Chapter 317- Rich family
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Zhan Yue Chapter 317- Rich family

 "Yun.... Lady Yun Yue..."

    Li Yang's body shook and he turned around. He saw Yun Yue's beautiful body standing behind and moreover, her face was filled with killing intent.


    In the next second, her body shook. No one saw how she moved and she was instantly in front of Li Yang. After which, she slapped and that forced Li Yang back several steps. A blood red palm appeared on his face.

    "Yun Yue, you!"

    He hollered in rage, "Don't forget about your identity, you are just the head of the Blood Pond. My Master is the Master of Black Castle, how dare you be so disrespectful?"

    "So what if I am?"

    Senior Sister raised her hand and flames gathered on her finger. With a "pu", a streak of flame finger power broke through the air and pierced into his left shoulder. Blood didn't spurt out and scorched the wound. Luckily she controlled the strike well and only harmed the surface and not the bones and tendons.

    Blistering Flame Finger was indeed scarily strong. Li Yang who was a Legendary Grade NPC really had no way to fight back at all.

    "Yun Yue, you actually use Blistering Flame Finger to hit me? !"

    Li Yang gritted his teeth.


    Senior Sister Yun said, "Apologise to my Junior Brother if not your punishment will double."


    Li Yang was about to rage, "I am the heir to the God Hall, who are you even. What rights does he have to make me apologise to him?"

    "That's good."

    Senior Sister Yun raised her hand once more and slapped Li Yang three times. His face was so swollen that it was about to become a pig head.

    "You... you..."

    Li Yang wanted to continue but in the next second, she used Blistering Flame Finger once more which pierced his leg leg. "Putong", this proud God Hall disciple actually knelt down on one knee.

    "Apologise immediately."

    Senior Sister Yun's voice was really calm.

"If not, the next one will be your dantian. I will do what I said."

    "You... You want to trash my cultivation?"

    "Why not?"


    Li Yang knelt on the ground and his body shook. His eyes were filled with rage and venom. After looking at me, "Junior Brother July... Sorry, I... My tone was too heavy, please forgive me!"

    "Okay, I forgive you."

    "Scoff, scram!"

    Senior Sister Yun raised her hand and sent Li Yang hundred meters out.


    At the side, the other God Hall disciple Feng Chen cupped his fists towards Senior Sister Yun, "Lady Yun Yue, please don't... Please don't bother with Senior Brother Li Yang, this... Sorry, our God Hall disciple was wrong."

    "Feng Chen."

    Yun Yue was calm, "King of Darkness has four direct disciples, Li Yang is the most arrogant and will be a problem. Zhou Ya and Li Yan are the same and Ning Zhi is already dead. In truth, you are the only disciple that can take over. Don't forget about your kindness and be yourself."

    "Junior understands!"

    Feng Chen bowed before turning around and leaving.


    "The two of you head back to cultivate and don't come out to cause trouble." Senior Sister said towards Dong Yuanbai and Two Balls.

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    "Yes, Lady Yun Yue!"

    The two of them bowed and then laughed towards me before leaving.

    After the battle, the clouds got thicker.

    Yun Yue didn't leave and just accompanied me on the path. She glanced at me, "Junior Brother, how do you feel. After losing your cultivation, you are being bullied... How?"

    I said, "It is okay, one day I will return it all in folds."

    She laughed, "En, your personality is like me. But I didn't expect you to bear with it. I thought that you would fight Li Yang right away."


    "Why not?"

    I felt a little awkward, "I lost most of my cultivation and even if I charge up, I will be asking for humiliation. I won't attack unless I have to."

    "Oh? You are smart."

    She looked and me and said, "To be calm is a part of cultivation. Although you are at your bottom but this might be the foundations for you to soar. Only by being determined can you reach the end and truly get your peak cultivation. Do you understand what I am saying?"

    I was a little stunned, "I understand it all, I will do that."


    She smiled, "Okay, Senior Sister won't disturb your cultivation. I will naturally explain to King of Darkness."

    "Senior Sister."

    She was about to turn and leave but I stopped her, "Beware of Li Yang, he is vicious and will be filled with hatred. You need to be more careful."

    "Don't worry."

    She smiled, "Take care of yourself. It is not time for you to take care of me yet, don't worry."



    When I looked at her fly away, I felt a little complicated. In the past, Master Ding Heng treated me well and now Senior Sister Yun too. They were people I were indepted to in game, and were these the people that would lead me to the truth? What kind of secrets were behind all these storylines and the huge Illusionary Moon?

    I sucked in a deep breath and didn't bother so much.

    Just like that, I brought Orange Night and White Bird to train on some monsters. Time was up and I had a team quest in the afternoon. I just went offline.

    For lunch, when we had a lunch box, a horn rang from outside and a cargo truck was in front of the villa.


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "The person fixing the lift is here. They will start work in the morning."


    I nodded my head and looked at the spot of the lift, "If they are working, they will see everything if you go online in the hall. Go online from your rooms?"


    Lin Xi said gently, "So Lu Li, we will all go to our rooms, you go online in the hall so you will be close to us. Moreover, you don't mind them looking at you..."

    I rolled my eyes, "I am pure okay..."


    Shen Mingxuan spat out the coke in her mouth. She wiped her mouth while smiling, "You really are shameless..."

    I laughed out loud, "Okay, I know. I will just go online on the second floor. But it would be really noisy so the quest in the afternoon might not be so smooth."

    "En, don't worry. The building is low so it would take around a week to finish." Shen Mingxuan said.

    "That's good."

    After lunch, the three girls returned to their rooms while I came to the hall with my glory helmet. As for why I had a glory helmet, I explained to Shen Mingxuan before so Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi both understood. After all, I told them my identity and it was written clearly on my resume.



    The sunlight shone on Linchen County's square. My Paladin account was prepared and my equipment were all repaired. My bag was filled with all sorts of potions. Now that the storage space of Ancient Bracelet increased, was able to buy enough potions for everyone. To us, we definitely won't run out.

    A few minutes later, Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan all went online and we were all well prepared.


    Lin Xi held her sword and glanced at me, "Why aren't you level 80 yet?"

    I looked at my level, 79. I recalled that I didn't train these two days so of course I didn't level. I smiled awkwardly, "Not yet, I wasn't hardworking enough but I am about to. I am bringing the orange mount along so I can ride it once I level up."

    "En en."

    She brought us to the teleportation formation and said, "Okay, prepare to begin. Remember, we are teleporting to Hedong County, don't mess up. The teleportation cost is 200G and that person said he would reimburse us for it."

    "Not bad, honest person!"

    I nodded and confirmed the county. In the next second, my body was being broken down and sent through space. When I opened my eyes, I was in another city. This was Hedong County!


    "The hirer is on the east bridge, let's go and take a look."

    Lin Xi jumped up her horse and rode the silver horse at the front. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan followed behind and I was the last. The bunch of us attracted a lot of attention and instantly, people started discussing--

    "Wa, who is that? Isn't that Lin Xi?"

    "Right, they are from With You. Why are they here?"

    "Damn... Lin Xi is so beautiful..."

    "That Paladin is one of the top in Linchen County and he could battle Lin Songyan, so amazing..."

    "Tsk, which one of them are weak... If not Lin Xi wouldn't have wanted them."


    On the east bridge, three people appeared, one guy and two girls. The guy was a level 80 Warrior, that level... He was definitely ranked in Hedong County and he looked quite handsome. He wore equipment that shone orange and his ID was Light Lantern. One of the two girls was a level 79 Mage, her ID was Light Frost and she was really beautiful. She was around 20. The other was Light Lotus, a level 78 Musician. She was slightly younger than the other girl and she looked quite cute. She held a staff and her body looked well developed.


    Light Lantern walked forwards with a smile, "Thanks for your help, Lin Xi this time... I had no choice. This is an SSS Grade quest and I am afraid we can't handle it so I could only invite With You. "

    He turned around, "Second Sister, Little Sister, call the men over!"


    Two girls walked over and greeted us.

    Lin Xi looked at Light Lotus, "Is she... Real sister?"

    "Of course..."

    Light Lantern smiled awkwardly, "Little sister got a hidden job quest and this quest has to be passed in one try so I had to do this well. If not the two of them will beat me up."

    Lin Xi laughed.

    I looked at them. On first look, they did look similar. This family really looked really good and each one of them had great features. Moreover, they had to be rich. If they weren't who could spend 30 thousand to hire someone to complete a quest. After all, this was just one quest!

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