Chapter 266- Doing what I want
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Zhan Yue Chapter 266- Doing what I want


Blood splattered. Godslaying Blade's strike nearly ripped Fenghua Sizhan's body into two. Moreover, this was Godslaying Blade with 50% added damage so it did close to 450% overall. In the end, it also crit!


Instantly, Fenghua Sizhan knelt down on the ground with shock on his face. He probably didn't expect that he couldn't take a single hit at all, that a simple Godslaying Blade was enough.

"July Wildfire..."

Wine and Poems's pupils constricted. His first reaction wasn't to charge at me but to retreat, "Charge up, focus fire and kill him! Mages, toss Flame Whirlpool everywhere so that there is no where he can go!"

Instantly, the For Dreams Mages waved their staffs and started chanting. Many Flame Whirlpools stacked onto the ground and started to burn the entire surface red. This was Mage's level 60 skill. A large sized AOE damage which dealt an 8 by 8 area burning attack. It would also leave burn marks so that Assassin's stealth would be broken.

At this stage, things weren't good for Assassins.

But I didn't care. With such strong stats, I could crush everything!


Dark Shadow Jump!

Right when numerous people focused their skills on me, I locked onto a level 57 Archer 30 yards out. His level was low and he even had green equipment so his health definitely wasn't high. As I expected, I dealt 19000+ damage and insta killed him. Dark Shadow Jump's cooldown refreshed!

"You are asking for death!"

A level 66 Paladin activated Ash Fortress and pounced over.

I didn't say a word and used Flames of Karma right away. The flames from the dagger pierced through his body!




Before this Paladin's sword was able to land, Flames of Karma insta killed him. The 2nd damage from it critical striked so basically there was nothing he could do. After all, the third stage damage was right there. If any of the damages critical striked, it was enough to kill all Paladins that were lower than quasi first grade!

My critical strike rate was as high as 28% so I was a great threat.

I spread my arm and used Apprehension!

Instantly, the super strong control skill exploded in the dense group of Mages. Apprehension relied on my Agility, the higher it was, the higher the damage was. My Agility was at 2228 now and it was definitely top of the server so one could imagine how high the damage numbers were!

"Hong hong hong~~"

The bunch of Mage's Element Shield started to break. Some Flashed to flee, some didn't manage to do so in time and they all fell down. Most of them scattered with low health. Great, each one of them were perfect jump points for Dark Shadow Jump. Thus, the instance that the bunch of For Dreams players charged over, I used Dark Shadow Jump!


A dark streak exploded and I appeared on a low health Mage 40 yards out.

I stepped on his corpse and then I used Dragon Will on the few Priests, Enchanters and Fighters in front. One palm insta killed a huge crowd of them!

Others couldn't see it but my contribution points were increasing and that was enough.



In the bushes, Ah Fei laughed arrogantly, "Go to hell Wine and Poems, aren't you that rich second generation Zhou Datong? Continue being arrogant. Why don't you dare to attack July Wildfire? You weak!"

All of a sudden, Wine and Poems's face turned green, "Attack, focus fire, focus fire! Men, control him. We can't let him use Dark Shadow Jump. Attack! Whoever kills July Wildfire, I will reward him 50 thousand, oh no, 100 thousand!"

Instantly, a bunch of For Dreams players charged over.

100 thousand for killing me, so much money. Even I wanted to kill myself!

"Bring it on!"

I roared towards the For Dreams players too, "All you noobs want to kill me? Continue dreaming. You guys don't even know your own strength!"

My body sunk down and I used Dark Shadow Jump to move about. I slashed into the Priests and used Godslaying Blade, Backstab, Hunter's Edge and Flames of Karma. I turned into a gold energy wrapped killing god and I was invincible in the crowd.

"Pu pu pu!"

At the same time, numerous Mages used Flame Whirlpool on me. It did hurt and I could only rely on lifesteal to heal back. In three minutes, the bunch of them surrounded me. There was over 300 of them and more and more of them surged over. During this period of time Wine and Poems tried to recruit people. The current For Dreams had over a thousand people.

No wonder. The server had nothing but people! As long as one had money and one gave out salary, one would be able to recruit as many people as they wanted!

Who cared, I had to kill them no matter how many came.


Right when Dark Shadow Jump killed one lone Mage, I used White Cloak and disappeared into the forest. I dashed dozens of meters ahead and entered a safe zone.


"He fled?"

Wine and Poems shouted towards my direction, "July Wildfire is that all you have? You can't win so you flee? Okay, sure!"

He smiled, "I will let you flee, I don't believe no one can deal with you! Wait and see."

"Deal with me?"

I frowned and moved around, finding the weaker spots of For Dreams to attack. Although my stats fully surpressed them, but I didn't dare to be careless. After all I was just an Assassin and I wasn't like Li Xiao Yao and Q-Sword who were heavy armored. I wasn't able to kill all of them. If they used Assault or Stun Shot on me, I would be killed within 2-3 seconds.

Five minutes later.

"Sha sha..."

Ah Fei and Little Black continued to face their attacks. I was not far away. A leaf in front of me shook but there was no one around. Was it... Assassin? !

My lips curled up. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and instantly, around 30 yards from me, many people appeared. All of them had For Dreams party mark. They were all Assassins between level 65-69. The highest level one was a middle aged Assassin whose face was covered with marks of time. He walked over and his ID appeared into my eyes--

Heart's Desire (Palace Assassin)

Level: 70

Party: For Dreams


"Heart's Desire? That ID is a little familiar..."

I frowned and sent a voice message to Ah Fei, "Does For Dreams have an Assassin called Heart's Desire? He is actually level 70 and the ID is quite familiar."

"Of course!"

Ah Fei's tone was filled with annoyance, "This Heart's Desire is one of the top ten Assassins in the server. Wine and Poems used 15 million yearly salary to sign him so be careful. He is quite skilled. If you are free go and find out about your opponents, stop trying to flirt with Lin Xi!"

"I didn't..."

"Anyways, be careful, don't get wiped by him."

"Don't worry."

I smiled, "Since Heart's Desire dare to join For Dreams to fight against us, I shall let him feel the pain!"

"Hahaha, good luck. We will try to defend while the outside will depend on you. Kill them and then we can pincer them."

"After I kill them do we still need to pincer them?"

"Damn, you realised... Haha!"


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At this moment, I didn't dare to be careless. I predicted his movement and moved three steps beside a vine. I just stood there. Logically speaking I was 7 levels higher than him so he wouldn't be able to see through my White Cloak. Time to use White Cloak+ Annihilation on him!

Just like that, minutes and seconds passed.

Heart's Desire was really careful and stopped after a few steps. He told the other Assassins to stop too. After a few seconds then he continued. He was really an experienced middle aged uncle!

He was here!

He got closer and closer!

In a blink of an eye, he was just one step from me. I used Annihilation and Lunar Eclipse shone. I charged out and pointed towards his neck!


Suddenly, Heart's Desire's eyes turned round. He sensed me even though I was still in White Cloak state. He spun around and flew backwards like a bat. He rolled towards the left and instantly my dagger missed.

So strong. As expected from one of the top ten Assassins.

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