Chapter 269- Draw
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Zhan Yue Chapter 269- Draw

When one was forced back, there was a temporary slow effect. One's movement speed would be affected. Lin Xi's Assault was connected perfectly, as if she had predicted everything beforehand. So it was impossible for me to use mechanics to dodge. I gritted my teeth and used my special skill- Hellfire Body!

Damage reduction increased to 90% for 6 seconds!


Lin Xi's shoulder smashed onto my chest. She also sensed the special effect and her lips curled up. She tried to move behind me to reduce vision.

Stun ended.

I tossed two Bloodthirst Banners down to add Attack. At the same time I charged forwards but didn't expect sounds of swords hitting my armor. Lin Xi didn't allow me to leave such that I was unable to find the right vision even after turning around two or three times. On the last time, Lin Xi finally appeared in my sights.


Flames wrapped around my dagger as I used Gouge!

Lin Xi used Dawn Protect without hesitation and instantly damage reduction increased. I had no way out and could only wave my daggers. I turned to her back and used Backstab+ Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge on her. If this was someone else, they would have been insta killed but Lin Xi only lost 50% of her health. Dawn Protect along with her equipment made her too tanky.


The moment sword and dagger crossed, Lin Xi and I were ready to go again. We faced one another and attacked. Sword and dagger clashed many times. Some were blocks and some actually landed.


Flying Flame Slash!

A red sword light aimed right at my chest. It was quick and accurate.

If this sword hit, I would have to take her next set of hits. I couldn't hesitate!

I retreated and opened my palm. A scroll appeared, it was Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map! Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was already a level 7 treasure and could block 3 attacks.


What I didn't expect was that right after she used Flying Flame Slash, she would use Double Hit to instantly clear out the two other damage block effects of Flying Flame Slash. Her adapting skills were too quick such that I had no time to keep my treasure.


I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear behind her back and then used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack+Godslaying Blade+ Basic Attack. Instantly her health dropped to 20% and she was at a dangerous point!

Separated by water!

The instance that I used my combo, she used hers too- Gale!


Golden energy waved and the two combos clashed. But the moment she used it, she spread her palm and Heaven Sword Umbrella was opened. It blocked a lot of damage and she actually tanked it just like that. After the combo finished, she waved the Heaven Sword Umbrella to attack!


A loud explosion.

I blocked and was still forced back. My health was left with 30% while Lin Xi had aroun 10%. At this moment, no one had absolute confidence of winning after all we could insta kill each other. Although my health was more than her, but this was just one set of skill. After all, Assassins were squishy.



Many people had surrounded the area and they were stunned, "These two are just so strong? We all know how strong Lin Xi is. This July Wildfire, a dark horse... He could actually reduce Lin Xi's health to 10%, this kid is so strong. Where did he come from?"


Lin Xi and I looked at each other.

It seemed like we both had to use our trump cards. I looked at the special skill value and raised my hand. The Pheonix Necklace's Flame Rebirth skill activated and I started to heal up. Lin Xi also used hers and her health started to jump. She reached above 50 just like that.

"It seems like I can't defeat you in my normal form."

I smiled and activated- Flames!

Instantly, flames flashed across my eyes and my body started to surge in flames. My hair turned red and even my eyes were blood red. Runes appeared on my chest, arms and legs. I was totally wrapped in flames, like a god that had came down from above!


the players surrounding had their mouths agape, "July Wildfire... He can transform? Darkness Faction is really so strong. Lin Xi is in trouble..."

"Right, if Lin Xi used all her skills, she really can't defeat July Wildfire. She lost on skills."

Right when everyone were discussing.

Lin Xi frowned and opened her palm. Streaks of silver dawn power jumped and a breeze started to blow around her. It turned into a silver storm. Shortly after, her hair and brows were covered in a layer of silver light. Her eyes were also half silver. She was like a goddess whose shirt and cape danced in the wind.


Battle notification: Player Lin Xi has activated White Star, all stats increased. All hidden stats are strengthened and Attacks has turned into 50% true damage. She is also immune to all effects that increase defences!


"White Star?"

I was stunned. I didn't expect Lin Xi to have such an effect too. Moreover, it didn't look weaker than Flames. If we continued to fight, one of us would really die here.


White Cloak flashed. The instance that I used it, I retreated out of the area.


Under White Star state, Lin Xi opened her mouth slightly. She looked into my direction in shock and also slight disappointment. Most probably she didn't expect me to leave.

"July Wildfire... Is gone?"

A middle aged mage was stunned, "It looked like... He had a chance of winning, he left just like that?"


A young Archer frowned, "But facing Lin Xi with White Star state, July Wildfire's chances wouldn't exceed 50%. Their battle is like a comet striking earth."

"What a waste, if they continued to fight, a winner would be decided."

"Right, these two along with Elements's Feng Canghai, they should be the three strongest on Linchen County right?"

"Pui, these three. In the entire server they are the strongest!"


When people behind were discussing, I left. Lin Xi's Dawn Vision effect also disappeared so it was impossible for her to kill me. She would even get killed by me when she was weakened. I took out the City Return Scroll and went back to the city. As for me, I returned to the battlefield to protect Ah Fei and Little Black. Only then did I return to Black Castle.

Right at that moment, a bell rang in the sky--


System Notification: All players please note, the server will undergo a patch in 30 minutes, and will reopen 12am tomorrow. The path details are Unparalleled Pets!

The server was about to go through maintainance? It seemed like maybe due to Ah Fei's Stone Snake, the game developers were complained and they had no choice but to open the patch in advance.

I was stunned, it was only 9pm.

Right then, Lin Xi's voice spread into the group, "Maintainace, I can finally rest. Let's go offline. I want to drink milk tea, I want pudding milk tea!"

"Ok ok ok, I will buy it for you!" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

I coughed, "I am nearest, I will buy. What flavors do you want, just tell me."

"I want lemon fruit tea." Shen Mingxuan said.

Gu Ruyi smiled, "I want yakult green tea."

I nodded, "Okay, I will go now."



I went offline and headed right towards the milk tea shop. Right when I returned, I saw that the three girls were all waiting to go.

Since the server was down, it meant that we all had a break.

"Lin Xi."

I held my wildberry milk tea and said, "I heard people say that July Wildfire and you drew at Demon Trace Forest?"

"En... About right."

She looked at me and smiled, "How do you know?"

"It has started spreading!"

"That is true..."

Shen Mingxuan said, "Is July Wildfire really that strong? He relied on the Boss identity to crush people early on, but as a player he is still so strong?"

"En, he is."

Lin Xi looked at us, "I thought that with White Star I could crush him, who knew that he had Flames. Based on the situation, I had 50% chance of dying."

"Scoff, with your personality you won't admit defeat. Even with 20% chance you would try right?" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

Lin Xi's face flushed red, "En. I wanted to but he suddenly retreated. Why? Did he not want to kill me?"

I scoffed and continued to drink my milk tea without answering her.

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