Chapter 318- Spirit Zither Master
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Zhan Yue Chapter 318- Spirit Zither Master

  "Don't worry!"

    Lin Xi slapped her chest and instantly her snow white peaks jiggled. So did my heart. Lin Xi looked at Light Lantern and said, "Hand the quest over to With You, since we have taken this mercenary job, we will try our best to complete it. If we fail, we will refund all the fees and won't take a single cent."

    "En, thank you!"

    On the side, Light Frost smiled, "Then... Little sis's quest is all yours. Thank you Lin Xi!"

    "No need for thanks."

    Right at that moment, Light Lantern coughed, "Lin Xi there is something I need to remind all of you. This time it is not only the quest difficulty, there is also a threat."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Tell me about it."

    "A threat from players!"

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    Light Lantern frowned, "Before this, the three of us had conflicts with a super guild in Hedong County and we even fought several times."

    "Which guild?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "Winds of Battle!"


    Right when she heard the name, Lin Xi smiled, "The three of you are indeed strong. The only people in Hedong County that dare to offend you would naturally only be Winds of Battle."

    "Is Winds of Battle strong?" I asked.

    "Cough cough..."

    Lin Xi looked at me like she was looking at a rookie, "Let's not say whether or not they are strong or not. But Winds of Battle are first rate while Breaking Dawn is second rate. Do you understand?"


    I nodded my head, "So they are stronger than Breaking Dawn, haha~~"

    At the same time, I felt a little bad. Bad that my Assassin's cultivation was gone, if not today I might be able to use July Wildfire to kill so many people in Hedong County!


    Light Lantern frowned,

"Winds of Battle really can't be underestimated. Winds of Battle's Feng Xian is one of the top players and like you, he is said to be one of the top Battle Reflux Style players. Deputy Yun Zhang and Zilong are both quasi first rate experts. The others like Yide, Meng Qi, Xuande etc are all strong. Our family and their problems begun because of that Meng Qi."

    "Ma Chao..."

    I smiled, "Does this person have character problems?"

    "It isn't that he has character problems, it is just that he is arrogant and keeps saying that Winds of Battle is the only ruler of Hedong County. OUr Light Family were unhappy and thus came into conflicts with them."

    Light Lantern sighed, "The moment my sister's SSS Grade Job Change is activated, there would definitely be a server report like Linchen County's August End. I am worried about Mengqi. If they interfere, it would make the quest much harder."

    "That is fine."

    Lin Xi licked her lips, "Since With You has taken this job, we will try our best to complete it. If they come then we will reason with them. If they don't give us face then we can only kill them."

    Light Lantern looked much more at ease. It was obvious that he was initially worried that With You wasn't willing to offend Winds of Battle. After all, Winds of Battle had a different status and were on the same level as Elements. If one had a choice one wouldn't be willing to offend them. Lin Xi agreed because With You was too poor... And in accordance to morals, we should agree too.

    After all, this was a game and everyone played for the game experience. Job change was a huge matter to players. Those people who spoil other people's job change for revenge and jealousy are just scum.


    "Then... Let's begin?"

    Light Lotus smiled, "Lin Xi, I will add you all into our party?"


    After which, Light Lotus pulled us into her party one by one and then looked towards Light Lantern, "Brother, then... Let's begin?"


    Light Lantern nodded and raised his sharp sword, "Your sister and I will send all of you into the game map. Even if Winds of Battle come, we will be able to fight."

    "En en!"

    Light Lotus took out a golden scroll and on it drew a zither that shone brightly. In the next second, she used a skill and the light swelled up. In the golden rain, an ancient beauty descended from the sky hugging a jade-colored zither, "I didn't expect you to be able to read my tune. Since that is the case then let our zither journey begin. Send the carriage with the zither books and me back on the path. As long as we reach safely you will be my heir!"


    System Notification: Please note, player Light Lotus has activated Hidden Job Change Spirit Zither Master's quest Legendary Zither Tune (SSS Grade), a carriage carrying zither books have appeared in the map Hedong County (15787, 16627). If the carriage gets destroyed, the job change quest will fail.


    "It begins, the system has started to show coordinates!"

    Right at that moment, the ancient beauty hugged the zither and smiled, "Let's go, our path back has begun!"

    She walked at the front and the carriage followed behind but no one was riding it. However, the war horse was really well behaved and just followed behind her.

    "It has begun!"

    I jumped up the horse and pulled out the Silver Ocean Sword, "Old rules, Lin Xi you lead the path and I will follow behind. The rest of you guard left and right."


    The bunch of us walked out of Hedong County easy gate and behind us were a bunch of players there for the fun. This was relatively awkward. When we walked out of the county, there was a huge bunch of people behind.

    "What should we do?" Light Lantern frowned, "This would be problematic."

    "It is fine!"

    Lin Xi turned around and pulled out her White Dragon Sword. She said loudly to the people behind, "With You is here to help a friend to complete a quest so please don't follow us, can you... All give With You, give me some face? Thank you, please stop following."


    Someone replied right away, "Lin Xi, we will give you face."

    "Right right right, let's stop following. I hope your quest goes smoothly!"

    "Lin Xi, goodbye!"

    Most of them gave face and in a blink of an eye they all return. Only a couple of them remained, they looked for a while before leaving too.



    Light Lotus hugged a pipa and smiled, "It looks much safer now."

    "That might not be the case."

    Light Lantern frowned, "Anyways let's be quick, once we enter the quest map it would be safe. In truth, this was the part that was more dangerous. After entering this map, it would be down to the five of you."


    I followed at the back with Silver Ocean Sword in my hand. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and looked around. As expected, not long later a person crouching appeared in my field of sight. It was a Winds of Battle Assassin, level 77 that was following us in a moderate distance. He continued to report coordinates to people above him.

    No choice, I couldn't tell Lin Xi this if not my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye would get exposed.

    Currently, most players knew that July Wildfire could see through stealth but no one knew that A Little Brother could. If I said it out, I would be exposing myself.


    Not long later, two more Assassins appeared. A few minutes later, two more. They were level 75 and above high level Assassins. Winds of Battles were really putting effort into this.

    "Lin Xi."

    I frowned, "Too quiet, this is not normal. Winds of Battle should be coming soon."

    "En, I sense it."

    She clutched White Dragon Sword and smiled, "But that is okay, what comes will come. Speaking of which, I spoke with Fengxian before so who knows if he would give me face."

    "What if he doesn't?" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

    "Then I can only use White Star to beat him up..." Lin Xi smiled.

    I smiled. One had to say that Lin Xi's ingame attitude was really good.


    Not long later, the carriage passed a forest. This was a maple leaf forest. Right when I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to observe the area, I saw many figures hiding there. Their heads had a whole bunch of Winds of Battle emblems. It was obvious that their main force had intercepted us.

    "Lin Xi, the forest is weird. I saw a healthbar shake." I warned.


    Lin Xi stared towards the forest.

    "Sha sha..."

    Maybe Lin Xi's gaze made them feel awkward. A few seconds later, many people charged out. The one at the front was the level 79 Paladin Mengqi. His equipment shone a pale orange and behind him were dozens of Winds of Battle elites. He pointed his blade forwards, "Wait!"

    "What are you doing?"

    Lin Xi glanced, "Is this a robbery?"


    Mengqi rode his horse forwards and said, "Lin Xi, you should have asked carefully before you took the quest. The Light Family is Winds of Battle's enemy. We won't touch With You so you can go away but you have to leave the quest items. Our Winds of Battle can't watch as Light Lotus become the Spirit Zither Master!"

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