sudden, apart from Tony, all of our blood started boiling. Challenging a patrol squad was not something a normal party dared to do. To be able to be with With You was fate but this was something necessary. After all we weren't a peaceful bunch.



    Lin Xi charged out and headed towards the cavalry at the front!

    I went from another direction and towards those two blood giants. Silver Ocean Sword shook and I aimed a Saint Storm towards them. With a "peng", a golden storm swept forwards and attracted the two giants. They held their axe and chased. Apart from that, a bunch of fast Hellfire Minions were attracted too!

    I glanced at the monster group before pulling a huge distance between the blood giants and myself. I brought the fast Hellfire Minions towards Shen Mingxuan and Lin Xi.

    "Okay, Lu Li is coming!"

    Lin Xi held Hellfire and smiled, "Kill the Hellfire Minions first!"

    She threw a bunch of her skills over and then I raised my sword into the crowd. I activated Ash Fortress and also used War Trample into the crowd which caused a huge amount of splash damage. Along with my equipment getting better, War Trample couldn't be underestimated anymore.

    On the side, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi fired. Instantly, groups of minions rolled onto the ground and died.

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