Chapter 321-Job change success
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Zhan Yue Chapter 321-Job change success

 An hour later, the chimes were killed.


    "Dong dong dong..."

    A war drum sound that shook my heart spread out from the distance. Under the cloud layer, many war drums floated out. behind them was a giant beast that smashed down on those drums which dealt shockwave attacks to the surroundings. Instantly, the battlefield looked like it was going to get ripped apart by the loud drum sounds.

    Demon Spirit War Drum, level 87 Unique Grade Monsters. They were 4 levels higher than Lin Xi and it seemed like the final Boss's level wouldn't be low. It would be another intense battle!


    Lin Xi frowned, "This monster is so noisy..."


    Shen Mingxuan nodded, "Lu Li attack, slash these drums!"


    Lin Xi and I split up again and we attracted three each. Momentum Slash+Bladestorm+War Trample was the perfect AOE damage which caused the drums to tremble. The giant beasts that hit the drums only did just that and didn't attack players. Their own health was connected to that of the drums and they were easily killed.

    But, the drums also did AOE damage so Lin Xi and my health bar dropped really quickly. Just Envoy of Light was not enough so I had to use Self-sacrifice on Lin Xi and then Saint Light Technique on myself. Like this, we were able to kill more than 6 monsters at once. Moreover, if we didn't do that, the monster killing speed would be too slow.


    Light Lotus was shocked, "Is there a countdown timer above?"


    Lin Xi and I turned and said.

    "Why do I have..." She was shocked.

    "What countdown timer, how long is there left?" Lin Xi asked.

    "92 minutes."

    Light Lotus said, "Mine still has, it should be the quest countdown... Oh my god, if we don't walk out in 92 minutes,

the quest will fail!"


    I frowned, "Lin Xi let's speed up, if not we might really fail."


    Lin Xi held the White Dragon Sword and said, "draw 15 of them at once. Activate Light Shield Wall and Ash Fortress to tank if not I can't deal enough damage."

    "Understood, go all out. With me here, you can't die!"


    She flew forwards and brought 17 of them back. I sliced right in and smashed Light Shield Wall right between the drums and her. Shockwaves spread and smashed onto the wall. I activated Ash Fortress to reduce damage and then used War Trample+Saint Storm+Judgement. My strongest damage was used without holding anything back!

    Behind me, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went all out to kill those drums too!


    At this time, we finally understood why this quest was SSS Grade. So there was a time restriction. Honestly not many parties in the server could do it. With You were one of the few that did have the ability right?

    Light Lotus's expression turned solemn. She used her few skills to damage while adding buffs to Lin Xi so that her damage was the top of the party. As for mine, I was second last but my healing was top. I was so far ahead!

    Just like that, we killed the monsters and finally managed to kill them all 60 minutes later. We were at the last part of the battlefield. Please no basic monsters as we only had half an hour to kill the Boss!

    "Bless us, no basic monsters."

    I rode at the front. No matter what, I had to draw the monster over.

    After dozen meters, a strong gust blew over and sent me flying back. I rolled on the ground and quickly healed myself. A rainbow light hung down and a old voice reveberated, "I didn't expect that someone that comprehended the source zither to return... Good, good... As long as you can defeat me, the Zither Holy Land... Will be returned to you..."


    An old scroll music sheet descended from above and when it spread out, it was dozen meters long and the sheet was covered in a blood glow. Power wrapped around it and it was filled with explosiveness.

    "Yes Boss!"

    Lin Xi prayed, "Bless us, don't be Legendary Grade if it is Unique Grade, we have a chance..."

    She shared the Boss's stats into the channel, fortunately it was Unique Grade!

    Spirit Demon Sheet (Unique Grade Boss)

    Level: 87

    Magic Attack: 12000-15500

    Defence: 9000

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    Health: 10000000

    Skill: Smash, Ear Piercing Tune, Melody Strike, Demon Tune Heaven Stream

    Introduction: Spirit Demon Sheet, a sheet that collects the most evil tunes in the world. It itself is a pure evil item and it was created by a musician that fell into the demon path. When it was completed it swallowed the Master and became a problem for the holy land.



    I didn't hesitate and used Assault on the Boss right away. With a "peng", the entire sheet shook and used Ear Piercing Tune on me. It dealt just 12000 damage. After all this was a Unique Grade Boss. We were already able to handle Legendary Grade ones so Unique Grade bosses weren't a problem.

    "Good luck!'

    Light Lotus gritted her teeth, "Only 29 minutes are left, we need to kill it in 29 minutes!"

    "Don't worry!"

    Lin Xi activated White Star, "The 40+ White Star points I accumulated will all be spent today. We will definitely help you finish this quest!"

    "En en!"

    Thus, we went all out to deal damage. Lin Xi got up close while Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan just stood there to fire. Shen Mingxuan even used Barbaric Domain right away and the arrows swept within the domain to deal damage that was even higher than Lin Xi.

    Gu Ruyi's single target damage was also quite high.

    The only person that focused on survival was me. I used Self-sacrifice, Light Shield Wall, Envoy of Light and Saint Light Technique. I even used Barbarian Ice and Silver Ocean so that everyone else could focus on damage!

    But the Boss's health was too thick, 10 million. Conservatively speaking, we needed at least 30 minutes. This quest was just too tough!

    "Good luck!'

    Light Lotus's voice trembled.


    15 minutes later, the Boss's health dropped to 49%. It looked like we could make it but actually we couldn't. Fortunately, Lin Xi activated all sort of skills and used her combo. Which further increased the speed that the boss was dying.

    "Three minutes left."

    Light Lotus's voice shook and continued to countdown for us.

    "Release the pets!"

    Lin Xi said, "Increase damage and if the pets die then so be it. Lu Li will use Envoy of Light to heal the pets too!"


    The moment Flame Turtle and Flame Bird's health dropped to health, I used Envoy of Light and became a legendary vet!

    Just like that, when Light Lotus told us that 1 minute was left, Lin Xi used Gale and the Boss finally died!

    "Wu wa~~~"

    The moment it died, it didn't drop anything at all! But there were large amounts of experience and I leveled up. My Assassin reached level 85 and the Paladin was adjusted to 80. I equippeed Thousand Mile Moon Foal right away and looked like a really strong cavalry type player.


    Above the Boss's corpse was an old body that flashed. He looked at the ancient beauty and said, "Holy Land... Has finally welcomed its true master, goodbye, tens of thousands of years of battles has finally ended here..."


    She hugged the zither and after sending the Boss's soul away, she looked at us, "Thank you adventurers, you have allowed me to return home, as for you..."

    She looked towards Light Lotus, "Are you willing to be my student to become a true Spirit Zither Master. To use Zither to comprehend the dao of the world and crush evil. Will you use the tunes to end wars?"

    Light Lotus was surprised, "I am willing... I am willing..."

    "Very good."

    She waved and the job on her head changed from Musician to Spirit Zither Master!


    System Notification: Congratulations player Light Lotus for completing SSS Grade quest, obtaining hidden job-- Spirit Zither Master!



    Lin Xi smiled, "Congratulations Light Lotus!"

    "I am the one that has to thank all of you!"

    Light Lotus was delighted, "Really thank you. Without all of you, I couldn't have completed this. Even if Winds of Battle didn't stop us, just brother and I, we would definitely fail..."

    "No need, we did get paid..."

    "En en, brother will wait for you at the Hedong County east square to pay the rest. Head over."



    We were teleported out and walked back to Hedong County. Light Lantern had been waiting with a smile, "Hehe, as expected from With You, thank you!"

    "Why are you being so polite, we are on the same side."

    "En, even so, we need to be clear on fees."

    Light Lantern transferred to Lin Xi and smiled, "Okay, now we will wait for With You to create a guild."

    "Okay, see you next time!"


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