Chapter 267- Ghost Blade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 267- Ghost Blade

"Hey, July Wildfire!"

Heart's Desire didn't retreat and he smiled instead. He activated Quickness and then charged forwards to use Gouge on me.

I saw clearly and the instance that I placed a Bloodthirst Banner down, I moved right and flicked his wrist with Lunar Eclipse. That helped to block Gouge. But at that instance, his eyes shone a vicious glow, "You fell for it, look at my Ghost Blade!"


The instance that he brushed passed me, his left dagger fired behind him and turned into a ghost soul light that struck my bag. Three damage numbers rose up. This fellow's attack was really high!




Fortunately it was me. If it was some other Assassin, that move would have worked. Two other Assassins rushed over and they used Gouge. One left and one right such that I felt like there was nowhere I could move at all.

Just nice, they were here to give me blood!

Blood Drawing Blade!

I used the lifesteal skill and charged towards the left. My sidestep dodged the Assassin on the left and at the same time I used Gouge on his back. Critical Strike! After dealing 50 thousand damage, I lifesteal for 20 thousand. At the same time I used Flames of Karma on the other Assassin to kill him!


Heart's Desire was shocked, "Two idiots, you are feeding him!"

He slashed once more. Right when he got close, he turned directions and moved in a weird manner. Right when I moved left, his left dagger aimed below my arm.

As expected, a top ten Assassin on the server was really sharp!

I wasn't afraid but felt really excited instead. Actually, For Dreams was right. I was relying on my stats and skills. My mechanics was not top rate and might be weaker than those in front of me. But I was a human too and I definitely didn't think that I was dumber than him. I just needed experience and training. Since there was such a strong Assassin to battle with me, naturally I would have to cherish this.


I spread my left hand and waved. Like magic, Autumn Moon Cold River was now inverted. I slashed my dagger down and it smashed against Heart's Desire's dagger. The moment I blocked, I could see the shock in his eyes.

He thought that he could crush me with his mechanics but he didn't expect me to play around in such a battle!

"You are asking for death!"

Heart's Desire scoffed and sped up. His body turned into an afterimage to charge behind me.

Was he trying to play with vision?

Close combat battles relied on attacks, vision control, this was the so called playing with vision.

While fighting, one would avoid being face front and just had to deal damage from the back. There was a battle video online that showed a low level Warrior using this movement to kill another warrior whow as 50 levels higher than him.

But, it wasn't so easy to do that to me.


Behind me, the sound of dagger slashing through the wind could be heard. This strike had charged for a long time and he probably thought that I couldn't fight back. But he had underestimated me. In that instance, I used Quickness and my speed was far above his. I stepped right and dodged out of his Backstab range!


Looking at his shocked expression, I laughed, "My turn!"

I turned into a streak of light and my daggers turned into two streaks of light to deal my five hit combo. Heart's Desire frowned and tried to block the third. But the fourth and fifth one hit his body and one of them hit. He was now in low health. My absolute advantage along with mechanics that were around his level caused such an outcome.


He gritted his teeth and pushed his dagger forwards. A blood light wrapped around his dagger.

"Blood Stab, die!"

The moment that he used that, an S Grade glow shone around his body. This fellow really had skill, Ghost Blade was SS Grade, Blood Stab was S grade. To normal Assassins, to have these two extraordinary golden skills was amazing!


I retreated and held both daggers up to block his. I perfectly blocked the S grade skill.

But the moment I raised my head, I noticed that he was ten meters out and he had fled! So Blood Stab wasn't to kill me but to flee?

Dark Shadow Jump!

"Peng", I used Dark Shadow Jump and I chased up to im. It dealt 200% damage and Lunar Eclipse also used Backstab. Instantly, Heart's Desire couldn't do what his heart desired. He knelt onto the ground and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Heart's Desire is dead, attack together to kill him!"

Around me, at least 20 For Dreams Assassins surged forth.

I frowned and used Apprehension to cover the area. I then used Dark Shadow Jump to teleport around the battlefield. Dark Shadow Jump light exploded out and I could hear Assassins screaming without a way to fight back at all.

I fought with Heart's Desire to train my mechanics and skill. I didn't use all my skills. As for them, there was no need either. I just had to kill them at the quickest speed!

When the final Assassin died, I jumped into White Cloak state and picked up all the gold and equipment. I then returned into the forest. Not far away, Wine and Poems was still leading the For Dreams members to guard the battlefield. Ah Fei, Little Black etc were left with over a dozen people. They were going to get broken into and killed.

"Kill them!"

Wine and Poems held his blade and a vicious look appeared in his eyes, "Heart's Desire is blocking July Wildfire with the Assassins. This is our best chance to kill August End. Charge into the thorn forest and kill them all. Don't let any of them live!"

"Yes boss!"


It seemed like Wine and Poems knew that Heart's Desire failed but he still tried to hide the truth. He wanted to raise their morale. In truth, if they could kill Ah Fei and Little Black, even if they didn't kill me, he would brag about the result. of course, I couldn't let him succeed.

Time to kill the king to kill them all!

Under White Cloak state, I charged towards Wine and Poems. The area around him was covered in flame marks which was the Flame Whirlpool released by Mages. They were used to find my tracks. As long as I step in, White Cloak effect would be broken, but... I didn't need to use White Cloak+ Annihilation to kill him.

Thinking about that, I passed through two Paladins and when I was around 40 yards away from him, I used Dark Shadow Jump!


I passed through and then dealt 400% True Damage!


Wine and Poems's body shook. With his top rate mechanics he still didn't react. The moment he raised his sword, my Flames of Karma had split his armor into four. Flames pierced through his armor and flesh blood splattered out!





Wine and Poems had around 50 thousand health and it was all gone. Wang Siyu didn't even have time to heal and just watched as his boyfriend was insta killed by me!


Wang Siyu gritted her teeth and her eyes were filled with shock, "July Wildfire you..."

Before she could say anything, I flew forwards and used Mother Hunter's Edge to kill her! The instance that I killed her, I actually felt really relaxed. Moreover, I had to kill her as she knew too much about Ah Fei and I. Once she said my name and relationship to Ah Fei and people from With You heard it, I wouldn't need to explain anything.

So Wang Siyu was like a timed bomb. If it exploded, my relationship with Lin Xi would be blown to pieces.

Killing her first was the wise choice.



In the crowd, Only Shooting God revived. He hollered, "What are you waiting for. Boss and Wang Siyu are killed. Attack. His skills should have cooldown. Just use numbers to push him to death. He is a human, are we not humans? Do we have one less arm or one less eye? How can we let him kill us like that? !"

"Right, Brother Shooting God is right, kill him!"

They charged over with no fear.

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