Chapter 320- Destroying old instruments
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Zhan Yue Chapter 320- Destroying old instruments

The carriage proceeded forwards into the forest.

    "So quick?"

    I rode the horse and touched my nose, "That seemed so smooth..."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Damn!"

    Gu Ruyi was stunned, "Why are you angry?"

    Shen Mingxuan said, "This Fengxian actually held us hostage to get on Lin Xi's friend list, scoff... If we were strong enough, we wouldn't need to pay any price and he would just retreat!"

    "If you say it like that, it does make sense."

    I said solemnly, "Our smooth passage seemed to be obtained by sacrificing Lin Xi's looks..."

    Instantly, her face flushed red, "Sacrifice your head! It was just a friend request, all of you are reading too much into it..."

    "Anyways, we just need to be stronger in the future!"

    Shen Mingxuan took in a deep breath but she still looked like she was angry about it.

    Light Lantern frowned, "Winds of Battle is used to controlling everything in Hedong County. Fortunately Lin Xi came today, if not, little sister's quest would have failed..."

    Light Lotus nodded, "En thank you Lin Xi!"

    "No worries, we accepted the quest so naturally we will go all out." Lin Xi blinked and smiled, "Light Lantern, Light Frost and Light Lotus, what are your plans in the future?"

    "No plans..."

    Light Frost said, "There are just a few of us so we will just play around and add a few friends. We will just try not to get bullied."

    "You need a strong organisation behind you."

    Lin Xi turned around and smiled, "This game is a strong eat weak game... Why not... Once With You creates a guild, are you willing to come over?"

    She added, "If you are willing to join With You, then this deal today will be free!"

    "Isn't that not good?"

    Light Lantern was shocked, "Your studio needs fees to run,

no matter what, we should follow the agreement. As long as my little sister suceeds, we would definitely pay what we need to."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Then... Are you willing to join With You?"


    Light Lantern hesitated, "I can't make this decision, I need to ask second and little sister what they think..."

    Light Lotus said, "Don't look at me! I like Sister Lin Xi, of course I am willing!"

    Light Frost burst out laughing, "If little sister is willing then I am too. Brother, it is up to you."

    Light Lantern smiled, "Then okay, add me as a friend. Once With You's Guild is built then contact the three of us. Us and our friends are willing to join right away!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "If that is the case then we are all on the same side. I will talk about Fengxian about your grievances and if they are willing to give With You face then it is all okay. If they aren't then we will take this up and this will be between Winds of Battle and With You."


    Light Lantern nodded, "Thank you, Lin Xi... Oh no, thank you, Guild Leader!"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "This... This feels a little weird~~"

    I smiled, "That is okay, you will get used to it. Speaking of which, you didn't create your own guild in the past?"

    "No, I have always went about alone and didn't have a guild."


    I was stunned. Lin Xi could play solo until she became one of the top players. Her strength was just so strong!


    Right at that moment, a light veil appeared in front of us which was the quest gather point.

    Light Lotus smiled, "Brother, Sister, we have arrived. All of you can return. It is enough with Lin Xi and the others."

    "En, good luck!"

    Light Lantern and Light Frost returned back to the city with the City Return Scroll.

    At this moment, the ancient beauty and the carriage entered the light veil so we followed. Instantly, a wide world appeared ahead and the map changed to Magic Zither Battlefield. This looked like an ancient battlefield, just that... No corpses, just a pile of giant instruments.

    "This world... How did it turn into this..."

    The ancient beauty frowned and looked a little depressed, "I have to try my best to bring the books back to my home and let the pure music return to the world."

    After saying that, she walked forwards through a path in the middle of the battlefield.


    I carried the Silver Ocean Sword, "Our mission is to help the NPC open the path. Are all of you ready?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "Old rules. Lu Li and I will pull the monsters and the two of you just damage. Lu Li use Envoy of Light and focus your attacks. Let's clear this map as soon as possible."


    The horse galloped forwards and we saw a black instrument jumping out, "Aiyo... I know that, when I was young and someone in the village died, those people at the funeral were playing with this instrument, it did sound so bad..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Little Brother, this is called a Reedpipe..."


    Lin Xi shared the instrument's stats into the channel, it did look quite strong--

    Demon Reedpipe (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: 85

    Magic Attack: 8200-10550

    Defence: 6000

    Health: 800000

    Skill: Smash, Ear Piercing Tune, Melody Crash

    Introduction: Demon Reedpipe, an instrument with a long history. Within the battlefield, these demonised instruments have swept this place for years and today their end has arrived


    "The Magic Attack is really high! Be careful."

    Light Lotus was a little worried.


    I shook my head, "Lin Xi attack. Their defence and health are average. Let's just hit it head on!"

    "En en!"

    Lin Xi and I split up and pulled the aggro of a dozen Demon Reedpipes. These Demon Reedpipe jumped in the air and once they got close to a person, their bodies would spit out a blood red glow. They would also shoot out ear piercing music attacks with itself at the center, dealing damage to targets around. The third skill was a single line attack. In other words, the Demon Reedpipe had high AOE damage and thus healing was really important.

    Fortunately, I had Envoy of Light and when fighting alongside Lin Xi, I just had to activate it and our health would maintain at a safe 70%.

    Behind me, Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan went all out. Ice Soul Dragon Roar, Seven Star Shot and Wind Storm Arrow swept the monsters and dealt huge damage. Light Lotus was shocked and her eyes opened wide, "You... All of you are so amazing!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Once you become the Spirit Zither Master, you will become as amazing as us! !"

    "En en!"

    The girl's eyes were filled with anticipation.

    In truth, this trip was definitely worth it. We were able to recruit the LIght Family into With You and if we helped Light Lotus complete the quest, With You would have recruited a strong Hidden Job player. Spirit Zither Master was definitely a job that did well in PK and wars!

    For her, it was worth offending Winds of Battle! Moreover, Winds of Battle were the ones in the wrong. Lin Xi had the same viewpoint as me on this. People who tried to spoil others' job change quest are just scum.


    Just like that, we killed the Demon Reedpipes for an hour. When we passed, behind us were their corpses. In truth, they were just a bunch of destroyed instruments. Their droprates were not that good and there weren't much equipment and gold. Fortunately, the experience given were quite good and that made up for my lack of training recently.

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    Further ahead, the scenary changed and the battlefield was now gold. Shortly after, many loud bells rang in the sky. Many chimes appeared in the sky. They shook their bodies and beside them were many little wooden hammers hitting them.

    Demon Spirit Chime, level 86 basic orange monster. Their stats were slightly above that of the Demon Reedpipes but were still not able to threaten us.

    "They are here again, this time it is chimes."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I feel like we are going to destroy all the ancient china instruments."

    "About there."

    I held my Silver Ocean Sword and smiled, "Attack. The final Boss should be tough. Before that, let's try not to use special skills and long CD ones. Leave them for the Boss!"

    "En, that is true."

    Thus, we clashed with the chimes.


    Half an hour later.


    A voice message came from Ah Fei, "Brother, I think I did something dumb."

    "What happened?" I asked.

    "I made Little Qian."


    "I was talking to another girl and she saw it."


    I frowned, "What are you planning to do? I can tell that Little Qian likes you and she is someone with clear morals. What are you going to do?"

    "She has been angry since morning and I only managed to calm her down a few minutes ago. She finally agreed to level with me. I promised her to delete that girl. "

    I smiled, "En, good that you deleted."

    "But I added her alt account."

    Ah Fei laughed, "I knew her from a bar two nights ago. She is beautiful and her body was fiesty too. If I don't take her down, won't I regret for the rest of my life?"


    "Brother what is wrong with you, why aren't you saying anything?"

    I was speechless, "Wait and see. With your personality, you are going to take a loss from girls. I am waiting to see that happen."

    "Even if I die and become a ghost under the Mudan Flower, it is still worth it..."


    "How will a virgin like you know anything!"

    "Scram, I am leveling!"

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