Chapter 268- Hot temper
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Zhan Yue Chapter 268- Hot temper


I used Dragon Will on the densest group of people and instantly a whole group of them fell. This palm was filled with true dragon power. A golden dragon image flew in the palm wind and it looked really overbearing and majestic. Although this palm only killed 40+ people, the remaining 200+ of them were shocked.

"It is time to fight our way out!"

Little Black held his sword and said, "Ah Fei, should we charge out?"


Ah Fei spread his palm and summoned Stone Snake. Instantly, a huge being jumped out from the spell formation in front of him. A snake that was covered in green stone charged out of the formation and coiled itself. When it raised its head, it was at least 5 meters tall.


They started to charge. I held my daggers and activated Unparalleled Shattering and Blood Drawing Blade once more. My next target was-- Only Shooting God!

"Damn, we can't block him!"

Only Shooting God retreated with a bunch, "Boss has ordered us not to have unneeded sacrifices. Spread out and if you have a chance, use the City Return Scroll. Those who have no chance, retreat to Linchen County with me! July Wildfire is from the Darkness Faction, he can't enter Linchen County."

"Right, retreat, retreat!"

I held my daggers and continued to chase. My only target was Only Shooting God as he was too target. If I didn't kill him everytime I saw him, he would get more and more arrogant.

Right at that moment, players from Linchen County appeared. Some were factionless, some were from Elements and Dragon Alliance. There was no one full force to challenge me.

Only Shooting God ran while looking at the players, "Brothers from Linchen County, July Wildfire is chasing us. Why aren't you helping? Kill him, how can we allow such a demon to do what he want in Linchen County? Whoever kills July Wildfire is the hero!"

Instantly, the passersby all scoffed, "Pui! For Dreams went to find trouble with August End and drew July Wildfire out. Now you want us to die along with you, stop dreaming. We won't attack, we are just here to watch the movie."

"Right, we are here just for fun. This has nothing to do with us."

Some people even waved at me, "Hi July Wildfire, we know that you are a player, why not add me as a friend?"

I laughed. Linchen County players weren't fools and each person had their own personality. When most of the players knew that the system boss was July Wildfire, a player with Hidden Job, their attitude towards me changed. Since I was a player, then I was one of them so there was no need to kill one another.


"Only Shooting God, how long do you want to flee for?"

I used Dark Shadow Jump to jumped towards a half health Enchanter near him. I raised my hand and shouted, "Come, I will send you back for free!"


A lightning shone from my dagger and turned into Apprehension which appeared in the sky.

Suddenly a beautiful figure appeared. She had white skin and her leather armor wrapped around her body. She looked forwards curiously, "Are you two fighting?"

I was stunned.

Shen Mingxuan, why was she here?


A golden storm swept the crowd. Shen Mingxuan was among them. At this moment, her face turned ashen white, "July Wildfire... Why are you killing everyone!?"

"I didn't mean too!"

I charged forwards but it was too late. Apprehension didn't have movement skills and she didn't even have skills to increase her speed. She bit on the health potion but it was too late. Moreover, Apprehension critically struck her. Just two ticks and she fell to the ground.


I was beside her corpse and frowned. This idiot, she dropped from level 70 to 69 and couldn't wear the equipment that she just equipped. A day of hardwork was gone. Why was she here? !

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This was a misunderstanding, but... I had no way of explaning myself.


Forget it, I had to kill For Dreams first. This time they dared to surround Ah Fei and Little Black so I had to make them pay the price. If not they would come again next time!

Right when I swept For Dreams, Lin Xi spoke, "Shen Mingxuan was killed by July Wildfire in Demon Trace Forest!"


Shen Mingxuan appeared, "Not long after I entered, July Wildfire used Apprehension to kill me. His damage numbers are so high, two crits and I lost 40 thousand health."

I frowned, "Shen Mingxuan they are in chaos there why are you so dumb to head over?"

"I am watching the show!"

She was speechless, "Who knew that he is really like a demon. He just saw me and used Apprehension right away!"

"You make it sound like you are in the right..." My head felt numb.

Lin Xi said calmly, "Shen Mingxuan don't revive, let me handle this."

I asked, "Lin Xi how are you handling this?"

"Blood for blood!"

She said, "What else."

I wanted to speak for myself, after all it was a misunderstanding but if I said too much, I would expose myself. I shall just clear them out before leaving and try not to fight with Lin Xi. After all, I had no confidence in winning.



Lunar Eclipse turned into a blood light and killed the For Dreams Paladin. Right when I heaved a sigh of relief, I entered White Cloak mode and prepared to retreat!

But right when I did that, a silver shadow charged out from the bushes. It was Lin Xi, she didn't ride a horse to mantain her mobility. She had Hellfire in her right hand and slapped Dawn Vision on the ground.

"You really are here!"

She gritted her teeth. Hellfire turned into a bright light that stabbed, quick and accurate!

Lin Xi's attack looked simple but it was quick and accurate. It was different from the attacks of other players. Her's had no chance to dodge. In truth, all the top experts could do that. When they attacked, their opponents wouldn't be able to dodge.

So, I had no chance!

I raised my daggers and my left dagger blocked the tip. Instantly, my left arm felt heavy and I was totally surpressed in terms of strength. I raised my right dagger to block the middle of the sword and then with these two movements, I was barely able to stabilise.


Lin Xi held Hellfire and on her head showed the Dawn Vision mark. Her eyes were filled with shock like he didn't expect me to block her attack. She smiled, "Not bad, you have improved but I can still kill you. Bring it on!"

I frowned, "It was a misunderstanding, I didn't do it on purpose."


She frowned and was even suspicious, "Is that real?"

"Really, I have no need to lie to you. After all, I am not afraid of you." I said calmly.

"Since that is the case."

She gave out a smile that I had never seen before, it was filled with excitement and also provocation, "So what. That is a level from my best sister, you don't mind dropping one level as compensation right?"

This arrogance!

I like it...

My heart started to beat, "Sure, if you have the ability then bring it on. But be careful, don't end up losing one of your own instead."

"You don't have to care about that!"

She charged once more and she wanted to end me before Dawn Vision finished. This was a wise choice, if not White Cloak+ Attack meant that she was at a huge disadvantage.


Another quick and accurate sword!

Although it was a basic attack but I couldn't underestimate it. If she hit me, my body would lose balance and then I would face her combo!


Unparalleled Shattering!

Blood Drawing Blade!

I used all my status skills and also slid right. I blocked her sword with my left dagger and that caused Hellfire to brush across my face. I then stabbed her waist with my right dagger.


Right when I thought I succeeded, Lin Xi spread her palm and swords gathered to form Heaven Sword Umbrella. She shook off Lunar Eclipse. At the same time she raised her leg to kick. Her long white legs were filled with shocking strength. I had no ability to dodge so I could only raise my leg


A loud explosion and both of us actually caused energy current s to surge about. I also retreated back. The fact that I was suppressed in terms of strength couldn't be changed.


The sound of wind being broken rang out. Before I stood still, Lin Xi used Assault. This was lethal!

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