Chapter 319- Winds of Battle Fengxian
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Zhan Yue Chapter 319- Winds of Battle Fengxian

 "Mengqi stop being a bully!"

    Light Lantern gritted his teeth and he pulled out his blade. His blade shone a golden light and he was about to attack.


    Mengqi laughed, "A loser shouldn't say such things. I will only say one setence today. Give up the quest and Winds of Battle won't kill anyone. After all it is tough to level. Our only goal is to stop her from changing jobs!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "What if we don't?"

    "You don't?"

    Mengqi frowned, "Lin Xi, we respect you so we hope that you respect Winds of Battle too. We definitely can't let Light Lotus pass this."

    "This is called respect me?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "With You has already accepted this quest. From this moment on, whoever stops her is our enemy."

    Instantly, a Winds of Battle archer frowned, "Beautiful Lin Xi, so you are determined to fight for the Light Family? I think there is no need to."


    Mengqi laughed coldly, "For just one Light Family to be enemies with Winds of Battle, is it worth it? Lin Xi didn't you consider that?"

    "Worth it."

    Lin Xi said calmly, "Not only because we are hired to help but because you all are just despicable. You are trying to spoil the hidden quest that others got. Is that what Winds of Battle does?"

    "Lin Xi!"

    Mengqi's tone got heavier, "With You... Are you determined to be enemies with Winds of Battle?"


    Lin Xi pointed her White Dragon Sword forwards ad a white dragon wrapped around the blade, "I also want to ask. Is Winds of Battle preparing to be enemies with With You? If you have made that choice then bring it on. We will accept all your attacks!"

    After saying that,

She said in the party channel, "When we fight, I will restrict them. Lu Li charge with me and then use Self-sacrifice. I will try to kill most of them. Ruyi, Mingxuan, protect Light Lotus and the carriage. The entrance should be the forest ahead."


    I nodded.


    "Since that is the case, then... Don't blame us!"

    Mengqi raised his blade and shouted, "Brothers attack. Since With You is determined to help them then let's crush With You. Let's let them know who rules Hedong County. Anyways, it is definitely not them!"

    The Mages at the front started to chant. They were 40 yards away from Lin Xi and were within range!


    Right at that moment, a White Star shone that blew Lin Xi's skirt and cape. She was covered in a layer of pure light and the White Dragon Sword became even purer. With a "pu", she used Assault. In the next second, she appeared beside Mengqi.

    "Huh? !"

    Mengqi reacted quickly and slashed at Lin Xi. However, he was not quick enough. When he stabbed, Lin Xi's Heaven Sword Umbrella swept forwards and blocked the blade. At the same time, White Dragon Sword used Wind Chasing Stab+ Double Hit that hit his shield and his health started to drop!

    Lin Xi was also buffed by Light Lotus. Her Attack, Defense and Attack Speed all increased!

    "Damn, heal Brother Chao!"

    Someone in the crowd shouted.

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    But it was too late. Lin Xi appeared on his other side and White Dragon Sword shone once again. She used Bladestorm and Mengqi who was so close was instantly killed. At the same time, Bladestorm swept forwards into the Mage, Archer and Priests, killing a bunch of them. Bladestorm did at least 500-800% damage and could insta kill people!

    No one expected Lin Xi's attacks to be so strong. In just an instance, with Wind Chasing Stab+Double Hit+Bladestorm, dozens of people died including Mengqi.


    "Focus fire!"

    Numerous skills landed on Lin Xi. Even though she was in White Star state, but her health was dropping really quickly. I used Assault to charge over and then used War Trample in the crowd. I then hollered and used Self-sacrifice to connect Lin Xi and I together. I then activated Ash Fortress to tank.


    With self-sacrifice and Saint Light Technique, Lin Xi had nothing to fear. She charged forwards and spread her left hand. Heaven Sword Umbrella turned into streaks of sword light which swept the crowd ahead. She then charged in front of a Paladin and swept with White Dragon Sword. She used Blade of Dawn to end that person. She then moved beside a bunch of range players and used Flame Blade Thrust!


    A flame sword pierced through the crowd and the critical strike killed 4 and badly injured 6.

    All of a sudden, the higherups of Winds of Battle were terrified. Who knew that Lin Xi alone had such terrifying combat strength. They had never witnessed such strength before and even Fengxian didn't have such ability. After all there were many people that were highly ranked and Lin Xi was definitely one of those top few. There were differences in strength between top rate players.

    "Do all of you still want to fight?"

    Lin Xi raised her White Dragon Sword and pointed at them, "With You and Winds of Battle has no animosity. Do all of you want to offend us because of this?"

    In the crowd, a furious Assassin shouted in rage, "Lin Xi you are a bully. I should be the one asking you that. Winds of Battle has no animosity with With You. Do you really want to offend us because of a job change quest?"


    Lin Xi said, "Whoever is not happy bring it on!"

    The bunch of them were terrified and no one dared to speak up.

    In truth, as long as they continued attacking, we didn't have much chance of winning. After all, once Self-sacrifice was up, Lin Xi would be in danger. The Mages dealt a large amount of damage to her and the overall damage was over 20 thousand. With just Saint Light Technique it wasn't enough. Moreover they had stun spells and if I was controlled, Lin Xi would lose healing.


    "Shut up!"

    Deep in the forest, a person from Winds of Battle shouted. The Winds of Battle players were terrified and they didn't say anything else. A person on a fire red horse came out from the bushes. His eyes were fearless and he just walked over.

    This person was fierce!

    Winds of Battle Fengxian, level 82 Warrior, Guild leader of Winds of Battle and also the top player of Hedong County!

    Light Lantern was already really strong but he was suppressed by Fengxian so that showed how strong this person was.

    "Winds of Battle Fengxian, you are finally willing to appear."

    Lin Xi looked at him and smiled, "What is the meaning of this?"


    Fengxian stabbed his halberd into the ground and then cupped his fists, "Sorry Lin Xi, my brothers don't know you which was what caused all this. If I knew that you were heading to Hedong County, I would have invited you to tea!"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Forget it. Today just give us face and don't disturb our quest?"


    Fengxian said solemnly, "Of course, after all... It is your studio, haha~~"

    "Thank you."

    Lin Xi nodded.

    Fengxian looked back sharply and then pointed at Lin Xi, "Take a look, she is Lin Xi, she is my friend. You actually dare to attack her. Do you all want to die?"

    They trembled and didn't dare to say anything.


    Fengxian said solemnly, "She is in line to take over as the strongest player and you actually attacked her, are you asking for death? Moreover, Lin Xi is the only person I respect. Let me tell you, stop causing trouble with Chen Chao. The secondary city is about to open and the guilds will gather. If all of you misbehave, I won't care about you!"

    The brothers shouted, "Sorry Boss, don't be angry!"


    He touched his nose and smiled, "Lin Xi look, I have scolded them, so go do your quest. I ensure that we won't disturb you. As for this quest period, Light Family and us won't have any conflicts. Is that okay?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Thank you."

    "Then... Add a friend?"


    After adding friends, we continued to protect the carriage. Those Winds of Battle people were also scattered by Fengxian.

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