Chapter 316- God Hall Disciple
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Zhan Yue Chapter 316- God Hall Disciple

 Next morning, breakfast.


    "What plans do we have today?" I asked.

    Lin Xi cracked an egg while smiling at me, "Don't train solo in the afternoon, we have a quest."


    I was stunned, "What quest?"

    Shen Mingxuan said, "I got a mercenary quest before going offline. We need to head to Lingnan Province, Hedong County to help a Musician pass his Hidden Job Change. Only five people can do that quest so he found With You and requests that we have to succeed. He paid us 10 thousand in advance and after we complete it, he would pay another 20 thousand. A total of 30 thousand, we lack the money so Lin Xi and I agreed."


    I took in a deep breath, "Then I have to go if not there is no healer."

    "En en."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Do whatever you want in the morning and gather in the afternoon to teleport to Hedong County."



    After eating breakfast, I went online.

    "Shua", a white light flashed across. My Shura account appeared on the Black Castle path. It was morning in game so the mist spread about the forest. Streak of morning light shone on the mountain path stone and it made one feel really comfortable.

    I entered my inner world to take a look. Without surprise, the Spiritual Ruin was still scorched and dead. The energy ocean on the other hand was getting stronger and stronger, if... The Spiritual Ruin could awaken, my strength would exceed, just... Who knew whether or not it would happen. Anyways, my energy ocean look really mature now!

    Forget it, time to head to Senior Sister's area.

    Blood Pond, main hall.

    When I walked over with my daggers, the high grade undead cavalry knelt down. To them, I was Yun Yue's disciple and my status was a part of blood pond. So my position was higher than them.

    "You are here?"

    Within the hall,

a weird scent spread over. As expected, she had cooked another pot of dark food. She poured the medicine into a jade bowl and passed it to me, "Come, drink it all!"


    I didn't hesitate this time and drank the hot soup in one gulp. Instantly, the medicinal power exploded like a volcano in my stomach. I sat crosslegged on the white bed and streaks of energy rose up from the white bed itself that allowed me to maintain a clear mind. This bed was probably a treasure too!

    Just like that, an hour later, the medicinal powers were refined and I felt like my body was much firmer. Unfortunately, I didn't sense any changes with my Spiritual Ruin. When I looked into my body, the heaven lightning was still holed up in the Spiritual Ruin like it was storing up power.

    Forget it, I couldn't force for this thing!

    I shook my head and smiled, "Senior Sister, I shall go walk around to get a breather."

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    Yun Yue nodded her head, "As a cultivator, your heart is an important element. You need to be optimistic and happy which would help your cultivation."

    "En en!"

    I smiled and headed out from Blood Pond. I walked on the path of the inner divisions. Usually, this place would be covered by iron cavalry but it was much more quiet today. I walked on the path but in my heart, I was thinking about what to do. Should I go train or try to trigger a quest?

    Although I was much weaker now, but with Orange Night and White Bird, I would still be able to level and do quests. After all, Orange Night was now a Grade Six orange puppet and I hadn't tested how strong he was!


    "Oh, I was wondering who it was, so it is Blood Pond Lady Yun Yue's Junior Brother!"

    Right when I was thinking, a weird voice spread out from behind me.

    I turned around and saw an arrogant red robbed teen who was hugging a flame wrapped sword. He gave a smile with disdain and on his head, his name was really eye catching--

    Li Yang (Legendary Grade NPC)

    Introduction: A cultivator with the power of earth fire, King of Darkness's direct disciple, one of the four God Hall Disciples


    King of Darkness's disciple?

    I smiled, "Oh so it is Senior Brother Li Yang!"


    Li Yang smiled, "Junior Brother July is so lucky to have such a good master. Lady Yun Yue really... Such a treasure like the celestial turtle fruit, she actually gave it to someone with a shattered Spiritual Ruin, is it worth it? In my opinion, can't a piece of trash just be a piece of trash, isn't that good?"

    I smiled, "Oh, so Senior Brother is calling me trash?"

    "I didn't say that, you said that yourself." Li Yang laughed coldly.

    Right at that moment, a young man beside Li Yang dressed in green who looked really scholarly. His name was Feng Chen and he was also one of the Four God Hall disciples. He frowned, "Senior Brother, forget it... Talk less. I heard that Junior Brother July brought the spiritual herbs back from the north..."

    "Junior Brother Feng what is the meaning of this, you are helping an outsider?"

    Li Yang's gaze turned cold, "Even then so what. Since it is already in Black Castle, it is one of Black Castle's treasures and naturally it would depend on the Darkness God Hall and the Elder Hall. This kid's Spiritual Ruin is destroyed so he should know his place and cultivate. He shouldn't waste so much resources. Isn't that wasting Black Castle's foundations?"

    "Senior Brother, you..."

    Feng Chen gritted his teeth and he didn't know what to say.

    Right at that moment, a person flew down from the mountain path. His body was wrapped in death energy. It was actually Little Scum Dong Yuanbai. But after Master Ding Heng was injured, he had entered the three inner divisions and on his head was the left camp mark.

    "Senior Brother Li Yang, you are too aggressive right?"

    Dong Yuanbai laughed, "July Wildfire just entered the three divisions, why... You want him to back out?"

    "Dong Yuanbai?"

    Li Yang smiled, "Why aren't you cultivating in the left camp, what are you doing here?"

    "This is the three divisions, as a disciple why can't I be here?" Dong Yuanbai frowned, "I just came and saw Senior Brother abusing his position to bully other disciples. What is the meaning of this?"

    "Mind your own business!"

    A dark gaze appeared in his eyes and he laughed coldly, "Do you think a left camp disciple can offend the Darkness God Hall? Only four have obtained the legacy and there are hundreds who joined Lin Mu. Who even are you?"


    Another person walked out of the forest mist. His body was muscular and he was filled with explosiveness. There was also a feral nature to him. It was Two Balls, his strength now was totally different. On his head was the right camp mark, "It seems like Darkness King Hall's disciple want to suppress the other three division disciples?"

    "Lodan? !"

    Li Yang laughed coldly, "So what, you want to be a busybody?"

    "Of course."

    Two Balls smiled and opened his palms. Instantly a red colored purgatory lion power surged on his palm. He smiled, "Li Yang, as the eldest disciple, you can bully everyone but if you want to bully Senior Brother July Wildfire, then you have chosen wrong!"

    "Is that so?"

    Li Yang laughed and charged forwards, punching at a shocking speed.

    Two Balls sunk down and behind him was the image of the Purgatory Lion. His strength and aura increased in folds. It looked like his bloodline had retraced again if not he wouldn't be so strong. He raised his right fist and punched towards Li Yang too!


    There was a ear shattering explosion and the clouds scattered. Li Yang's palm was covered in earth fire and after clashing, his body only shook slightly. Two Balls was in a worse state and took three steps back to stabilise himself. He opened his right hand to remove the earthfire power that entered his body.

    Just one strike and one could see the difference in strength.

    Although Two Balls improved a lot but as compared to King of Darkness's direct disciple, he was still lacking.

    "Come again!"

    Li Yang smiled viciously and raised his palm. A sharp sword appeared and turned into an invisible flame that shot towards Two Balls that was catching his breath.

    Not good!

    I flew forwards and was about to activate Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map.

    But at that moment, Dong Yuanbai descended from above and shouted, "I will take that shot!"


    His sword light split apart and a giant wind cloud dragon wrapped around his blade. With a "peng", it clashed with Li Yang's earthfire sword energy. Instantly, stone started to scatter and energy rippled outwards. Li Yang was forced back twice while Dong Yuanbai flew back more. He smashed into Two Balls and they both flew.


    Li Yang laughed coldly, "I heard that you learned from Wind Cloud Platform's Ding Heng, you learned his Wind Cloud Palm to merge into your sword to create a Wind Cloud Sword Technique. Now it seems like Ding Heng's Wind Cloud Palm is just so-so!"


    I was infuriated, "Did you not brush your teeth? Or did your manners get fed to the dogs? I didn't expect King of Darkness to actually teach such a dog!"

    "What did you say!?"

    Li Yang raged and his face turned ashen white, "You dare... You dare to scold me?"

    "I am scolding you mannerless animal!" Two Balls stood up and scolded.


    "Good, very good!"

    Li Yang laughed, "The three division disciples actually dare to scold the God Hall disciple, good... Since that is the case then I have a reason to teach all of you a lesson!"

    "Is that so?"

    Right at that moment, Senior Sister Yun's voice spread from behind Li Yang.

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